Quantum Perpetual Motion

In early 2017, Alex Romane [music producer and PA founder] patented quantum perpetual motion Geocircuitry; The world's first hybrid biological/electronic, self-repairing circuit technology that converts atomic microbial energy into free, clean, safe, infinite electricity.

A conventional microbial fuel cell harvest electrons from atoms that are created in the substrate as a by-product of microbial activity. A quantum perpetual motion Geocircuit harvest electrons directly from the atoms of microbes themselves. In addition, Geocircuits use microbial nano wires to as part of the electron transport chain, where microbial fuel cells use no part of the microbes in the electron transport chain.

Put simply; Alex has invented the world's first infinite-energy battery by succeeding with perpetual motion at a quantum level, where the related so-called 'laws' of classical science [particularly classical physics] become irrelevant and in 2019, Alex decided to end the patent that protects his initial quantum perpetual motion Geocircuit so as to gift it to the world. He has since also decided to do the same with his quantum perpetual motion Geostack, and Geomesh concepts [full info and technical specifications are at the bottom of this page].

In short; Quantum perpetual motion Geocircuitry demonstrates that Einstein was wrong when he stated that; "Energy can not repeat in an infinite loop within a closed system." Separately, he was also wrong when he stated that this so-called 'law' could never be broken.

How quantum scientists are side-stepping the classical laws of thermodynamics
Scientists discover matter that bends the 'laws' of physics

Quantum Perpetual Motion

"Through quantum perpetual motion Geocircuitry that harvests electrons from the atoms of alien microbes that don't need light, oxygen, or organic food and that I believe arrived on Earth on comets before the start of all terrestrial life, a non-religious, quantum God ensured that this planet would always have access to free, clean, safe, infinite energy.

Scientist shocked to discover water and organic matter essential for life in asteroid sample

It is true that you can only get out what you put in and quantum perpetual motion Geocircuitry is no exception. However, I am putting in microbes and they just happen to be able to recharge their own electrons on an infinite basis."
- Alex Romane

Bacteria that live on electrons
Potential sign of microbial life detected on Venus
Microbes that eat light and produce energy could provide proof of alien existence
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Scientists find microbes that could indicate hidden life on Mars
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Microbes for the energy revolution

Batteries that power electric cars need cobalt and lithium, magnets in wind turbines need neodymium and dysprosium, and solar panels need tellurium, while quantum perpetual motion Geocircuit battery technology needs none of these.

Renewables cause mass-release of world's most powerful greenhouse gas
Households spend over £500M to switch off turbines because short-sighted MPs didn't build storage cells!

We are aware that quantum perpetual motion Geocircuitry works with the Shewanella and Geobacter microbe forms but, we also believe that there are yet undiscovered microbial species that could be measured to be enabling quantum perpetual motion via Geocircuitry.

Since early 2018 and along with various governments and politicians from all parties, the CEOs of the world's largest tech manufactures have rejected our proposal to deploy our quantum perpetual motion technology [despite not having to pay for a patent licence, they prioritise their return on the billions they've already invested in lobbying and in lithium deals].

We believe that the pro-establishment media and learning institutions black-out quantum perpetual motion Geocircuitry in support of this, and that the learning institutions are also motivated to do this so as to protect their relationships with Mid-East backers who sponsor them with oil money. For eg; By 2013, the LSE alone had taken over £5.6M from the Emirates Foundation which is funded by the brutal, totalitarian UAE regime and, the LSE's secret links to former Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi and his family were only revealed in 2011 [incidentally, the LSE has also been running its own anti-true democracy propaganda campaign since 2013].

After giving substantial financial backing to a scientific research and development group that failed at creating a viable microbial energy system, Bill Gates has also joined the blackout against our success with quantum perpetual motion Geocircuitry.

In addition, environmental protest groups have also joined the establishment blackout against quantum perpetual motion Geocircuitry and we believe that they have done so out of fear of losing their exposure and status to a true democracy movement that would eradicate the need for any one to protest about anything.

Nations that reject quantum perpetual motion Geocircuitry will soon have to ration electricity

Greg Clark, Matt Hancock, and Boris Johnson's joint decision in early 2018 [supported by Labour, the Lib Dems, the SNP, Plaid Cymru, and the Green Party] to prevent the NHS from accessing free, clean, safe, infinite energy via quantum perpetual motion Geocircuitry has cost the NHS approx. £250 million per year in savings [if our technology was supplying just half of the NHS's energy] and, we even proposed that the savings be spent on staff, gear, and PPE. However [and as demonstrated through the Coronavirus outbreak], it was never likely that the parliament that chose to murder hundreds of thousands of its own citizens in secret viral weapons tests would ever want to prepare to mitigate a viral pandemic or to safeguard its people and its health workers from such an event. As such, our opinion that 'Great' British politicians are nothing more than deceitful, self-serving, psychopathic, oil-addicted, nurse-killing hypocrites and traitors [albeit freely-elected] is confirmed.

Powers buildings from the soil that they occupy.

Powers buildings and portable devices from flowing water.

Due to the advent of quantum perpetual motion Geocircuitry, the use of dangerous, destructive, inefficient, and unethical oil, coal, shale, nuclear, wind, lithium ion, and cobalt is now unnecessary because a combination of solar and quantum perpetual motion Geocircuitry is now all it takes to fuel every single home, hospital, business, vehicle, train, plane, computer, machine, and mobile device on this planet by using quantum perpetual motion.

Gov. allowing energy companies to deceive customers about 'green' energy tarifs
Environmental Commodities: What are they and how can you trade them?

Quantum perpetual motion Geocircuitry is not a renewable energy technology, as Geocircuits do not depend upon fuel having to be renewed [such as wind turbines and solar panels do]. Geocircuitry is instead an infinite, perpetual motion energy technology [the first of its kind] because after a quantum perpetual motion cell [for eg] has initially been loaded with an electrolyte [such as water, soil, milk, fruit juice etc] that naturally contains microbes, the cell will never need topping-up with additional/replacement microbial electrolytes and as such, we have therefore made both lithium ion and ALL renewable energy systems obsolete.

By harvesting the electrons that orbit every atom within every microbe and by optimising [not maximising] to form a working agreement with electron-producing bacterial microbes [that incidentally, have been scientifically measured to use true democracy/shared intelligence for their system of decision-making], a quantum perpetual motion Geocircuit cell provides between 0.6-0.9 volts of electricity from just 2 cubic MM of soil, water, fruit juice, vinegar, salad cream, salt, milk, milkshake, shampoo, body wash gel, washing-up liquid, household cleaners, disinfectant, and more.

* Please note; The registration number allocated to the patent will not appear on any patent databases due to the patent process being terminated by Alex part-way through.

Too good to be true?

1. Fill a glass with water [the glass will act as a single-cell Geocircuit].
2. Attach the negative terminal clip of a multimeter to a highly-conducive anode [such as zinc], and place the anode into the water on one side of the glass without submerging the multimeter clip.
3. Attach the positive terminal clip of the multimeter to a highly-conductive cathode [such as copper], and place the cathode into the water on the opposite side of the glass without submerging the multimeter clip.
4. Switch the multimeter on to read the power output of the cell; Increasing the surface area and the physical closeness of the submerged zinc and copper conductors increases the current [the amount of electrons] while the voltage [the pressure] will remain approximately the same.

Alex Romane Quantum Perpetual Motion Geocell DemoUnit for unit, Geocircuit cells provide substantially more power and are much simpler than MFCs [microbial fuel cells] and if linked together to form a Geocircuit so as to power a device, the supply of electrons will be infinite as long as the Geocircuit is airtight, so as to prevent the water [the electrolyte] from evaporating.




The advantages of quantum perpetual motion Geocircuitry over typical MFCs and over all other existing energy technologies include;

1. No dependency on limited-supply minerals, oxidation processes, renewable sources [such as wind or light], or on replacement electrolytes or components.
2. Enabling a non-renewable, self-sustaining energy technology by forcing the electrons into a perpetual feedback loop where they are re-energised after being returned to the atoms of microbial species that eat and emit only electrons.
3. No waste product.
4. No sacrificial anode.
5. Enabling stable, scalable/industrial power outputs.
6. The option to use more fuels/electrolytes than just soil, rotting waste/bio mass, or glucose-based electrolytes.
7. Simultaneously working with an unlimited range of microbial species without discriminating.
8. Steady-state current achieved instantly without having to wait for the microorganisms to form a biofilm on the anode or to start decomposing, digesting, oxygenating anything, or depositing waste [unlike MFCs that can take up to 14 days to reach steady-state].
9. Light not being required for microbial survival.
10. Oxygen not being required for microbial survival and for electron production.
11. Organic food/matter not being required for microbial survival.
12. Being able to operate within an extremely wide temperature range.
13. Cheaper [per unit cost of energy] than any other current form of energy to generate and to supply.
14. Involves a less harmful and more ethical mining process than that of lithium ion and cobalt.
15. Safe [consists of non-combustible, non-toxic, and edible components].
16. Ends dependency upon renewables [such as wind turbines] that release ever-increasing quantities of the world's most dangerous greenhouse gas during their manufacture and maintenance.
17. Self-repairing technology; At a quantum level, interconnecting microbial nano wires [pilli] that are broken by physical interference will immediately and automatically repair themselves.
18. Harvests electrons directly from the atoms of the microorganisms, as opposed to from microbial oxidation processes and as such, the Geocircuit makes the microorganisms a directly-integrated part of the circuitry and is therefore the world's first hybrid organic/electronic circuit of any nature.
19. Uses both liquid and solid state fuels.
20. No need for a battery management system.

Quantum Perpetual Motion from Microbial Energy

Unlike any other energy technology on Earth, there is NO DEPLETION OF POWER because the microbes live in a self-contained, self-sustaining ecosystem and form interconnected, directional nano wires [pilli] that perpetual motion Geocircuitry harvests the electrons from. While typical MFCs fail to capitalise on the potential for high voltage while using microbes that create electrons only through oxidation processes and that also need some type of organic food [as mentioned in our patent], the microbes we work with do not. Our non-aerobic microbes create, omit, and eat nothing but electrons and quantum perpetual motion Geocircuitry simply feeds the depleted electrons back to these microbes for them to eat, re-energise, and re-emit.

This is a self-reinforced, self-sufficient, infinite feedback loop that enables the microbes to survive because if the microbes can't get rid of their waste electrons, they will eventually become consumed by them and will die. It is a working agreement [we help them to survive, and they help us to survive] because if a cathode electrode plate [for eg] is removed from any cell within a perpetual motion Geocircuit, then the charged, waste electrons that a Geocircuit harvests will not be able to pass to the adjoining cell within the Geocircuit and the microbes in this cell will eventually die through being consumed in their own waste electrons.

To Summarise: Depleted electrons are fed back to the atoms of the microbes where they are re-energised via an electro-magnetic tussle that occurs between the electrons [that inhabit the outer valance band] and the protons [that inhabit the nucleus], and the microbes must get rid of these re-energised electrons or they will die.

Unlike wind turbines, solar panels, and other renewable energy systems, quantum perpetual motion Geocircuitry does not depend upon a secondary power source [there is also no waste product] and, quantum perpetual motion Geocircuitry also exploits the microbe's ability to rapidly reproduce and to increase their population density. For eg; If a Geocircuit is shaken or heated-up, then the current yield will dramatically increase [sometimes by up to ten times] and being that it is only voltage that can kill a device and that devices only draw as much current as they need, this is an amazing bonus.

Where the US Government and Navy got just 1.5 Volts from 1 M sq of soil using an MFC, a quantum perpetual motion Geocircuit [consisting of 2 cubic MM cells in series] yields just over 55,000 Volts so, an ugly 700 Volt wind turbine [max output only 40% of the time] can easily be replaced by just one [constant output] Geocircuit full of soil or water and, at a fraction of the size and cost [see the Haliade-X Cast study below]. While the supply to the average UK house is approx. 3000 Volts, this should give you an idea of just how much energy lies [wasted] underneath every home and business in the land.

As a result of their experiments, the US Navy currently uses 16 Kg of soil in a single MFC to extract just 24 Volts and, the MFC depletes after just one year [it is not a quantum perpetual motion technology - it is a renewable technology].

US Navy bans lithium ion - creates zinc battery replacement

Batteries configured using quantum perpetual motion Geocircuits can easily replace the large, heavy, dangerous, cobalt-filled, short-life, 300-600 Volt lithium ion batteries used in EV's [electric vehicles] and portable electronic devices too and, they are much smaller, much lighter, and much safer [see the Tesla Model 3 Case Study below]. Geocircuit batteries used in EVs also offer an unlimited range and unlike any other battery technology, quantum perpetual motion Geocircuits will perform in temperatures anywhere between -196° to 200° C.

If voters let their governments go ahead with spending their money on installing EV charging points, then they will weaken their economies and their energy infrastructure even further.

Quantum perpetual motion batteries eradicate ALL of the cons of lithium ion EV batteries

Quantum Perpetual Motion Geocircuitry and National Grids;
New quantum perpetual motion Geoelectricity farms that use quantum perpetual motion Geostacks and Geomesh [see bottom of page] could supply the cheapest, cleanest, and [unlike shale and nuclear], the safest electricity to households, businesses, and public service sector organisations [such as the NHS] while helping farmers, economies, and the environment.

"During 2017 to late 2019, Theresa May’s government and the National Union of Farmers BOTH rejected my proposal to supply every home, business, and the NHS with free, clean, safe, UN-METERED electricity from my quantum perpetual motion Geocircuitry - which in-turn would have helped farmers, the economy, and the environment. I even waived the patent license fee so as to save taxpayers even more money and was happy to generate a revenue from the delivery aspect only, and to then share this with Geoelectricity farmers. I could instead charge for every KWh of electricity like how all the other energy suppliers do but when using a quantum perpetual motion technology, I felt that this would be greedy. I believe that the NFU rejected my proposal so as to protect its donations from the government - even though this means betraying paying members and, I believe that the government rejected my proposal so as to protect the oil industry. In addition; Openly working with my quantum perpetual motion Geocircuitry would also entail inadvertently promoting my PA true democracy movement which has been blacked-out by the government and its media since its inception in March 2010. Oppression is a choice because while voters freely-choose to empower politicians instead of each other via reform to true democracy/unity/shared intelligence, they are literally asking for it ...and voters think that their beliefs are expressed in their words? Regardless of their contradictory actions? This is delusion that serves to enhance their hypocrisy, to deplete their wallets, and to finish-off all life on Earth. 500 species extinctions per day isn’t fast enough?

The world's politicians are rejecting my quantum perpetual motion technology because it would collapse the centralised New World Order [as would reforming to true democracy], collapse its associated political, economic, and banking systems, and collapse the global car industry while in its current, oil-dependent form - all aspects of change that are required so as to have even just a chance of keeping anything on this planet alive past 2030.

Thanks to 2007's sudden methane crater explosions [approx. 7,000 to-date] that NO mainstream media broadcaster will report, CO2 emissions are now irrelevant [a red herring] and while the politicians remain in denial, the climate science maths has now dramatically changed to factor-in mass methane release. A Four CM rise in sea levels by 2100? This is absolute delusion because mass methane release now means that much of the UK will be underwater before 2100. This mass extinction-level event is the result of two centuries of democratic hypocrisy, religious hypocrisy, and associated environmental neglect by the world's populations and, this is why climate scientists who I work with refer to it as voluntary extinction.
- Alex Romane

After rejecting quantum perpetual motion Geocircuitry, the politicians gear-up to pay China for nuke energy
Rothschild Uni dismisses energy from so-called 'zombie' microbes

Quantum Perpetual Motion Pledges

Quantum Perpetual Motion Geocircuitry and Supply Security;
Quantum perpetual motion Geoelectricity farms would be decentralised - meaning that any attempt to cripple a nation's power supply would require the simultaneous destruction of every Geoelectricity farm and their hubs [power distribution points] and even if this was possible, there would be no radioactive fallout or contamination [no one would die] from the potential destruction of a Geoelectricity farm. Also [and unlike nuclear power plants], Geoelectricity farms have no need to be connected to the Internet - meaning that they would be impervious to ALL forms of cyber attack. The only form of attack that we believe could possibly disrupt national energy supplies delivered by Geoelectricity farms would be that in the form of multiple, simultaneously-deployed explosives or, EMP [Electro Magnetic Pulse] devices but even in this scenario, Geoelectricity farms may only become temporarily disrupted but not damaged because while being capable of immediate self-repair, quantum perpetual motion Geocircuitry used in farms would also not contain any micro electronic components.

Quantum perpetual motion Geostacks [see bottom of page] also offer further energy decentralisation by enabling any building to be independently fuelled with electricity harvested from the ground it occupies - enabling total energy independence and security.

48 Million South Americans suffer from just one, single power cut
Foreign energy supplies make the UK vulnerable to politically and militarily-oriented threats

Quantum Perpetual Motion Geocircuitry and Consumer Security [health, safety, and data privacy];
Unlike highly-flammable lithium ion batteries, quantum perpetual motion Geocircuitry can not become swollen and, microbial fuels/electrolytes are non-flammable - meaning that Geocircuits will not explode [even if consumed by fire]. Regarding the atomics; The Geocircuit's quantum harvesting process only extracts electrons from the peripheral/orbit of microbial atoms, and NOT from the nucleus - meaning that it operates within natural background radiation limits.

Passengers flee in mass panic over exploding phone at station
Multiple reports of eScooter explosions on London transport

eScooters banned on London underground due to exploding lithium batteries
Fire crews retraining to manage EV battery fires
20,000 gallons of water needed to extinguish EV blaze, compared to 500 gallons for conventional vehicles

With quantum perpetual motion Geoelectricity farms supplying free UN-METERED energy to the national grid [consumers would pay for delivery only], consumers will no longer need either analogue or so-called 'Smart' meters and, there are serious health and security reasons as for why Parliament voted to enable consumers to choose whether to install Smart meters or not [despite the extremely pushy and deceitful sales techniques from current energy suppliers, the installation of Smart meters is not yet mandatory]:

PA Video PA direct democracy video: Utility Smart meters used for surveillance and ad sales!
PA Video
PA direct democracy video: Your fridge will be a double-agent working for the NSA
PA Video PA direct democracy video: Smart meters - major cyber security risk
PA Video PA direct democracy video: Public Health Physician warns of major Smart meter dangers
PA Video PA direct democracy video: Smart meters - 100 x the radiation exposure of a cell phone
PA Video PA direct democracy video: Smart meters - major cyber and health risk
PA Video PA direct democracy video: Former Smart meter CEO - "Consumers must rise-up"
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PA direct democracy video: Smart meters - INCREASED bills to consumers
PA Video PA direct democracy video: EMF Protection device [Shieldite]

Quantum Perpetual Motion Geocircuitry and Extreme Weather;
In the event of extreme hot weather and with the appropriate fuels/electrolytes, quantum perpetual motion technology performance can be enhanced to deliver a higher current yield and, this equals a higher Watt of electricity [Watts of electricity are measured by multiplying the current by the voltage].

Extreme cold weather in so-called 'technologically advanced' Britain equals no gas!
Wind turbines that need strong winds are smashed to the ground - by strong winds!

Quantum Perpetual Motion Geocircuitry and Public Transport;
The benefits to commuters of electric trains, trams, and buses being ran on water or soil [for eg] should be obvious to all and as mentioned above, quantum perpetual motion Geocircuitry performs much better than conventional power systems in extreme conditions. For eg; Instead of trains breaking down due to engine problems caused by heat, they would actually have more power and should a train, tram, or bus that is powered by quantum perpetual motion Geocircuitry become trapped by snow or by any other type of blockage, the Geocircuit would be able to maintain on-board heating, air conditioning, and lighting systems for an indefinite period of time.

Passengers stranded ALL NIGHT as freezing weather causes travel chaos
Freezing weather costs UK economy £1BN a day

Quantum Perpetual Motion Geocircuitry and Space Travel;
Space crafts that used quantum perpetual motion Geocircuitry would have life support systems that could be maintained indefinitely and, on-board electronics could also be powered by Geocircuitry too.

Known Weaknesses of Quantum Perpetual Motion Geocircuitry;
While the voltage yield is extremely large, the only known weakness of quantum perpetual motion Geocircuitry could be that of a [potential] low current yield [depending on the fuel/electrolyte type, the specific application, and environmental conditions] so where necessary, current amplification can be achieved by configuring Geocircuits in parallel instead of in series].

For eg; A parallel Geocircuit with copper cathodes that matches the size of the 38,000 M sq. rotor sweep surface area of the Haliade-X [the world's most powerful wind turbine] would generate an output of 18396 GWh annually, compared to the Haliade-X that will generate just 67 GWh annually [case study below].

Voltage and current explained;
The wind is the voltage [the pressure], while the dirt blown by the wind is the current [the energy]. Both multiplied by each other is the wattage [the total power].

Enhancing the current by configuring quantum perpetual motion Geocircuits in parallel while conforming to a specific voltage and current load also means that the use of voltage dropping resistors becomes optional.

Perpetual Motion Geocircuit - Parallel Circuit

The Geocircuit's configuration and use of plates instead of cables for electrodes [that restrict capacity in accordance with their thickness and small surface area] means that the maximum potential yield from any fuels/electrolytes are determined by nature, and are NOT restricted by the Geocircuit itself. Other than with regards to the natural amounts of resistance that exist to varying degrees within every highly-conductive material, the energy from the microbes is free to let rip!

Quantum Perpetual Motion Geocircuit Fuel Menu

CASE STUDY 1: Haliade-X Wind Turbine [the world's most powerful but, not in service until 2021]

Quantum Perpetual Motion Geocircuit v Haliade-X

Size: 38,000 M sq. 38,000 M sq. 2,575 M sq.
Output p/year: 67 GWh 132 GWh [Water] or
989 GWh [Lime Juice+Salt]
67 GWh
[Lime Juice+Salt]
Minerals: Multiple [inc. Rare Earth Magnets] Copper, Zinc Copper, Zinc
Cost: £285 M £7 M £476,375
R&D: £7.1 BN £250 £250
Availability: 2021 Now Now
  New case study using much smaller Geocircuit that uses water coming soon!

To match the 67 GWh power output with Water+Salt;
A perpetual motion Geocircuit would only need to be 14,504 M sq.
Cost: £2.68 M

In addition, the Haliade-X has a head, three rotors, a tower, and is also accompanied by two large off-shore sub-stations [with supports] but due to a lack of published technical specifications, we are unable to convert their sizes into perpetual motion Geocircuits - meaning that the total output and efficiency of the Geocircuit would be even greater if the material aspects of the Haliade-X were factored into our conversions, along with its rotor sweep surface area.

If [as a further addition] we were to then also factor-in the investment into research and development, then the efficiency of the perpetual motion Geocircuit becomes superior across all dimensions.

Investment into R&D for the Haliade-X:
£7.1 BN

Investment into R&D for Perpetual Motion Geocircuitry:

CASE STUDY 2: Tesla Model 3 EV Battery [long range version]

Quantum Perpetual Motion Geocircuit v Telsa

  Total Battery Size: 138 x 112 x 9 CM 138 x 112 x 9 CM
  Weight: 540 Kg 192.5 Kg
  Range: 320 Miles/500 Km Infinite
  Voltage Step-up Converters: Yes; Type not known Yes; 0.5-5 V into 5-600 V
  Power Output [pre-Step-up]: Not Known 0.6 V, 139.5 A [83.7 W]
  Power Output: 75 KWh 83.7 Kw [Lime Juice+Salt]
  Combustible: Yes No
  Range affected by Temp: Yes No
  Optimal Operating Temp: 43° C -196° to 200° C
  Thermal Controls Required: Yes No
  Cost to Consumers: £8600 min. £5160 + mark-up
  Life Span: 8 years Unknown
  Recycling: Via Tesla Via Domestic Rubbish
  Charging Cost: £390 p/year NA
  Energy loss during recharge: 10-30% NA
  Production Cost: Not disclosed £5160
  R&D: £861 M £250
Once in motion and due to vibrations inciting microbial reproduction, the quantum perpetual motion Geocircuit battery listed above will deliver approx. three times more power than when static. Alternatively, the Geocircuit battery could instead be up to three times smaller and lighter to deliver the same power.

New case study using much smaller Geocircuit battery that uses water coming soon!

Quantum perpetual motion means that lithium ion is now obsolete;

Manufactures [such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Tesla] that have rejected quantum perpetual motion Geocircuitry for use in their core products [electric cars, laptops, and mobile devices] and to power their buildings are NOT obliged to optimise their products and instead, they are actually motivated to ensure that their products draw as much energy as possible so that consumers are obliged to recharge, burn-out, and replace their [brand-compatible] batteries and power units that run such devices, as fast and as regularly as possible.

While rejecting quantum perpetual motion, Google pumps money into global warming denier groups

For these corporates, the faster batteries and power units deplete or die the better because despite the technical ability AND the ethical and environmental motives that exist, they have no will [due to a lack of social conscience] to optimise their core products, and the politicians who they lobby give them their full support.

Lithium ion for use in electric cars and mobile devices requires the mining of rare minerals, is dangerous and unethical, and is now [due to quantum perpetual motion Geocircuitry] obsolete. In addition, lithium ion manufacturers insist upon using crude oil in their plastic casing instead of biodegradable hemp oil and when you consider that most of these so-called 'tech' companies now focus primarily on selling oil-based consumables [batteries, adapters, cables, and recharging units etc] more than on actual core products [electric cars, laptops, and mobiles etc], you'll then start to understand why they reject the use of our infinite-energy, quantum perpetual motion Geocircuitry in their consumer products.

To summarise; These companies have chosen to prioritise their mineral investments for components that run their dangerous, inefficient, and now obsolete battery tech above the environment, miner's rights, and their own consumer's personal safety and with politicians allowing for these companies to continue with the unethical manufacturing of dangerous and obsolete technology, it is now only consumers [who freely-empower them with their money] who can influence them.

After publicising its desire to electrify internal air flights [enabling for just one and a half hours of continued flight time and, by as late as 2040], the so-called 'pioneering' Norwegian Government [that as with all freely-elected governments, only has to consider policy results during their elected period and never for the long-term] rejected our proposal to use our quantum perpetual motion Geocircuitry instead of lithium ion and, this is an example of the protective circle that exists between corrupt governments and psychopathic, planet-raping corporates that are already hooked on lithium ion.

Another example of this circle of protection exists between the Australian Government and Tesla, where the preferred choice is Tesla's industrial-sized, wind farm-powered, cobalt and nickel-filled lithium ion batteries over free, clean, safe, quantum perpetual motion Geocircuitry.

Biggest threat to electric future is lack of clean, safe, advanced technology
Gov. that rejected Geocircuitry for EV's will now spend tax money installing millions of obsolete charging points
EV drivers are being ripped-off at public charging points
Up to 36% of energy is lost during every EV recharge
Theft of EV charging cables is on the increase
National grids will NOT be able to meet EV demand
After rejecting quantum perpetual motion, the Gov. now tries balancing act to rescue grid and EV future
Tesla EVs more polluting than an 8-year-old car
EVs pollute more than petrol cars do
EV growth sparks environmental concerns
EV manufacturers need on-going supplies of rare minerals
Lithium, cobalt, nickel and graphite for EV and mobile batteries are in short supply
Cobalt; from deadly, hand-dug mines in Congo to consumer's EVs and mobiles
Nickel mining; the hidden environmental cost of EVs
The five main challenges facing EVs - ALL overcome by quantum perpetual motion Geocircuitry

"Through prioritising markets for short-life, replaceable consumables above markets for advanced, long-lasting core products, these companies have diversified away from technology and into mining [for battery components], and the oil business [for their plastic]. This means that their consumers will NOT be able to run their electric car and mobile phones with water [for eg] and will NOT be able to make ethical purchases that protect child workers rights and the environment.

Many of these companies have already invested billions of dollars in lithium and cobalt and are fighting to secure long-term supplies and so, the last thing they want is to be seen working with a true democracy party that seeks to end the dangerous, unethical, and unsustainable manufacturing and mining processes that the politicians who they lobby allow for.

I understand that quantum perpetual motion Geocircuitry won't prevent NASA's already-underway, methane-induced 2030 mass extinction but, it can though [if used in conjunction with mass hemp cultivation and our sea level water management plants before 2020] help to mitigate the worst effects of it. With 500 species extinctions per day, 50% of all sea life made extinct during the previous 40 years, 40% of all wildlife made extinct during the previous 50 years, and with fake democracy politicians who REJECT quantum perpetual motion Geocircuitry arguing against global warming scientists for a +2° global temperature increase, reform to true democracy is absolutely required because a global temperature increase of just +2° will lead very fast to an unstoppable +6° - which is mass extinction, and due to voters forever supporting these fake democracy charlatans, Earth is already at 1.5 degrees above baseline.

*Update: In 2018, we learned that the Earth's average global baseline temperature is now measured at +2° above average and so, the self-serving, denialist, oil-addicted, planet-killing politicians who have refused to inform voters about methane craters since 2007, about how they banned Henry Ford's biodegradable hemp oil plastic so as to protect the crude oil-based plastic that now fills our oceans and food, about PA true democracy, and now also about our quantum perpetual motion Geocircuit technology are succeeding in their unconscious remit to kill all of God's gifts - including you. Why are you letting them do this? No one is forcing you to vote for them instead of for each other, your children, and for their future via lawful reform to true democracy/unity right now!

"The world's people need to wake-up, step-up, and remove political decision-making responsibility from deceitful, self-serving, oil and lithium-addicted, fake democracy politicians via lawful reform to true democracy/unity [love and empowerment of each other] and, before 2020. They must acknowledge the obvious logic that shows that while they themselves can adapt to such extremes over such a short period of time, that their food and their medicines can't.

The fully-developed version of the quantum perpetual motion Geocircuit and other related energy concepts that I've been developing are part of a range of over 35 concepts. The initial Geocircuit is just one of them and after being prompted by the sudden plight of Palestinians who were dying due to a break in oil supplies to Gaza power station, I decided to compromise its development by patenting a scaled-down version instead and even though it works amazingly, the patented Geocircuit is actually a low-grade, compromised version of the actual core technology that I was developing.

Political wrangling sees patients dying in Gaza hospitals as power plants run dry

I saw how quantum perpetual motion Geocircuitry could help the Palestinians immediately and so I rushed it through half-developed and under a special Green Technologies application process via our patent attorney. I then informed the Palestinian Authority directly [as I had been working with them on the Middle-East Peace Process since 2011] but because they didn't want to inadvertently promote the PA's true democracy template to Palestinians and the rest of the world, they secretly rejected it. I have since stopped working with them completely and, my experience with them is just one more example of why I believe that true democracy is needed the world-over.

Put simply; Politicians have different concerns to those of the people who they say they represent and, they are prioritising these concerns for self-gain.

In 'Great' Britain, politicians warned voters of up-coming energy shortages [hence why they now restrict the power of vacuum cleaners etc] but, they have REJECTED free, clean, safe, infinite-energy Geocircuitry on behalf of their voters - who reject true democracy for them! With British voters FREELY-EMPOWERING politicians to tell them how to live [and to die], they and their NHS will NEVER get free, clean, safe, infinite energy from quantum perpetual motion Geocircuitry."
- Alex Romane

In depth; How Quantum Perpetual Motion Geocircuitry works:

It is through the processes of eating, depositing waste, and oxidation that mainstream/classical scientists believe that microbes create electricity but, not all microbial species need oxygen, food, or light and quantum perpetual motion Geocircuitry harnesses electricity from BOTH types of microbes.

Put simply; Geocircuitry is a living, self-sustaining, quantum mining, harvesting, and distribution operation all in one unit. Through quantum mining, the electricity that Geocircuits harvest from these microbes primarily comes directly from within their own sub-atomic structure.

Every atom within the bodies of these microbes contains three negatively-charged electrons. A Geocircuit cell/partition [consisting of a negative anode at one end and a positive cathode at the other end] simultaneously pushes [from one direction] while attracting [from the opposite direction] these negative electrons out of one microbe's atoms and into the next microbe's atoms, and so on.

Through quantum perpetual motion, the atoms in the metals form a covalent bond [a relationship] with the atoms of the microbes and through this relationship, the electrons in the valance bands [the outer bands] of the microbial atoms are traded with the electrons in the atoms of the metals. Therefore, the atoms in both the metals and the microbes form a nano daisy chain that moves the electrons from one end of the Geocircuit to the other.

The transmission of electrons from the atoms of one microbe into the atoms of the next microbe [the physical point of contact] occurs as and when the nano hairs that line their bodies touch each other - forming a living, quantum, flexible, bio-electronic cable [a nano wire] and, one that is capable of immediate self-repair. In addition, the microbes also distribute electrons directly into the medium/electrolyte that surrounds them and, Geocircuitry simultaneously harvests electrons from both sources. A Geocircuit is therefore a living electronic circuit and as such, it is the first ever invented for ANY purpose.

Micrbial Energy Video Microbial Energy; Microbes connecting to form nano wires

These microbes need to shed their charged, waste electrons so as to maintain their well-being and, they simply replace them with new, self-created, energised electrons as they are taken - similar to how humans replace each breath of carbon dioxide that they output and, this is one of the reasons as for why we refer to our work with quantum perpetual motion and microbes as an agreement.

Even when these microbes die [which so far has been proven to happen only in temperatures above 200° C], they release hundreds of thousands of spores and, these spores also contain electrons within their atomic structure and, quantum perpetual motion Geocircuitry built to our specifications will not fail unless subject to temperatures exceeding -196° to 200° C.

Contrary to classical scientists, we do not believe that the microbes we're working with exist in a living state within everything and instead, believe that they live mostly in water [and therefore substances containing water] and, we believe that it is mostly hydrogen that they like - not oxygen. We believe that if and when their water-based medium/electrolyte evaporates, that they then hibernate in any remaining dry medium [such as sand], ready to be re-awakened when next in water.

In addition to their sub-atomic, electron-producing aspects and zero-use of oxygen, organic food, and light, another really cool aspect of microbial life that classical scientists have measured is that microbes actually use true democracy/shared intelligence for their decision-making system so, while 'superior' humans continue to divide themselves over which psychopathic dictator should rule over every aspect of their lives, microbes have already worked it all out - along with every other social group species on this planet and, we do NOT believe that it is a 'coincidence' that they have all settled for true democracy/unity [love and empowerment of each other].

While we do not believe that microbes are self-aware [that they are actually conscious that they are microbes], we do believe that they are conscious [that they are aware of their existence and of their environment] and while scientists from differing orientations argue about their level of consciousness, microbes have already been measured to demonstrate organising in groups, reproduction, metabolism [eating, digesting, and excreting waste], heredity, response to stimuli, growth and development and, the ability to evolve/adapt. Most scientists [both classical and quantum] base their definition of animal consciousness on these specific attributes.

We believe that microbes were the first life forms on Earth and, we believe that their zero-dependence on oxygen enabled them to survive the journey [traveling on comets] through space. We also theorise that ALL advanced alien cultures use true democracy [due to its obvious basis in intelligence-sharing that by default promotes social group species survival] and as already mentioned, microbes are no exception. We also believe that classical science is on the verge of confirming the existence of microbial life on other planets and in the rain water that was recently discovered in Saturn's rings and if we're correct about microbial origins, then this means that the evidence of alien life that humans have been searching for has been here all along, that it arrived here before humans did, and that it has always been ready to assist us with our energy needs.

"I believe that if scientists were to redefine their definition of life, that they would then find microbes everywhere in space and, I also believe that if they were to test samples from the moon for the presence of hibernating microbes, that they would find them.

To succeed with quantum perpetual motion, I used true democracy - shared intelligence via social networking and on-line science journals combined with my existing knowledge of micro-electronics and the quantum sciences. I have studied the quantum sciences since around the age of five and when fellow Liquid Drum and Bass producer DJ Reason introduced me to microbial technology through a demonstration using one of my plant pots in 2010, I got stuck in.

I believe that if the world doesn't adopt our template for true democracy/unity [love/empowerment of each other], our policy for mass hemp cultivation, our policy for dealing with rising sea levels and diminishing water stocks, and our policy to enable free, clean, safe, infinite energy via quantum perpetual motion by 2020, that anything I create to potentially address global dimming and methane release would be irrelevant, and would just be a further waste of time and energy spent on humans who literally ask for their own oppression through refusing to love and empower each other. Even though there are now potential solutions for global warming, rising sea levels, and depleted oxygen due to the abuse of trees, plants, and plankton - of which, 40% went extinct over the last 50 years alone, only the people's will can save them from the worst of voluntary2030 mass extinction.

However, I have little faith in pro-leader, pro-party, pro-division, pro-fake democracy humans choosing to reform to true democracy/unity [love and empowerment of each other] and adopting quantum perpetual motion Geocircuitry, over them continuing to maintain fake democracy and its associated oil, coal, nuke, shale, and wars before 2020. The British Parliament was first warned about the consequences of industrial-related global warming in 1846 and British voters have empowered these self-serving, denialist hypocrites ever since. The people have NEVER voted to protect trees, plankton, and bees that give them oxygen and that maintain their food supply so why would they ever vote for true democracy and for the rapid deployment of quantum perpetual motion technology?

To sum up; The failure of the human species to fix its mess in time will be due to its on-going refusal to love [empower] each other via reform to true democracy, combined with its refusal to share intelligence via the web about the solution for corrupt and divisive politics, the solution for rising sea levels and diminishing water stocks, the benefits of mass hemp cultivation, and the advent in 2017 of quantum perpetual motion.

Regarding off-world entities and unlike the many ministers, majors, generals, and presidents who now openly state that they believe that a [potential] alien attack would unite the world, I do not agree with them. I instead believe that humans [particularly politicians] would exploit such an event for self-gain and the way they are currently responding to global warming and now also to Coronavirus demonstrates this. Humans do NOT unite so as to stave-off global threats and as with global warming, most humans would deny the existence of the threat of an alien attack until it was too late to counter any way. As for "Humans only evolve when on the brink." This is so delusional because the human species has never been on the brink - until now!

Governments swap globalism for nationalism re; Corona vaccine

This planet's people and their freely-empowered, so-called 'representatives' are too busy fighting with themselves to be able to stave-off a potential alien attack, or any other potential global threat!

If I had believed in politicians and their so-called 'experts', I never would have bothered thinking about creating perpetual motion and free, clean, safe, infinite energy would still be just an ideal because those with all of the qualifications and with all of the financial backing and support they could ever dream of failed to real-ise it. In addition, they have forever conditioned each other into believing that perpetual motion was an impossibility but, they never questioned this from a quantum perspective - which is where the solution lay all along.

It is only politicians, academics, failed teachers, and failed parents who believe that qualifications [having a good memory] is a measure of intelligence, that experts are somehow more intelligent than most [as opposed to simply being more passionate than most], and that only some children have talents. All of this is complete delusion that paralysis children's belief in their own abilities and therefore purpose."
- Alex Romane

Quantum Perpetual Motion Geocircuitry is our GIFT TO THE WORLD!

In accordance with international patent law and by publishing the line drawings [below] of our other quantum perpetual motion patents that cover the Geostack and the Geomesh concepts, we hereby formally gift all of our quantum perpetual motion Geocircuit patents [also includes the first patent for the initial Geocircuit, which Alex has recently ended] to the world. By giving all of our Geocircuit patents and associated intellectual property rights to everyone, we have ensured that no single entity can ever come to control them [and therefore control the world] and, that every human who inhabits this planet will have an equal share in its power.

Enables any building to be powered by electrons that come from microbes that inhabit the same soil that the building occupies:

Quantum Perpetual Motion Patent 2; Geostack

More example Geostack Power Generator specs

Enables portable devices and buildings to be powered by electrons that come from microbes that inhabit flowing water - the faster the flow, the higher the current:

Quantum Perpetual Motion Patent 3; Geomesh

Example Geomesh configuration [with voltage amplification] in flowing water

Every single human on Earth now has the legal right and ability to benefit from our quantum perpetual motion Geocircuitry without having to get permission from or having to pay any 3rd party any IP [intellectual property] fees and, every manufacturer now also has the right and the ability to do the same.

If manufacturers continue to use dangerous, limited [and now obsolete] energy supply systems in their products instead of using our quantum perpetual motion Geocircuitry, then it will be due only to consumers signaling their approval for them to continue to do so and will therefore have NOTHING to do with us.

Quantum Perpetual Motion has now been cracked and, it has been given to the world by us free of any charges or obligations [there are no conditions] so, the people of Earth no longer have any excuse. If they remain in fuel poverty and if this planet continues to choke to death, it will be due to how people freely-choose to spend and to vote.

Alex Romane's political activism has so far involved authoring documents [published by the world-renowned British Library] regarding Political Architecture and Religious Theory, working on the Mid-East Peace Process directly with the Palestinian Authority, creating a potential £2 BN aid package for Somalia, forecasting and trying to prevent the UK riots, creating government-adopted policies, creating a potential solution for rising sea levels and diminishing water stocks [with TV presenter and inventor Trevor Baylis], publishing about Prism [and more] pre-Edward Snowden, working with various governments [confidentially] on the Syrian conflict and, creating sustainable solutions for the UK economy and for democracy itself.

Alex Romane's political chronology [why the PA exists]
Alex Romane [personal philosophies]

PA Video Nick Margerrison interviews PA founder/DnB Producer Alex Romane [2015]
PA Video Direct Democracy UK interviews Alex Romane [2021]

Voting for perpetual motion and direct democracy outside a general election

Direct Democracy - Audio

It is up to us, the people [not the politicians] to use the power that we have always had, to choose to implement direct democracy as soon as possible.

This is not a protest campaign.

In accordance with Magna Carta Article 61 and with UN UDHR Article 21 and with all of the democratic principals up-held by the UN [which the UK has signed-up to], the people already have the lawful right to reform to direct democracy - even outside a general election.