Direct Democracy proposal for Health

Delegation to be sent to Denmark and Sweden so as to research how to reduce the unwaged UK teenage pregnancy rate

For years, Denmark and Sweden have had Europe's lowest rate of births from unemployed single teenagers. In our opinion, one of the reasons for this is because of how the benefit system supports births within employment and marriage, whilst disallowing other benefits to single teenagers who give birth outside of employment or marriage.

For example, a working couple's benefit entitlements can includes 1 year of paid maternity leave for the mother and 6 months paid maternity leave for fathers. At the same time, giving birth outside of employment does not give any automatic housing entitlements to the mother, as it does in the UK.

For years, England has had the highest rate of unwaged teenage pregnancies in Europe and so the People's Administration proposes to send a delegation to Denmark and Sweden so as to assess the viability of implementing similar policies in the UK.

Should the People's Administration install direct democracy, we propose to consider implementing the findings of any reports authored by the delegation.

Voting for direct democracy outside a general election

Direct Democracy - Audio

It is up to us, the people [not the politicians] to use the power that we have always had, to choose to implement direct democracy as soon as possible.

This is not a protest campaign.

In accordance with Magna Carta Article 61 and with UN UDHR Article 21 and with all democratic principals up-held by the UN [which the UK is signed-up to], the People's Administration's Direct Democracy Twitter blog is a UN-sanctioned and legally recognised voting format for UK reform to direct democracy - even outside a general election.

Vote legitimately for a peaceful and structured UK reform to direct democracy now simply by following the People's Administration's Direct Democracy Twitter blog and when numbers reach a point of critical mass, we'll do the rest.

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The People's Administration's constitution for reform to direct democracy and our voting protocols for implementing direct democracy have both been accepted by the UK Electoral Commission and the UN as legitimate. In a general election, the People's Administration DOES NOT have to field candidates to secure your vote on the ballot paper. Outside a general election, you can vote for a legitimate reform to direct democracy now by following @self_rule