Direct Democracy proposal for Economics

Review of the viability of all government quangos

The People's Administration believes that there are many government-established sub-organisations and groups that are highly inefficient and possibly completely useless to society's current requirements.

Many of these organisations are ran by board members [not democratically elected to the position] who retain extremely large wages and we feel that many of these wages may be out of alignment with their value. We believe that either the burden on the tax payer could be greatly reduced, or that the savings could go towards funding the UK economic deficit instead of cutting spending on public services.

Should the People's Administration install direct democracy, we propose to review all sub-organisations with a view to abolishing any that are deemed inefficient or of little or no real use. If the people decide that the administration should then do this, then we would also propose to put the decision of how to spend any potential savings to the people.

£300 M is spent every year on educational quangos alone!

The People's Administration believes that cutting spending on public services should be a last resort, so we would encourage you to vote that any money saved not be used to reduce the burden on the UK tax payer a this time but instead, go towards repaying the national debt.

Voting for direct democracy outside a general election

Direct Democracy - Audio

It is up to us, the people [not the politicians] to use the power that we have always had, to choose to implement direct democracy as soon as possible.

This is not a protest campaign.

In accordance with Magna Carta Article 61 and with UN UDHR Article 21 and with all democratic principals up-held by the UN [which the UK is signed-up to], the People's Administration's Direct Democracy Twitter blog is a UN-sanctioned and legally recognised voting format for UK reform to direct democracy - even outside a general election.

Vote legitimately for a peaceful and structured UK reform to direct democracy now simply by following the People's Administration's Direct Democracy Twitter blog and when numbers reach a point of critical mass, we'll do the rest.

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The People's Administration's constitution for reform to direct democracy and our voting protocols for implementing direct democracy have both been accepted by the UK Electoral Commission and the UN as legitimate. In a general election, the People's Administration DOES NOT have to field candidates to secure your vote on the ballot paper. Outside a general election, you can vote for a legitimate reform to direct democracy now by following @self_rule