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The People's Administration and direct democracy

We are musicians, producers, artists and political activists [not politicians] who have registered our movement [the People's Administration] as a mainstream political party with the Electoral Commission [March 2010] so as to create the opportunity to legitimately implement a reform to direct democracy in the UK using the web and telephone. The People's Administration believes that through the use of the web and telephony, [mis]representation in Parliament by politicians is no longer required and that with direct democracy, the UK would no longer be America's 51st state.

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Politicians are not problem solvers [the remit of Parliament is to control law, not to create solutions]. They are generally from a media or legal background and neither professions involve any training in problem solving. It is engineers, technicians, scientists, philosophers, therapists, authors, artists, teachers, analysts and others [the people] who are natural problem solvers and, only direct democracy can allow for the people's ideas to become reality.

Politics; the gentle art of getting votes from the poor and campaign funds from the rich, by promising to protect each from the other.

Adlai Stevenson [campaign speech 1952]; "A politician is a fellow who will lay down your life for his country."

Texas Guinan [19th century American businessman]; "I have come to the conclusion that politics is too serious a matter to be left to the politicians."

Charles de Gaulle [French general politician]: "Instead of giving a politician the keys to the city, it might be better to change the locks."

Doug Larson [English middle-distance runner [1902-1981]; "We hang petty thieves and appoint the bigger thieves to public office."

Aesop [Greek slave fable author]; "Those who are too smart to engage in politics are punished by being governed by those who are dumber."

Plato [ancient Greek philosopher]; "Politicians are the same all over. They promise to build a bridge even where there is no river."

Nikita Khrushchev [Russian Soviet politician]; "When I was a boy I was told that anybody could become PM - I'm beginning to believe it."

Quoted in 'Clarence Darrow for the Defense' by Irving Stone; "Politicians are people who, when they see light at the end of the tunnel, go out and buy some more tunnel."

John Quinton [American actor/writer]; "What happens if a politician drowns in a river? Pollution. What happens if all of them drown? A solution!"

8 year-old Camilla Lisant's suggestion for a cure for cancer has put 'qualified' MPs, experts and voters to shame but, it is just one example of one idea from one person and opening-up democracy to all [especially children] so as to find solutions is both logical and democratic. In our opinion, adults naturally over-complicate their exploratory and examinational thinking where children naturally have a more simplified and less restricted style of thinking and so, ideas from children must be included.

Without direct democracy, solutions from the people remain oppressed and, we don't believe that a problem exists that humans don't already have a sustainable solution for and already, it is possible to see that direct democracy is nature's way of doing politics and that eco capitalism is nature's way of doing business.

If we are to be responsible citizens, how can we do this whilst refusing to take responsibility for the most fundamental decisions? Only direct democracy will enable full social responsibility.

We believe that social unity can only be achieved with direct democracy, where the UK electorate can create, propose and vote upon all policy implementation. We believe that people can only take responsibility for their country's actions in a direct democracy. We believe that the people can only have full control of every aspect of their lives in a direct democracy.

We believe that direct democracy will bring empowerment to all - especially the youth, as they will be part of an accountable society where they will know that they will have influence.

We believe that the youth do want to get political and do want to influence common law but, that they do not want to be dictated to by a what they perceive as being a corrupt dictatorial parliament, whilst having no influence themselves. Who would? We believe that this combination amounts to direct oppression of the youth and, that this can be influential in generating a cause for potential youth unrest and discontent. In our opinion, during the 1970's and 80's, anyone who voted for Margaret Thatcher empowered her to compromise the social cohesion of our communities in sake of an expanding [but short-term economy] yet these are also the same people who now complain about our communities being broken and "sick" and who call for the punishment of the victims of Thatcherism itself.

The People's Administration believes that a combination of corporate marketing, neglectful teaching, neglectful parenting, corrupt community 'leadership' and Thatcherism has corrupted and abused the youth for at least two generations:

Corporate marketing messages that condition children into thinking that their worth comes only from their material status, whist inciting aggression via violent video games.

Neglectful teaching that sees children leaving school without being able to read, write or articulate.

Neglectful parenting from those who bred their future off-spring as commodities or 'stock' which which to secure various social benefits.

Corrupt community 'leaders' who believe [as we do] that there has been a government-led propaganda programme since the 1960's to divide the people from the police, yet who say nothing of this to the youth for fear of damaging their personal reputations.

During March 2011, the PA founder [Alex Romane] attended talks with representatives of some of Birmingham's youth and community groups with a view to forming a Birmingham-wide unity campaign. Alex had emphasised how he believed that our failure to educate the youth on the relevant political issues could lead to much social unrest in the near future but, after members expressed concerns regarding sharing activities with the police, things started to go downhill. At the same time but during separate meetings, West Midlands Police had already assured Alex that any events held would be supported by them and, that they were even ready to donate venues and facilities along with cars, bikes and a helicopter for the children - all at their own expense and with officers attending during their own time. A few months after the meetings collapsed, Birmingham erupted and the riots started to go racial as well as anti-authoritarian and the so-called community 'leaders' were no where to be seen.

This culture of social inadequacy is maintained by successive governments with weak and/or corrupt leadership and old-school right-wing thinking - empowered by the electorate who chooses to vote for them, therefore maintaining the system of corrupt 'representative' democracy and social irresponsibility. In our opinion, certain aspects of UK society are responsible for wholesale child abuse and, whilst we seek methods with which to serve further rejection, we believe that it is rejection itself that needs to be countered. Put simply; the youth will always be part of society regardless of how they behave and so we believe that further punishment and rejection will only serve to cause more illness for all of society.

The riots of 2011 were not justified, but were reasonable. The youth allowed themselves to be played by government propaganda and so they perceived the police as the enemy [helped along by corruption, racism and a lack of unaccountability from the police]. It is our opinion that although there were many influential social and political factors that prompted these riots, it was still the individual choices made by each participant that started and maintained the riots. No one forced anyone to riot and rioters could have instead chosen to organise peaceful demonstrations against social neglect or even against the police. This would have achieved far more for them and, it would have potentially attracted the support of the public and the media instead of alienating them.

In the opinion of the government, the riots of 2011 were not justified and were not reasonable and were born only of reasons linked to criminal intent. David Cameron says that these youth are "sick", yet he wants to impose punishment and further isolation - not discipline, compassion and healing. The leadership of UK criminal gang culture is ran by adults [mostly over the age of thirty five years] who are playing the youth [who are vulnerable to the four main contributing elements of youth crime listed above] and so it is these people who would need to be targeted in any anti-gang campaigns - not the youth themselves.

• PA direct democracy comment: Cameron dismisses 2011 riots recommendations

David Cameron's choice of harsh revenge over compassionate discipline [of the youth he wanted to hug pre-general election 2010] is in complete contrast with his attitude towards criminal bankers and convicted criminal politicians. We believe that this blatant hypocrisy contributes towards the perception that the youth have developed towards the politicians, the corporations, the media, and now the emergency services.

5 months in jail for a single mother of two children who was given a pair of shorts by a looter when visiting her apartment - even though she herself was not involved in the riots or the looting at all? 8 years for getting over-excited on Facebook, when others serve less for causing death by dangerous driving and for rape? Obviously, threatening the state and its tax-dodging corporations is still a crime deemed worse than harming an individual citizen.

Ironically it is the police, sociologists, psychologists and counsellors who believe in a balance of compassion and punishment and do not believe that any solution will come from further isolation of the youth and in political arenas, it is the police who now defend the same youths who targeted them as the 'enemy'.

In the opinion of the rioting youths, the riots were justified but, they themselves can not articulate the reasons for why. We believe that this is why they perceive their own actions as being a protest and not a riot. It was a form of spontaneous expression and if we misread it and punish it, we will all pay a much higher price in the future.

Margaret Thatcher was closer to Rupert Murdoch than any other previous Prime Minister and we believe that their joint contribution led to the birth of a culture that chose selfishness over compassion and greed over sharing, and that became conditioned into despising claimants of Welfare benefits - even though the Welfare State is funded by those who use it.

We believe that the youth of the riots in 2011 are the real children of Thatcher because, it was her ideology that they were enacting. In our opinion, Tony Blair and David Cameron are both the true sons of Thatcher and by voting for either, the electorate has been voting for irresponsibility and for an on-going increase in divisions within our communities and this is why nothing has really changed since Thatcher.

The People's Administration believes that all governments since Thatcher have gradually and quietly shifted the response/community ratio of the work load of all three emergency services so that we only see them when they are responding and never in a community role. When did you last see the police, ambulance or fire service coming into your child's school? This stopped when Thatcher took milk away from children and we believe that all of this is representative of Conservative thinking towards the vulnerable.

Along-side this, the ratio of television exposure given between police response work and police community work [both fictional and non-fiction] has shifted so much towards response programming while at the same time, Whitehall directives restrict the police from funding any community work - ensuring that on or off-screen, we mostly see the police only in response mode and, the People's Administration believes that this is a fundamental propaganda tool that the state is uses in order to alienate the police from the people.

We believe that there has been an on-going conspiracy behind Whitehall [now involving Rupert Murdoch's media and hidden groups of varying nature] that has been influencing successive governments [via policy formation] since Harold Wilson took office. This is a theory shared by many reputable individuals and organisations [including high-ranking members of the emergency services] and, we believe that this conspiracy is oriented in dividing communities and alienating the emergency services so that they can be used as a cushion to protect governments [as what happened in 2011] when these governments over-exert their control and oppression.

We believe that UK governments have been consciously dividing communities simply to increase their control [something that was learned during the formation of the British Empire] and we believe that Rupert Murdoch himself has been instrumental in this process [for his own commercial and political gain]. If you ever see the police performing community-related work, it will only be because those particular officers have chosen to give up their own time outside of work hours so as to connect with their own communities.

It is during the Thatcher era that Parliament as an institution became wholly non-representative of the UK people, instead favouring to support the desires of the media, the religions, the unelected lords and consultants [such as multi-millionaire Alan Sugar], the corporates, the banks, the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers and hidden organisations [shadow governments]. This is the essence of Thatcherism and it's still with us today, maintained and enhanced by both Tony Blair and David Cameron.

It should be highlighted that Alex Romane [PA founder] was himself the victim of a serious police conspiracy during 1999 which was successfully resolved through a series of closed court hearings and so was not publicised but despite this, he still believes that as with any institution, there will be those who maintain their integrity as well as those who are weak and corrupt.

We believe that communities have slowly been conditioned to view the emergency services as the 'enemy' and, in not questioning our own thoughts, feelings and conditioning, we have allowed ourselves to be played by those who now serve only a corrupt but rich minority. Direct Democracy via the People's Administration is the only current legitimate proposal for self-rule, wholesale political reform and true social unity. If you believe in having full control of every aspect of your life - vote for direct democracy Now!

The People's Administration believes that the people are frustrated with the childish, embarrassing and regressive culture of British politics and of Parliament. We believe that the people wish for politicians to have integrity and to be working together to find solutions on our behalf instead of warring against each other so as to retain personal status and power.

However, it is not within the nature of UK partisan political parties to be able to work with each other [as Peter Mandleson himself admitted on the morning after polling day 2010]. We believe that the new hung parliament will demonstrate this disability and, it is also our belief that removing the ability to make decisions regarding policy implementation through the implementation of direct democracy, will remove the effects caused by these parties not being able to work together.

A hung parliament can though equip Whitehall with the experience of working with all parties and, of identifying the commonalities of various party members regarding policy formation. The hung parliament could also be an opportunity for politicians to start to formulate cross-party working protocols with each other - all in preparation for true and direct democracy.

If the coalition is productive, this would demonstrate that cross-party cohesion is viable. If the coalition is non-productive, this would demonstrate that there is no cohesion. Either way, all possible scenarios will promote a reform to direct democracy via the web and phone. The parliamentary and election reforms that some parties are now wanting to implement do not involve using the web to adapt and modernise by replacing the polling station and, they do not involve handing decision-making ability to the people. Only a reform to direct democracy can do this.

As the parties move more to the centre and the extremes so as to maintain appeal with a socially evolving UK public, they will lose their identity and connection to their roots and therefore, will not represent anything other than their leadership's own political aspirations. How can change be delivered by a party that represents the opposite - conservatism? How can labour's roots-socialism be promoted when they need to support capitalist business structures that maximise instead of optimise?

This is the beginning of the transition from partisan politics to people politics and it's happening now. This is the start of the evolutionary path of so-called 'representative' democracy transforming into direct democracy through the people and by the majority will of the people. It is not merely the result of politicians falling out of favour with the electorate through their abusive behaviour.

The basis of our reform to direct democracy is about all policy-making responsibility being transferred from all ministers and politicians to the people via an on-line voting system. Therefore, the People's Administration will not need more members because current ministers and politicians from all parties and the people, will be working together through the administration which will be managed by a Chief Administrator and not a Prime Minister. This reform intends to change the role of all current ministers and politicians into that of administrators - who will act only upon the majority will of the people - expressed via the web.

Under the People's Administration, party structures will have less and less relevance as we move from centralisation and partisan politics to direct democracy and people politics and so in principal, Alex is opposed to the establishment of another party but, he sees no other way of creating a realistic opportunity to legitimately and peacefully install direct democracy and, he believes that we need this option now.

We are all born with free will - the ability to make choices [freedom]. If during our lives we choose to limit its use, then it is us who restricts our own freedom and in-turn, our power. Up until the point of death, no one can compromise our freedom without us in some way choosing to let them do so. We can choose right now to exercise the freedom and power that we already have, by voting for the People's Administration and direct democracy or, we can continue to choose to be controlled by a corrupt minority and to suffer the consequences of not taking responsibility.

Choosing not to vote for direct democracy when we now have the opportunity, is to choose to never again complain about any aspect of any government, as they are only able to govern our lives because we empower them to do so.

Personal Profile - Alex Romane [PA founder]:

"In a society, shared intelligence is the ONLY intelligence and, true democracy is the ONLY way to enable it. It is an illusion that the people don't already have power. Whilst we don't believe that we have power, we abuse it. When politicians tell us that they want to give us more power, they reinforce the notion that we don't already have all of the power and the illusion is maintained but, only because we do not real-ise that we already have all of the power. This power is in having the ability to choose to vote to maintain a the West's final, remaining theocracy, or to choose to vote for the People's Administration and true democracy."

It is only because the people do not real-ise that they have all the power that the people who do know this can rule them so, the day the people who don't know this choose to stand together via true democracy is the day that they will real-ise their freedom through their existing power."
- Alex Romane

Alex Romane

Alex Romane is an urban dance music producer who co-created the Jungle/Drum and Bass music genre and co-wrote and co-produced Delirious [the world's first ever Jungle/Drum and Bass album].

He has also worked [since the age of 10] outside of the music industry intermittently and has had a varied career history living and working in various parts of the UK but, he has also had periods of unemployment, homelessness, and severe illness.

Alex was born in London of English, Greek, Irish and Scottish heritage and within education, Alex studied to GCSE level in a state comprehensive and then acquired additional qualifications in Computer Science and Micro Electronics and a diploma in Psycho Acoustic Music Production during further education but, he is not university educated.

Alex's political activism started in 1999 and has so far involved authoring documents [published by the world-renowned British Library] regarding Political Architecture and Religious Theory, previously working directly with David Cameron and his team [independently], working on the Mid-East Peace Process directly with the Palestinian Authority, creating a potential £2 BN aid package for Somalia, forecasting and trying to prevent the UK riots, creating government-adopted policies, creating a potential solution for rising sea levels and diminishing water stocks [with TV presenter and inventor Trevor Baylis], publishing about Prism [and more] pre-Edward Snowden, working with various governments [confidentially] on the Syrian conflict and, creating sustainable solutions for the UK economy and for democracy itself.

Alex Romane's Political Chronology [brief outline]:

1979: When nearly 8 years-old and at the end of his first junior school year, Alex Romane [then known under a different name] is removed due to the staff's failure to prevent mass bullying [specifically due to him looking like a girl, wearing charity clothes, and having no father]. He is regularly involved in fights with gangs of pupils 3-4 years older than him who would regularly block him from using the male toilets [for example] and when he is caught fighting back, he is disciplined while his attackers are protected, and even comforted [this becomes a pattern]. Eventually and with many pupils now attacking him during every week, the school finally acknowledges their lack of ability to do anything about it by telling his mother; "There's nothing we can do. We just can't stop them. Your son is different and we feel you should transfer him to another school."

1980: Alex starts his second year of juniors at a Catholic convent school where despite him being non-Catholic, he is NEVER bullied, is popular with classmates, and absolutely loves his class teacher [who is also the school Head].

Has multiple private conversations over the preceding two years [with and prompted by the Head] who talks with Alex about propaganda; What it is, how people use it, why people use it [their fears], and why he believes that they will fear him and will therefore use it against him in later life but, he never says why.

1982: When almost 10 years-old and during his final year, Alex is suddenly and continually picked-on by a replacement Headmaster [for reasons unknown] and in response to Alex trying to stop [with force] the Head's son [who started at the school when his father did] from commencing with his reign of bullying on other children one afternoon, Alex is psychologically tortured by the Head [who 'coincidentally' deploys heavy, anti-Alex propaganda] in front of the whole school during an extended assembly the next morning. Aex is immediately withdrawn from the school by his mother the next day after one of his friends tells her what had happened [Alex was too traumatised to mention anything about it and he also feared further repercussions], the incident is then investigated, the Head is severely reprimanded by the Board of Education, and Alex attends a session with a child psychologist [who determines that there is nothing wrong with him and that the Head over-reacted simply because it was his son who Alex had attacked] - misses months of schooling while trying to find a new school so as to complete his final junior school year. When he finally does, his former Head then writes to Alex's new Head in an attempt to prevent him from continuing with his schooling but, Alex's new Head informs him about this and tells him; "I believe that your former Head is lying to me about you, so I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt."

1983: When aged 10 and during his first days in attendance at a non-faith secondary school, Alex is picked-on by his Humanities teacher who insists upon deliberately mispronouncing the silent 'h' in his surname when calling out his name during registration at the beginning of every class, attacks Alex every time he smiles [on the assumption that he must have committed the 'crime' of talking with classmates] and, also if Alex hasn't placed his school bag under his desk in "the correct fashion" [the teacher was a former WW2 officer and was still living the war]. The teacher continues with his bullying for months [despite Alex's direct requests to stop] and, it only ends when his mother sends a threatening letter to both him and the school's head.

Starts to openly promote [via graffiti, art, and music] being the self, expressing the self, living without money, living without jobs, living with nature, living over just surviving, how God has no needs and, how the Devil doesn't exist.

Is then picked-on by a Christian English teacher who [for unknown reasons] insists upon telling him that he is a Christian in front of his classmates [he maintains that he is simply a non-religious believer of God].

1985: Changes his surname by deed pole again [when his mother remarries] so as to escape continued [out-of-school] bullying by his former fellow convent pupils who falsely believe that he was expelled for bullying and beating-up the headmaster's son and, also because he wanted a father and felt that sharing his new step-father's name would enhance their relationship [which it didn't].

He is then picked-on by his Environmental Studies teacher [who is also a policewoman]. The attacks are regular, personal [not work-related], and are intense [she even incites other pupils to join-in] but after a few months, Alex calls her out about it and in a subsequent meeting attended by his mother, step father, and the school's Head, the teacher breaks down and apologises to Alex. She cries, admits to her bullying and after explaining about some of her personal traumas, tells Alex that she'll be much more friendlier to him in future. She asks for his forgiveness and Alex accepts her apology but, he also states to her that he wishes for her to just be neutral towards him. He commences with her classes and in his own opinion, "She was one of the most honest teachers I ever had. She was unsupported in managing her personal problems and she was sincere in that meeting because she did change her behaviour towards me. I actually started to enjoy my time with her and I'm glad that I didn't swap classes - I always wish her the best whenever she comes to my mind."

Criticises the education and exams system - deliberately compromises his exam results in the belief that in later life, this action will help him to make some of his points about education, intelligence, memory, how these aspects are assessed and, how humans misjudge each other accordingly.

1989: Alex starts creating potential true democracy templates and architecture while encouraging his family, friends, and voters to abstain from empowering what he refers to as "dictatorships in disguise." At this time, he is not aware that some members of his family are Freemasons.

1991: Incited by Margaret Thatcher's anti-rave policies that discriminate against electronic musicians and fans of electronic music only, Alex co-creates and launches the Jungle/Drum and Bass music genre - releases the first ever Jungle/Drum and Bass album [Delirious] in 1992 [under the name Apache].

1999: Due to illness, Alex is forced to take a break from music production.

2001: An employment agency that is aware of Alex's computer programming background contacts Alex and recommends that he applies for an advertised web development role with WMP [West Midlands Police] in preparation for becoming a member of CEOP [that the government was proposing to form]. WMP [reluctantly] dismiss Alex’s suggested on-line, anti-child abuse strategy during the interview for “political reasons” and make him sign the OSA [Official Secrets Act] - the strategy was eventually ran by the FBI in late 2002 under the name Operation Ore and, it is still the world's largest and most successful, joint-police operation to-date [catching over 70,000 active child abusers]. According to Alex, it would though have caught many more if it was ran in 2001 and, if ran in full.

2002: After returning from a trip to Africa just two hours before, armed burglars attempt to force entry into Alex's home. He confronts and deals with them and calls West Midlands Police as they run to a waiting vehicle and, he pursues them while detailing the whole incident to the police over the phone. He advises that he is secretly following them and that if they meet him without their lights and sirens on, that they will be able to arrest the burglars while they are still in possession of their weapons and, after leaving their finger prints all over his property. Despite the operator confirming that units had been dispatched, no one arrives until the next morning - 13 hours after the burglars had fled. An explanation and an apology is offered which Alex accepts and so he doesn't report it to the IPCC [he lets it go].

2007: Alex works at a community centre in Birmingham where one of his two line managers is the former commander whose police force blocked his Operation Ore anti-child abuse strategy in 2001 [later ran by the FBI in 2002], then discovers that his other line manager is a long-term, close friend and adviser to some of Tony Blair’s former 2001 Cabinet ministers and others, introduced to David Cameron who asks Alex to stay in-touch with him.

2009: Alex has the first edition of his book [about the nature of God and true democracy] published by the British Library - he fully-details his experience at the Catholic convent [and more].

2010: Alex establishes the PA True Democracy Party, publishes about Prism, and is soon-after directly threatened by Barack Obama's State Dept. [evidenced] while ran by Hillary Clinton [via Twitter] - a mainstream media blackout against Alex, his politics, and his music then ensues [confirmed directly to Alex by telephone in 2010 by media editors and managers themselves].

In addition, the media blackout is then supported by various members of Alex's [former] family who work for mainstream news publishers and media corporates.

Has meetings with officers from WMP [kept secret from their commander and chief constable] who inform Alex of their concerns regarding David Cameron becoming PM in the up-coming general election, how his media will portray them, how he will abuse terrorism so as to bring-in mass surveillance [that they themselves didn't want], and of his plans to militarise the police [which also involves importing US hardware over using UK-manufactured hardware] - confirm their desires for true democracy as soon as possible.

Starts working with scientist and inventor Trevor Baylis on energy and global warming mitigation concepts, and theories regarding sustainability - a development of their joint work [since 2002] regarding developing technologies for use in humanitarian aid projects.

In response to Alex's attempt to avert the 2011 riots that he saw brewing, WMP officers offer Alex their grounds, facilities, cars, bikes, and a helicopter for an event that he wants to host in Birmingham that is designed to increase cohesion between the police and disadvantaged neighbourhoods. They offer to fund everything themselves and to give-up their free time so as to facilitate - so-called community 'leaders' [who fear damaging their reputation with the people they're supposed to be emppowering] abstain and resist, and so the event is folded.

Has a weekend break in the country [paid for by a friend] and, it is the last time that Alex has a holiday or any time off. He works every single day [including Birthdays and Christmases] running the PA, trying to develop his record label so as to generate an independent income, and working on the research and development of energy-related technologies [mostly self-funded]. Due to reasons relating to his health and finances, he never sees the country again [even for just one day] and only travels for work-related meetings and, always to and from inner-cities only.

2011: Alex is evicted through unlawful, state-led interference with his private tenancy, and the state then starts to secretly violate his data protection rights so as to [in Alex's belief] make him more vulnerable than he already is. The state body involved acknowledges that through being made homeless, he will [by law] immediately lose access to the NHS [including access to his GP, hospital consultants, and prescriptions] and, will also lose half of his Incapacity Benefit from the day he becomes homeless. They even acknowledge [evidenced by Alex later on] that doing so will be against international human rights laws and, it is due to their expressed attitude and aggression combined with their timing that Alex believes that the state's intention is for him to either die on the street, or to take his own life.

The state acknowledges that Alex has no family support and, that he has been diagnosed with three forms of psoriasis [a skin disease that burns and, that covers his entire body], a bone-dissolving disease [soon-after confirmed as a highly-aggressive and rare form of arthritis], simultaneous double-sided trigeminal neuralgia [the most painful affliction known to man and also known as suicide disease due to the number of sufferers who kill themselves], post traumatic stress disorder [a psychological disease and NOT a psychiatric disorder], an eating disorder, and a sleeping disorder. They know that he can only walk between 1 to 2 miles per day before arthritic pains develop in his lower legs and, that he is rapidly losing his ability to eat solid foods due to tooth-loss and to on-going oral pains [also due to arthritis] and, they are also aware that most of these conditions only started after the parental kidnap of his children years before. To nail it all home to Alex, they also acknowledge that he was homeless prior to securing [through non-state funding] his private-rented flat, where he had been a stable and secure tenant for 3 years until they interfered.

It is thanks ONLY to his doctors, dentists, and hospital consultants [who are aware of his background and so decide to create a lawful work-around for him] that Alex is able to continue with his MRI scans, physiotherapy, medications, and other therapies.

From this point onwards, Alex can only accommodate himself by either buying a property outright, or by leaving the UK and claiming foreign citizenship elsewhere.

To give just one example of the impact this attack had upon his health, Alex lost his first tooth in 2005 and then no more until 2011 but between then and 2017, he lost a further seventeen teeth. He had only ever had one filling in his life and not until he was twenty seven and so, these problems are confirmed as being connected to his bone diseases only. Due to pressure pains and bruising on his inner-jaw bone [measured in 2016 at 90% dissolved due to arthritis], he is not able to eat when using dentures and so needs privacy for eating and for applying his psoriasis medications [which along with his eating disorder and limited options regarding eating solid foods, the state is fully-aware of]. He constantly has between one and three infected teeth at any one time and can only use powerful [and therefore expensive] mouth wash products in-place of brushing his teeth. Combined with the pain from his trigeminal neuralgia [averaging four attacks per day], every day is unbearable and his social life is completely ended by mid-2011.

He maintains his friendships with a couple of his former girlfriends and with his colleagues [either through music, politics, or technology] but from this point onwards and due to the complexities of his lifestyle, he is rarely able to develop new friendships.

At the same time, his global support network that operates at different levels [by remote and in-person] starts expanding to include current and former police officers, IT specialists, security specialists, current and former special forces personnel [from various countries], former intelligence operatives, intelligence sub-contractors, scientists and professors and, it continues to expand.

The state [that always lies to voters about prioritising mental health along-side physical health and, about recognising the benefits of social mobility for vulnerable and disabled people] refuses to acknowledge Alex's PTSD, trigeminal neuralgia, arthritis, and his inability to eat solid foods as disabilities.

To further increase the pressure [via harassment], the state regularly insists upon assessing his health - to see if he is well enough to work and, while acknowledging that his health deteriorates further while being homeless. The state is aware that Alex worked past the point of being diagnosed with all of his illnesses and, that his last full-time position was only terminated when his employer's insurer refused to cover Alex in the work place [he regularly fainted due to trigeminal neuralgia, while enduring pains from arthritis]. On top of this, he is assessed by people who are not medical professionals, but whose job is to save the state money on behalf of its divisive, deluded, spite-fuelled voters. Patronising? Twisted? No. Social cleansing is lawful, and it continues indefinitely thanks to voters who reject true democracy and who continue to empower the state to hit the vulnerable harder.

He is aware about how Barack Obama [who threatened Alex via the US State Dept. in 2010 regarding him publishing about Prism] is now pressurising US activist Aaron Swartz with similar tactics and so believes that this is a new practice for Western governments when oppressing domestic activists. It is cleaner, quieter, cheaper, and safer than hiring assassins and so has less chance of any come-back for them and, contacts of Alex's who work with various global intelligence agencies confirmed the existence of this new strategy directly to him a few years later.

Incidentally, one of Alex's scientific contacts [Professor Moti Nissani - Wayne State University] wrote an article about what happened to Aaron and, Moti disclosed to Alex that multiple scientists and professors across the US have studied this strategy of self-assassination and that they all believe that it exists:

Who Killed Aaron Swartz? [Moti Nissani]
The Human Experience is Probably Coming to an End [China Rising radio interview with Moti Nissani]

Changes his surname informally, then again by deed pole some months later [to Romane - his middle name] so as to create some space from the implications and state body involved in his eviction and, for personal reasons [a fresh psychological start etc].

For fear of damaging the party's reputation and his status with the public and with 3rd parties who he works with, he keeps his homelessness and his illnesses secret and continues underground by working from various [secure] bases where he has an office/studio in each and, mostly by remote - the party's registered HQ address is the only publicly-accessible point of contact and for security reasons, it is never visited by PA personnel.

For various reasons, Alex can only spend a few nights per month at any base - sleeps on floors with some nights on the street and with the exception of a few nights with close [platonic] female friends in 2011, he does not spend a single night in a bed again [or even on a sofa] until late 2017 - arthritic pains are enhanced causing permanent pains down one side of his body.

To disguise his homelessness, he stays off the streets and sleeps in woodlands after making an informal deal with park keepers and police [who know of him through his community work] to do voluntary night ranging - uses public lavatories to be able to wash and change in the mornings.

Starts working with the Palestinian Authority on the Middle-East Peace Process.

Within a few days of establishing the party's official account on Facebook, it is closed-down with a notice regarding political activity not being allowed - discovers that while while parliamentary parties and well-known, non-registered [and therefore, lawfully-ineffective] political movements [such as Occupy etc] are exempt from removal, that other less-known, registered political parties that promote lawful true democracy templates globally have also been removed under the same policy.

UK riots that Alex and WMP were seeking to prevent in 2010 then occur.

Occupy demonstrations start and while receiving mainstream exposure on a daily basis and while knowing about the media blackout against the PA, they refuse Alex's request to collaborate so as to let everyone know about the PA's peaceful, lawful direct action template for true democracy/unity. When challenged by Alex, they admit that they want consensus politics [true democracy], but still refuse to promote the PA - the only party at that time that was working for reform to true democracy [consensus politics].

2012: Occupy disappears without trace after failing with its remit [there was no systemic change].

Alex evidences the state’s unlawful eviction but fails to secure a solicitor so becomes homeless indefinitely - the state exploits that he has no family or other support [the party is self-funded], that he is still homeless and, that he is seriously ill. Obviously, he is not safe to re-house himself while still being vulnerable to the state body that caused his eviction.

2013: David Cameron directly blocks Alex’s second on-line, anti-child abuse strategy [Inet Protect that also protects against terrorist recruitment] and, AFTER knowing about WMP blocking his FBI-endorsed strategy in 2001.

Alex publicly breaks the OSA he signed in 2001 - publishes everything related into the public domain, alerts David Cameron, the government, and the authorities so as to provoke legal actions - no action taken.

Edward Snowden confirms the existence of Prism that Alex published about in 2010.

Alex publishes information about methane craters and their potential to trigger near-term mass extinction.

2014: Alex publishes instructions for creating closed circuits [for less than £5] so as to prevent spying and data violations on children's devices - his method is NOT focused on trying to prevent intrusions, but is instead focused on making them redundant after they occur.

Alex learns about the state-sanctioned, data privacy violations that started in 2011 [shortly after his unlawful eviction] - manages to obtain internal, state-held evidence directly from the state body responsible for his eviction and data privacy violations.

During negotiations with the state body that caused his eviction in early 2011, Alex warns them that he has all of the evidence he needs to prosecute them for unlawful interference in a private tenancy, for human rights violations, and for data protection violations, to which they respond with "Go ahead." and, it is evidenced by Alex via secret recordings.

Alex then discovers [through a long-term contact at the Law Society] that he’s been blacklisted [since 2011] by solicitors regarding ANY issue.

Starts working with various foreign governments [under non-disclosure agreements] on the Syrian Conflict.

Publishes full article that details his decades-long belief about 2015 and 2030 being fundamental regarding the state of the planet's natural environment, and near-term mass extinction.

2015: After noticing that Facebook has reneged on its policy to remove less-known political parties that promote true democracy globally, Alex again attempts to establish the PA on Facebook and, just before the 2015 General Election.

This time and instead of the PA's official Facebook account being removed, Alex himself is framed by Wired and Facebook who jointly [and publicly] accuse him of hijacking Facebook's URL database technology [a crime] when selecting the URL he chose to use for the PA []. However, this URL was one that Facebook had previously used for their own political showcasing [ran on its behalf by the Press Association] - and that they themselves had accidentally put back onto their own user database! At no point was Alex asked to comment and by the time Alex threatened legal action for libel, the article had spread to other magazines [thanks to Wired] but, all were removed by 2017.

The Press Association [that still pretends to its audience that it doesn't know about the PA true democracy party] inadvertently gives us proof of its bias against us when it threatens us with legal action [via the electoral commission] if we don't change our logo, as they believe that people could mistake us for them - we oblige, as this was our aim since 2010 [after first learning of why the mainstream media would never promote us to their audiences].

In addition, Wired etc presented to their audiences that the account was a personal account, and never mentioned anything about it being part of [and linking to] the PA True Democracy party's official website. As such, Alex aims to prosecute both Facebook and Wired for libel as soon as he is able to and despite the article since being removed by Wired and others, Alex did evidence every party's action at the time and, his requests for an apology were ignored by Facebook and Wired - who had framed him for hijacking so as to smear him personally, while oppressing the PA party's exposure.

Alex then discovers that Facebook's founder wants to become a US senator [and so was always anti-true democracy/unity/shared intelligence/shared decision-making/empowerment of the people] and is therefore pro-division & pro-oppression. Typical of Facebook's hypocrisy is their statement; "Give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together."

Upon Alex's request, the IPCC [Independent Police Complaints Commission] investigates WMP unlawfully making a political decision over a policing decision when blocking Alex’s child protection strategy in 2001 - WMP obstructs indefinitely, IPCC concedes but upon Alex's request [and for strategic and personal security-related reasons], they do NOT report WMP's obstruction to Theresa May [their former boss when she was Home Secretary] because, Alex is aware that she already knows about WMP blocking his 2001 strategy [since 2013 and via David Cameron] and is working against Alex so as to try to keep it covered-up.

Alex sends his 8-line message about the nature of a creator God to the Dalai Lama and Deepak Shopra [who read Alex's eBook about true democracy and God in 2010] to ask the Dalai why he encourages the world to pray to God to fix human-created problems and also, to ask him how many more reincarnations he will need before he sees that there is no such thing as 'evil'. Within days, the Dalai started publishing articles and giving interviews about why praying to God to fix human-created problems is futile and, he also offered to close down his ministries and his religion. However [and as with all celebrity plagiarists], the Dalai never mentioned anything about Alex, his true democracy party or his eBook and, he was also aware that Alex and the PA have been enduring a mainstream media blackout since 2010.

Dalai Lama; "If science proves some belief of Buddhism wrong, then Buddhism will have to change."

2016: Alex is [reluctantly] given immunity from prosecution by the Attorney General regarding breaking the 2001 OSA in 2013, and any other related, non-disclosure orders.

Alex then breaks the government's non-disclosure orders regarding the parental kidnap of his children in 1999 by publishing extracts about it, informs the government and authorities - no action taken.

Alex's diminishing vision is confirmed as being caused by steroid creams he was instructed to use [in his early twenties] for managing the psoriasis on his face but, that he was never instructed to keep away from his eyes - doesn't have the time or the energy to prosecute the NHS. In addition, the NHS had already misdiagnosed [and therefore mistreated] another aspect of Alex's skin conditions, causing permanent disfiguration on parts of his body. He is already involved in multiple, long-term, background battles against various state bodies, the mainstream media, and the social networks [that all act in-alignment] so chooses to stay focused on these instead. To summarise; he is overwhelmed, but not able to quit promoting true democracy so as to instead fight for his own personal rights.

2017: Alex submits evidence to the Metropolitan Police of the British Parliament supporting an openly-issued, Saudi child rape fatwa [in use by the FSA] in Syria. It is accepted, an investigation is launched, and then the case is 'lost'. Alex pushes them, and they then try to brainwash him into believing that his complaint was actually about him being hit over the head by an unidentified robber in Manchester - a city that Alex has never even visited.

Alex submits ALL to the Establishment Child Abuse Inquiry [split across seven testimonies – all are accepted into evidence], and awaits an appointment to attend the open hearings - discloses the situation regarding his homelessness and illnesses to the inquiry's solicitors, states his need to testify urgently and emphasises that it will only be possible for him to address the state's illegalities against him, his homelessness, and his illnesses when he testifies and that until such a time, he remains highly-vulnerable.

Discloses into the public domain that he is homeless and ill so as to relieve pressure - a move that his state-side attackers would not have expected, as they are partly-relying on his embarrassment regarding being homeless to keep him from disclosing anything about their attacks.

WMP unlawfully deny access to the law for Alex and PA personnel and, start to actually protect criminals [including local Islamic extremists] who harm, and who threaten to harm PA-connected personnel, property, and protected wildlife - Alex evidences all crimes committed against PA personnel, property, and protected wildlife and, evidences WMP's inaction. In addition, WMP is aware that Alex was unlawfully made homeless some years before, is seriously ill [is vulnerable], and is testifying against them in the inquiry into Establishment-led child abuse.

IPCC investigate WMP's unlawful denial of service - WMP obstructs indefinitely, IPCC concedes but again, does NOT report WMP's obstruction to the Home office, as it is now ran by Amber Rudd who like Theresa May before her is also fully-aware about what happened in 2001, about David Cameron secretly blocking Alex's second strategy [Inet Protect] in 2013, and about Alex testifying against the government regarding both lawful and unlawful child abuse.

Traces a relative who runs the media department for a global news and media network, re-requests his help via publicity - is denied.

After several years of [self-funded] research and development [interrupted and extended by Alex's unlawful eviction and associated drop in income], Alex acquires the funds for a [fast-tracked] global patent for his quantum perpetual motion Geocircuit mining technology – a technology that harvests and delivers free, clean, safe, infinite, atomic energy. The Palestinian Authority, UK Government, Labour, the Green Party and others immediately reject it for political reasons - blackout intensifies as various universities that are aware of it refuse to inform their electronics, physics, biology, geology, biochemistry, quantum science and environmental students [who pay these institutions for their 'education'] about it.

2018: Alex informs WMP, GCHQ, NCA, Metropolitan Police and the Police Federation that in response to WMP's unlawful denial of service, that he and PA personnel will now use Section 3 Criminal Law Act 1967 for pre-emptive actions against anyone who threatens or HAS threatened PA personnel - no response.

Publicly discloses that he is testifying in the Establishment Child Abuse Inquiry and, publicly alerts those who he is intending to testify against [for reasons that he can not yet publicise] - no response.

The people of the UK continually reject true democracy/unity so as to empower others to make their decisions for them and as such, he holds them responsible for consciously voting for David Cameron's cuts to welfare benefits in 2010 [and that increased homelessness by over 50% within just two years] and again in 2015, for maintaining war crimes and child abuse by proxy, for continually empowering fake democracy and its associated oil, nuclear, and shale and, for continually empowering the people who want him dead.

Alex informs WMP that if they ever arrest him [for anything], that he will not co-operate in any post-arrest interviews, will reject any caution [if offered], and will instead insist that he is charged so that any incidents can be dealt with by the courts.

WMP respond to Alex regarding their denial of service and protection of criminals who trespassed onto PA-connected property so as to intentionally destroy plants and protected wildlife, and their protection of criminals who threatened to murder PA personnel - they deny ever seeing any evidence [which they accepted via a USB stick when inspecting the damage] and instead, try to frame Alex in an attempt to cover-up their mishandling of this case by insisting that HE was the aggressor [they ignore all of the incriminating evidence against the attackers]. They are NOT aware that Alex has already flattened a police conspiracy against him in private hearings in 2001 in relation to the kidnap of his daughter and, we will soon publish an article featuring our recorded audio and photographic evidence against WMP. To summarise; WMP is victimising a victim of serious crime who they know is highly-vulnerable and, who they know is testifying against them in the child abuse inquiry.

All attacking parties continue to exploit the mainstream media blackout against anything that Alex does [even if that means blacking-out news of the advent in 2017 of quantum perpetual motion] and continue to exploit his black-listing with solicitors [which some knew about before he did].

Doctors confirm that Alex now has osteoporosis as well as arthritis and, they also confirm sciatica.

In late 2018, Alex attends an ESA assessment where the assessor acknowledges that he is terminally-ill, has no family, and that he is still homeless as the result of unlawful state-led actions against him during late 2010 and early 2011 but despite all of this, the assessor [from Atos] decides to inform the DWP that Alex is well and able enough to work PAYE and, that he doesn't need Incapacity Benefit. The assessor is also aware that Alex's dental surgeon and consultants are planning to remove his remaining teeth over the following months so as to alleviate some of his daily pain and that this will therefore be his last opportunity to eat solid foods and, the assessor is also aware that Alex has problems eating due to his eating disorder alone at the best of times.

Without notice, Alex suddenly loses 60% of his monthly income over-night and is then informed when he calls the DWP that he has been moved to a work-related support group. He appeals - mentioning that he secretly recorded the entire assessment and, that he captured the moment when he mentioned losing his child through parental kidnap to the assessor, and the assessor responding with; "Okay, but we must move on Alex. I have lots to get through." Alex makes no threats, and simply asks the DWP how it could be possible that someone in his situation could ever be judged fit for PAYE-related work. He informs them of how he is aware that over 90.000 vulnerable people have died since 2010 through being pushed into work when they were too ill and, he states that he will not become one of them.

He reiterates how when he was first diagnosed with depression, acute adjustment disorder, and post traumatic stress disorder during 1999 that he continued to work PAYE or to do voluntary community work when in between jobs. He reminds them that while being fully-aware that he would have been entitled to Incapacity Benefit at this time, that he instead chose to either continue working, or to claim Job Seeker's Allowance while working voluntary in the community when out of work. He reminds them of how his previous employer had terminated his last employment due to his on-going fainting from the pain of his arthritis and trigeminal neuralgia and, that the employer's insurer had also refused to cover Alex in the workplace.

He reminds them about his voluntary community work since 1999 and informs them about his record company and his efforts to generate his own income ever since and, he also demonstrates to them of how his unlawful eviction in early 2011 had set him back years, while amplifying his illnesses.

They see that despite Alex owning and running several entities [some of them commercial], that he is not drawing any revenue from them and, he explains why. They accept his argument and within half an hour, he receives a phone call from the DWP informing him that; "It was a mistake. You should never have been moved into a work-related group. We've reinstated your payments and everything will be backdated." They are also aware about the situation regarding his children and wish him all the best with his health, his music, and with rectifying everything with his children and, Alex believes that their support and sympathy is sincere.

Alex informs Dave Thompson and West Midlands Police that as he is now terminally-ill, that he has nothing to lose in fighting them regarding his meeting with them in 2001, and their criminal behaviour towards him and PA personnel since 2015.

2019: Despite still being homeless, Alex starts making a modest income from his involvements with music, music technology development, and his energy technology and so, he is no longer in receipt of state benefits.

Alex Romane [personal philosophies]

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Direct Democracy - Alex Romane and Sickness Benefit

Contrary to a heavily propagandist and deceitful article published by the Trinity Mirror group in 2010, Alex did NOT establish the People's Administration after being "inspired by disgust at the self-serving actions of MP's, lobbyists and big business." Alex didn't express any sentiment regarding this issue and neither was Alex even interviewed by Trinity Mirror in the first place. The People's Administration party for reform to direct democracy was formed in 2010 only after various organisations, politicians and party leaders [including David Cameron] with whom Alex has met and worked with offering independent voluntary policy consultation, rejected fundamental key policy ideas without further discussion or exposure to others - despite them being known to have over a 90% approval rate when put to voter groups by Alex.

Independent candidates can not form a government after winning a general election but parties can so, this has meant that in order for Alex to let the people know of these ideas and for the people to have the opportunity to install true and direct democracy, he chose to form a new political party - the People's Administration. Because of this, not only can you learn about the People's Administration and direct democracy, but you will now also be able to actually vote for a reform to direct democracy by voting for the People's Administration in the next UK general election or, by voting now to invoke UNDHR Article 21 and Article 61 of the Magna Carta [which the UK is signed-up to].

In 2013, Alex explained;

"About 6 months into production of a new Drum and Bass album in 1999 - some of it featuring MC Robbie D, something happened in my personal life and outside of music that absolutely devastated me. I became deeply affected and extremely ill and it is this event that led me into political activism because I made a choice to fight those behind what had happened. Anything to do with music production was suddenly not part of my life and I was instead launching three concurrent court cases - one which involved successfully over-turning a police conspiracy. In response to what happened and also to an unrelated incident in early 2001 where an internet child protection strategy I was developing was blocked by the state for "political reasons" until the FBI picked-up on it and ran it in 2002, I established a political movement and authored a book which is published by the British Library. The government has a non-disclosure order in-place preventing me from disclosing the full details of what happened in 1999 [broken recently without prosecution despite informing the state] and so without direct democracy - democracy meaning rule of the people, the police enforce the laws of the UK parliament - not the laws of the UK people, and UK armed forces fight for Queen and government - not Queen and country. Through my activism and since working independently and voluntarily with David Cameron and others since 2007 on social, environmental, and child welfare issues and then publicly campaigning against him since 2010 through the PA, mainstream media black-outs and propaganda regarding anything I do in music and politics have been my life.

I'm still dealing with issues on various levels that relate to what happened in 1999 and I'm far from being in the best place for any public activity but, I truly believe that if the UK people choose to let those psychopathic, paedophile-protecting, child abusing, self-serving Rothschild subordinates who occupy Parliament continue with their past voting patterns for just another 5 years, that humans will be extinct by 2035-2040 because the decisions that Parliament will make in 2015 alone will have irreversible consequences for the entire world - especially with regards to the natural environment and war.

If I didn't believe this, I wouldn't be rushing to promote direct democracy and everyone could carry on living happily ever after in Cameron and the BBC's world of bulls**t. It amazes me that after working with him and, with my history of political activism which includes working directly with the Palestinians - a risk to any Westerner's media career, that some people don't see why Cameron and the BBC need to deny my influence, and therefore my existence."

Independent article: Warner Bros, AoL, Fox, Sony running anti-Palestine agenda

"If I'm wrong about 2015 then no harm done but it's not something I'm prepared to gamble on or to leave to politicians and unlike other cultures, not being politically and socially considerate means that most people in the UK don't realise how due to its former empire, the UK parliament still has influence in over 90% of the world's countries either politically, militarily or culturally and therefore, that they alone can change the world. They don't know that the US war machine is fuelled by BP and therefore that the US and UK can go to war together even without a UK parliamentary vote to support it and, with no understanding of NATO politics, they believe that Russia invaded Ukraine just because the BBC said so and, despite it never publishing a single image of a single Russian troop in Ukraine. This is extremely dangerous because it confirms that the UK people are now so brainwashed that they are prepared to take what the BBC and others say in words alone as fact, without seeing or even demanding to see any evidence - it's Cameron's dream scenario and it will serve him well.

Brits who watch global news channels and who know a bit of geography are fully aware that Ukraine was not invaded by Russia and that East Crimea - a semi-autonomous, Russian-cultured state with its own UN-sanctioned parliament and elected members, was experiencing persecution and social cleansing from the Western-backed armed minority coup 'government' based in Kiev. They also know that the previously elected Ukraine government made a last-minute u-turn in its decision to join the EU and was suddenly looking towards Russia and that this was unacceptable to the West and, that this was why the US hatched a plan to topple the elected Ukraine government."

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"In absolute desperation and only after being abandoned by the West, East Crimeans invited Russia in so as to defend it against the illegal minority armed coup 'government' installed by the West in Kiev, and its militias. As this happened, the people of East Crimea held a vote for self-determination and voted to become part of Russia and in utter hypocrisy, it is this independent vote for self-determination that Cameron says is illegal and refuses to recognise - while supporting the armed minority coup government in Kiev. Put simply; Russia was invited in to Crimea but after Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, I guess that Cameron and Obama don't understand what an invite is? Also during this time, Venice voted ON-LINE to become independent from Rome but the 'faithful' BBC said f**k-all about it!

When Kosovo wanted independence from Serbia, NATO bombed Serbia to bits and killed over 500 civilians and Kosovo didn't even have a vote for self-determination so, when Obama talks of the Kosovan vote for independence, that Rockefeller-serving hypocrite demonstrates that he is completely uneducated about the facts of modern European history and, that he doesn't even question his speech writers and simply reads what ever they write - as with all US presidents.

Despite the propaganda put out by Western politicians and their media, Russia never annexed Crimea. The population of Crimea freely voted for reunification with Russia and fundamentally, all Western arguments against Russia regarding its invited intervention in Crimea completely dismiss the West-backed illegal armed minority coup over-throw of the formerly majority-elected Ukrainian government - an international crime that the UN also seems only to happy to ignore and, the crime that started this conflict in the first place. The other lie about Russia wanting to rebuild the Soviet Union by invading surrounding countries is confirmed just by looking at Russian political and military history which shows that Since Afghanistan, Russia has only invaded countries that allow US governments to adopt them into NATO so as to taunt Russia. Ever since the mid-1950's, the US has continually attempted to goad Russia into starting a third world war and it's still at it today.

Fundamentally, all Western arguments against Russia regarding its invited intervention in Crimea completely dismiss the West-backed illegal armed minority coup over-throw of the formerly majority-elected Ukrainian government - an international crime that the UN also seems only to happy to ignore and, the crime that started this conflict in the first place.

The people of self-titled 'Great' Britain believe that the biggest threat to their way of life is immigration when it's actually environmental catastrophe, war, over-population and then terrorism and motivated by spite, they have freely chosen to play the Conservative's old game of hating anyone who claims JSA, ESA and Income Support, even though these people combined only cost 14% of the welfare budget - leaving voting pensioners to have 48% without any means-testing. It's blatant social cleansing happening in the UK and through ATOS etc, Cameron murdered over 90,000 vulnerable UK citizens who were claiming Incapacity Benefit. The sheeple think that 41% of the entire welfare budget goes on JSA while the true figure is only 3% and, they think that 27% of the welfare budget is claimed fraudulently while the government's own figure is only 0.7% and by the way, Amazon and the others actually only pay 0.1% tax - not 1%. The sick joke is that tax payers who attack the vulnerable are funding criminal banks, Cameron's Syrian FSA child rape fatwa and, India's forced child sterilisation programme - even though every UK tax payer has had the legal right since 1215 to withhold tax payments if they feel the government is abusing their money. Want to talk about British 'values'? There you go.

Through that supporter of brutal oil-rich, weapons-buying dictatorships and since 2012, the UK tax payer has been funding the FSA, Al'Qaeda and ISIS in Syria while MI6 has been training them to fight - creating a domestic head f**k for MI5 and, being that Al'Qaeda and ISIS now openly threaten the UK, the UK people will reap from their political ignorance and from Cameron and MI6's betrayal because along with Obama, EU 'leaders' and the religious 'leaders', their actions are the root cause of all religious-oriented terrorism. Re-shaping Western foreign policy while showing the extremists who kill "for the sake of God" how God does not require for them to kill is the solution but while the UK people insist upon shirking their political and social responsibilities - instead choosing to leave these to a corrupt minority, people all over the world will continue to suffer and, the people of the world have more in common with each other than with their own 'leaders' but with these freely-elected psychopaths in the way, the world's people can not unite."

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"While the UK government secretly cultivates Opium, a multi-purpose plant that produces food, fibre and medicine that can halt HIV, cancer and Alzheimer's and, that can also end deforestation and save the world has been outlawed as a 'drug' and while the UK debates the 'morals' of using one of God's most amazing gifts, the Chinese are rushing to patent as many varieties as they can and if the UK people ever awaken from their BBC, Coronation Street, celebrity sex and alcohol-induced comas, it will be too late to benefit without breaking international patent laws and entering into a trade war with China - which we can't afford and will therefore lose. Through human-assisted extinction brought-on by environmental abuse, we're losing 50,000 species of animal and plant every year while destroying the equivalent of 7 football pitches of forest every minute of every day - we've already destroyed or degraded 80% of the world's rainforests and decisions taken by so-called 'representatives' and religious 'leaders' over the last 40 years have increased the rate of damage - not prevented it. The religions, Thatcher, Blair and Monsanto-loving Cameron have betrayed the people left, right and centre and pathetically, the people continue the cycle of freely giving these traitors their power and then protesting about it after, which is exactly what Cameron wants. To betray non-representative governments so as to protect the people is to be a patriot and in law, this is exactly why the UK tax payer has the legal right to withhold tax payments at any time.

While conforming protesters and pro-revolutionaries get busy inciting others into fighting the police and changing nothing, a newly-discovered methane-oriented extinction level event that Cameron and the BBC mention nothing about is already underway. Due to the on-going mainstream media black-outs since 2010, I now have no other way of trying to break through other than with a new album because the only other option at this stage is to quit and I'll be dead before I ever choose to quit fighting self-serving MPs and the manipulative shadow governments that they've sold themselves to. With an extinction rate of 50,000 species per year and when all food and medicine derives from animals and plants, it is obvious that humans will not survive even if climate change wasn't occurring. If we continue with our current attitude and behaviour, this planet will soon be rid of the ONLY species that is destroying it and, it is no coincidence that humans are the ONLY social group species on this planet not to use direct democracy. Denied by the religions who lie about the nature of God, direct democracy is God's way of doing politics and as with everything else within nature such as Eco Capitalism, it works.

I hate politics but since the late 1980's, I've been very concerned about how all of the world's political systems are intentionally destroying any notion of democracy - especially when it's just for the sake of money. Since the event in 1999, the combination of government non-disclosure orders regarding various political actions I've taken and press blocks regarding anything else has meant that I've been fighting in the background and in isolation. I've had George Galloway shouting at me in the street to "Stay out of politics!" and I've been similarly threatened by other elected MPs too and in 2011, the US State Department openly intimidated me directly after following one of my Twitter blogs. It is obvious that true and direct democracy is a massive threat to the global elite and their personal attacks against me and their media blackouts against the PA and EMP just confirm this."

• PA direct democracy comment: The war between finance and democracy

Alex believes that nothing is ever stopping any individual politician from any party from bringing direct democracy themselves. Even if done individually on politician's own websites, politicians could still gain insight into public opinion regarding policy implementation. However, during a televised experiment, it was discovered that even if the electorate could voice their opinions regarding policies directly on politician's own websites, that politicians would still prioritise their own interests above those of the majority when it comes to voting on policies in Parliament and, would consciously choose NOT to represent their electors.

MP Anne Widdecombe stated that she would "never let majority public opinion voiced on my website influence my parliamentary votes and I would never let voters make decisions upon policy implementation." Before realising who he was talking with, MP George Galloway told the PA founder directly that "Direct democracy is the best way for the country to go!" adding "You could get rid of all us lot too." confirming that we can have what hypocritical politicians admit is best for us but, only when it doesn't compromise what's best for them.

The only MP to recognise and to publicly call for TRUE direct democracy [and not just public participation] is Labour's Kevin Brennan who in 2012, told a Hansard Society event at Westminster that; "Technologically it is now possible. We could function as a direct democracy. The cost of obtaining people's views on a range of different subjects is miniscule compared to any other time in history, unless you go back to ancient Greece when you just gathered in the market place and you could have a direct vote on things."

When voting on the issue of UK military intervention in Syria [Aug. 2013], only 44% of MPs voted against it while acknowledging that public opinion was approx. 80% against and, 14% of MPs who couldn't be bothered to represent their voters abstained. Generally, 40% of MPs say that they have no power because they have to vote in alignment with their party 'leader' but if this group of MPs had voted to represent the public, it is no coincidence that the parliamentary vote would have been approx. 80% against - in alignment with public opinion.

However, even when MPs do remember their sworn duty to represent their voters, it is considered a rebellion if they vote out of alignment with their party 'leader'. On the 30th January 2014 and after a slapping-down by David Cameron, so-called 'pro-direct democracy' Tory Douglas Carswell announced that he will "never rebel again." while party colleague Anne McIntosh announced that she would run as an independent but, she announced this only AFTER being sacked by her local Tory office [for 'rebelling'], confirming that parliamentary parties DO NOT represent you.

All of this demonstrates that MPs are victims of their own power - acquired through defunct political architecture which rewards those who consciously choose NOT to represent you and so, direct democracy will enable full and direct representation.

PA direct democracy comment: Conservative MP admits he didn't know what issue he was voting on

Even if they were willing to represent, elected politicians are in the minority within the UK parliament which consists of 650 elected members [House of Commons] + 830 unelected peers and bishops [House of Lords] and so, the UK is not a representative democracy by any measure and is actually the only remaining theocracy in the Western world.

Another example of this is with Coalition Deputy Nick Clegg who does actually encourage people to email their opinions and ideas - as if he himself is going to be able to find the time to read them all on a daily basis, before making his own decisions regardless of majority opinion.

The Conservative's attempt at distorting the definition of direct democracy is ran by 'representative' MPs Douglas Carswell [] and Zac Goldsmith [] and in our opinion, it is simply a propagandist attempt at misleading the electorate so that the 'threat' of genuine direct democracy never materialises.

All of this further demonstrates how even representative democracy isn't representative and, isn't democratic either because your opinions will be ignored - even if shared by the majority.

Direct Democracy Video PA direct democracy video: How Representative Democracy is NOT democratic

Why and how fundamental government thinking must evolve:

We do not believe that another politician or government with more old-school thinking and dictat is what the country needs any longer. We believe that the country needs direct democracy now!

The fundamental reason for why the ancient Greek civilisation [the creators of Democracy] was so advanced in its thinking was because thinking was not centralised. Without centralised thinking and politics, the Greeks were able to be free in their thinking because there wasn't anyone telling them how to think. Decentralising our political system will decentralise our thinking and therefore, enable for more creative thought and creative solutions to be found for today's issues.

We believe that the basis for how this works is rooted in the ability of animals that live in social groups to communicate and understand their reality and this philosophy is also accepted by many scientists and philosophers including C. Jung [The Vast Subconscious], Lyall Watson [Supernature] and Rupert Sheldrake [Morphic Fields].

In early 2012, scientists discovered that ants and bees specifically use direct democracy and furthermore, they apportion their use of direct democracy as being fundamental to their efficiency and overall survival. In the words of the UK scientists that carried out tests on ants; "The colony's use of direct democracy greatly enhances its survival because it decentralises the decision-making which increases its ability to find better solutions faster." By 2016, it had became apparent that 'superior' humans are the ONLY social group species on this planet to reject the use of true democracy/unity [love for each other].

As an experiment, we suggest that you gather a group of friends together around a jar of beans. Take note of everyone's guess as to the quantity of beans in the jar. Total-up everyone's guess and divide it by the number of people in the group [establishing the average guess]. After counting the beans, notice that the group will have seemed to have known [to within a very close margin] the accurate quantity of beans in the jar.

We believe that many solutions to social, industrial, economic and environmental problems that current politicians perceive as being alternative, should actually be adopted as mainstream and as soon as possible. We believe that the old style of thought currently held by most politicians can no longer provide solutions for today's society and we believe that society is now being held-back by such thinking. We believe that the thinking needs to evolve by setting aside moral, religious and personal judgements and perceptions in place of a more logic-based approach that considers practicality, scientific conclusions and the rights of personal choice over morals, control and the will to punish and, we do not see how this can ever happen without direct democracy.

For example, David Cameron himself says that he is not a man of ideology - implying that he is a realist. For all of his experience, he has not seen that all of what we call reality was at one time just a thought, ideal or dream. Even the simple light bulb was at one time just an idea. The idea evolved into reality through self-determination and practical application so therefore, if we want to change our reality then we need to change our thinking.

Reality is simply; the sum of all that can be measured by your senses [physical or other]. Your reality is; the sum of all that you yourself can measure. If something can be measured [by any means], then it exists!

Ideals are not in conflict with reality - they are the creative source of ALL reality. Reality is thoughts, ideals and dreams real-ised so, if we elect leaders that have little or no ideology, then the thinking and solutions will remain restricted, limited and inappropriate. Some believe that it is only an ideal to think that we can change the world, yet it is the choices that we all make in every moment of our lives that are constantly changing and shaping the world. Some believe that direct democracy and self-rule are only ideals, yet if we make the choice to implement direct democracy through the People's Administration, it can become part of our reality because all of the components needed to make it work are now in existence.

With regards to governmental economic thinking, the centralised globalised capitalist system requires that in order for businesses to survive, they must minimise costs, maximise profits and forever increase their profit margins so as to forever expand. In our opinion, these are not necessary components of a successful business or of capitalism itself and, they can actually be extremely restrictive making businesses inflexible and therefore vulnerable [as with the banks for example].

The English work 'ethic' and corporate capitalist maximisation has ensured that the UK has the longest and hardest working hours in Europe, whilst being one of the least productive countries in Europe.

Within a direct democracy, a decentralised economy where businesses draw upon their local resources, use digital internal processes with digital marketing methods, focus on sustaining a profit [not on expanding profits] and are regulated by localised social justice [as opposed to centralised government regulation], will be the businesses that thrive and re-start a reformed UK economy.

The answers to most, if not all questions about anything can be found through studying nature. Nature never maximises but instead always optimises. For example; plants never consume more energy or space than they need yet they survive, grow and hopefully live to fulfil their purpose. Nature makes the smartest use of what is already naturally available to it, not the biggest use. We believe that the UK economy will be best served if we base our economy upon our natural environment and copy the behavioural elements within it by translating them into business models and, by adapting the current capitalist model so that it is based upon optimising - not maximising.

At the same time, our environment will automatically become prioritised along with our economy and both will thrive. Simply planting a seed and maintaining its growth through to it becoming an edible food is capitalism - and it's fair and it's sustainable if we optimise instead of maximise!

We call this Eco Capitalism.

It is no coincidence that our global economy is collapsing at the same time as our global environment. Direct Democracy may now be the only tool that could save the economy.

With regards to governmental social thinking, is it any wonder that crime continues to rise when every incoming Home Office minister [of any government] is always told by the permanent Home Office secretaries [unelected civil servants], that crime will always rise and nothing will ever change this? If this is what they have always believed, then it is no wonder that the thinking behind the solutions is restricted - failing to make a noticeable difference.

This restricted belief system could actually be the main contributing factor towards rising crime - maybe even more contributory than the acts of criminals themselves! Internal Home Office thinking has created a negative self-fulfilling prophecy and, if ministers themselves do not believe that crime rates can fall, then they never will fall.

With regards to governmental environmental thinking, we believe that the Green Alliance's and Prince Charles's assessment of 5 years [stated in 2010] being how much time the world has remaining with which to adopt measures to stave off the point of no return is correct. Therefore, we do not believe that we have time to let yet another old-style government with limited thinking take control again. Current politicians regard many potential solutions as being too alternative and, we believe that they are scared to risk their positions and power in promoting such ideas to the people and, we do not believe that this is beneficial to us or the environment. Direct democracy may now be the only tool that could save the environment.

For example, a policy proposed directly to David Cameron and his team by Alex in mid-2010 to cultivate hemp bio fuel, food, medicine, fabric and paper pulp crops in the UK has been rejected as being too controversial - regardless of the potential benefits to the environment and to the economy and despite the policy not including the legalisation of hemp growing or its use/abuse, but merely the mass-licensed cultivation of hemp by UK farmers. At the time, we were told that they did wish to pursue the policy but with other crop types but, they wouldn't disclose what crop types. We've since discovered that the UK now secretly grows opium and that the BBC and the ALL other UK mainstream media agencies decided that this wasn't important enough for you to know about and, we also know that they weren't legally prevented from reporting about it either.

Direct Democracy - Hemp

Evidence of global medicinal use of hemp dates back to 2700 BC and, hemp is now recognised as having medicinal properties that can assist in fighting against the development of the following conditions:

• Alzheimer's disease
• Lung cancer and chronic pulmonary disease
• Breast cancer
• Brain cancer
• Opioid dependence
• Spasticity in multiple sclerosis

Evidence of this is supported by the following institutions - all are campaigning for legal access for patients:

• The American Medical Association
• The American College of Physicians [America's second largest physicians group]
• Leukemia and Lymphoma Society [America's second largest cancer charity]
• American Academy of Family Physicians
• American Alliance for Medical Cannabis
• American Public Health Association
• American Psychiatric Association
• American Nurses Association
• British Medical Association
• AIDS Action
• American Academy of HIV Medicine
• Lymphoma Foundation of America
• Health Canada

British government scientists have themselves in recent years discovered that hemp also has a property that literally cures psychosis, whilst acknowledging that another property [THC] can sometimes actually cause psychosis.

Direct Democracy Video PA direct democracy video: UK government scientist explains the politics of cannabis

David Cameron and all other politicians ignore all of the above findings when they say that cannabis will remain illegal because "It is bad for your health." Cannabis has never been criminalised anywhere in the world on health grounds confirming that David Cameron is either stupid, a liar, or both, as it has only ever been criminalised for private corporate gain [particularly to the benefit of US companies who paid the US government to outlaw the mass cultivation and use of cannabis in the early 1900's]. Up until this point, it was illegal for US farmers NOT to grow it, as it was so central to the US economy.

Direct Democracy Video PA direct democracy video: Cameron failing to justify anti-cannabis laws

Another policy explained in-person to David by Alex was a proposal to include interactive learning-based schemes in the national curriculum that teach children the value of a healthy local natural environment has also been rejected without explanation - despite the success of pilots in Birmingham and of there being little or no additional cost requirements to implement these schemes nationally and, almost over-night.

Another proposal was a policy to address the BBC licensing issue for the long-term. This has also been rejected in favour of a policy to let the licence payer have a year for free. In our opinion, this will reduce BBC revenue without leaving it the option to replace this revenue elsewhere, which could be extremely damaging to the BBC and, it was also only a short-term solution offered in the run-up to a general election so we question the motives of such a short-term proposal as well as its viability.

Regarding the issue of accidentally-imported Japanese Knot Weed, the previous Labour government had decided to import and introduce a predator bug that eats only knot weed. No forethought has been given to how our ecosystem will be affected when these bugs adapt to survive as the knot weed diminishes. The government scientists have missed that there is a simple tried and tested natural solution that involves only the use of hands and this in itself, could have been a great community-led initiative across the country leading to increased social cohesion at local community level whilst encouraging people to get actively involved with nature.

Just as with our economy, the previous Labour government insisted upon contributing to ruining our environment also - whilst claiming to be rescuing it.

The new so-called 'environmentally-friendly' coalition is not even bothered enough to look into reversing this policy and, they seem incapable of learning from the mistakes of past governments [Mixomatosis with rabbits] and this attitude is detrimental to all of us.

As certain people don't want to let you know about reform to direct democracy or to even discuss it, it became our choice to either give up, or to let the people know about this potential reform in other way.

"One of my life-long ambitions was to develop a potential transition to direct democracy and, to put pressure on those in various positions to implement it but the establishment of the People's Administration was not envisaged until early 2010. I've made my choice and now it's your turn - are we ready to take full responsibility for our lives and for how we affect others? If we're not, what rights do we have in telling others how they should live? In a direct democracy, the people are the ones who will make all of the decisions and the People's Administration and a reformed parliament will then implement them on your behalf."

Eliminating political corruption:

With direct democracy and without centralised decision-making, the politicians, the media, the religions, the unelected lords and consultants [such as multi-millionaire Alan Sugar], the corporates, the banks, the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers and hidden organisations [shadow governments] of any nature can not manipulate the power any longer, as the power will be with every individual.

We believe that voter-turnout would be massively increased if the electorate actually knew that their voice would be listened to and, even more so if voters knew that their own ideas could potentially become policy. Alex has never believed that complacency has played any part in a low voter turnout, but rather that lack of faith, trust and confidence in a largely undemocratic and out-dated parliament is mostly to blame for this.

In the 2005 UK General Election, only 40% of the eligible electorate cast a vote. This means that the government was elected by the minority who did vote and, policy implementation is then decided by another minority group - Parliament. In our opinion, this was a dictatorship that governed in law, but not in principal, as it is the principals of democracy that have been compromised. If the 45% who didn't vote in the 2010 general election vote for the People's Administration and direct democracy, we would win the next general election with a landslide victory.

If you are considering not voting, spoiling your vote in protest or voting for 'None of the above', then why not make your vote stand for reform, direct democracy and people politics by voting for the People's Administration?

This reform is not Communism, Proportional Representation, Marxism in any form. This proposal is truly democratic as it is about re-awakening the realisation of power for the majority - it is not about controlling and redistributing wealth or any other aspect of life. True and direct democracy has no one person, party or organisation controlling it so there will be no centralisation of power, as the power will be redistributed to the people.

By voting for the People's Administration and direct democracy, the people would be voting to have all power over all policy implementation at local and national level. This would be a seamless transition from party politics to people politics without revolution, where the people vote upon all policies and Parliament then implements those policies on behalf of the people.

How could any politician deny the people the chance to decide how we will all live, and then claim to be working in our best democratic interests? If any did, it would clearly demonstrate that they do have their own agenda for power and control over others.

Be careful not to buy into the notion that politicians did all that they could to rectify the expenses scandal. Both Gordon Brown and David Cameron had for years, continually blocked previous motions proposed by the Liberal Democrats to self-audit their own members and to reform outdated and undemocratic parliamentary procedures. We feel that this shows how they tried to protect their friends and, it shows how they then removed this protection when they needed it for themselves as the scandal became public.

We would like to highlight to you that the primary response from the leader of Parliament in reaction to the leak of information to the press, was to spend more public money hunting down the person who leaked the information - all on the basis that a crime had been committed.

Again, they were so concerned with protecting themselves that they didn't even realise how this would be perceived by the people. Further public funds were also spent by the leader of the house to try to stop further information from being released - to us, the people.

Last time we checked - it was a crime to steal! They have lied to the people and stolen from the people and unbelievably, it now looks like returning the money and resigning their posts are enough. Some politicians who were prosecuted even invoked their parliamentary 'right' to immunity - highlighting the total lack of integrity and contempt for the electorate that these politicians have for us.

Gordon Brown, Nick Clegg and David Cameron said that they were being realists and being honest when they told us what we didn't want to hear; that repairing the economy is going to hurt. In our opinion, they used this as an opportunity to look strong because what they are still too week and scared to tell you is what you really do not want to hear; that to repair the economy we need to repair the environment and that this will hurt even more.

When deciding what countries will produce and sell certain goods, globalisation is more influenced by political relationships than by ecology. Globalisation pays little or no regards to each country's ecology and what each county's natural environment is best capable of producing. When economies become separate and disconnected from their natural environmental strengths, economies weaken.

What you really don't want to hear is that; to strengthen our economy, we must also prioritise and invest in our natural environment immediately. Without a functioning natural environment, we will have no functioning economy and human life will eventually cease to exist. What good is a functioning economy if there is no one alive?

What you really don't want to hear is that; the biggest current threat to human life is the state of our environment - not the state of our economies.

What they don't want you to hear is that; globalisation based upon politics will not work, that the master plan to control every aspect of our lives is flawed, that it has a fundamental root-weakness that actually threatens the prosperity of every nation on the planet.

It is no coincidence that companies that operate environmentally friendly, digitally-oriented practices save money and become more financially efficient. In our opinion, we have no more than the next five years to balance the two and put them back into harmony with each other before we reach the point of no return.

UK voters traditionally prioritise the economy. If this happens in the next UK general election, then it may be too late to turn around our environmental problems because of the limited and selfish thinking within the current parties.

If the UK voter prioritises the environment alongside the economy by voting for direct democracy via the People's Administration, then we will certainly have a chance.

This is an opportunity to say that enough is enough and that we now want to take full control and responsibility. Are these really the sort of people that we should continue to hand over control of our lives to? Do we really still want to be represented by these people?

We are all educated enough to decide upon our own destiny. Making a decision on how we want to live is not a decision for 'experts' or corrupt politicians - it is a decision for the people, as we are all the experts in this field.

Within a direct democracy, the differing perspectives of each current political party could inform us about any potential benefits and/or losses of implementing any policies, when policies are put to the people for a potential national vote.

Our reform to direct democracy would give the people the opportunity to become fully responsible for their country's actions. At present, we reap what other's sew in our name whether we agree with these people or not. For example; through inappropriate and unpopular foreign policies, we and those of other nations are all paying the price in many ways for the decisions of a minority who abuse our armed forces and send our soldiers to war ill-equipped and in corrupt wars. These wars are never about installing 'democracies' as we are told that they are or we would be fighting in many of the world's countries including Tibet, Sudan and Palestine, and not just the countries whose resources we wish to plunder.

Our own 'democracy' is merely representative and, it doesn't even work at the most fundamental levels. This was demonstrated in the last general election when hundreds of voters across the UK were denied their right to vote due to nothing more than beaurocracy.

These 'mistakes' would not have been possible if voting by web had replaced the expensive and inconvenient method of voting via poorly-managed polling stations.

If there were no oil resources in the Malvinas Islands [Falklands Islands], do you really think that we would still try to somehow claim that these islands that lie almost 8,000 miles away 'belong' to the UK? We talk of being a peace-loving and tolerant nation whilst launching wars in foreign lands and denying the Argentine government the opportunity to enter into dialogue with the UK [as they constantly request] about 'ownership' of these Islands.

How much more social disharmony and damage to our economy will we choose to endure all for the simple lack of an apology to the families of previously enslaved peoples? Surely any financial pay-out now would be more viable in the long-term?

As a nation, we are blamed for the decisions of our so-called 'leaders' and we are the one's who suffer - when do our 'leaders' ever suffer for us?

We are all being played because the truth is that no one is ever our enemy - only fear and guilt are our true enemies because every 'evil' stems from one or both of these, and only these.

Our reform to direct democracy gives all politicians the opportunity to show that they really are motivated to work for the people and not just for themselves because it removes their decision-making power and any benefits that come with it, should they wish to remain in their positions.

Labour's Ed Miliband is himself often reminding us; 'Look, I am in the persuasion business', so our parliamentary reform would give politicians such as Ed the opportunity to persuade to his heart's content!

An administration would be thoroughly accountable to the people because it will be the people - where a government is not.

It is up to us, the people [not the politicians] to use the power that we have always had, to choose to implement direct democracy now.

Voting for direct democracy outside a general election

Direct Democracy - Audio

It is up to us, the people [not the politicians] to use the power that we have always had, to choose to implement direct democracy as soon as possible.

This is not a protest campaign.

In accordance with Magna Carta Article 61 and with UN UDHR Article 21 and with all of the democratic principals up-held by the UN [which the UK has signed-up to], the people already have the lawful right to reform to direct democracy - even outside a general election.