Direct Democracy Comment about Dave Thompson [West Midlands Police]

Dave Thompson [Chief Constable of West Midlands Police]

Dave Thompson - West Midlands Police

Learn about how Dave Thompson [Chief Constable of West Midlands Police] is assisting a parliamentary child abuse cover-up and how as part of this, he refuses [since 2015] to either confirm or deny Alex Romane's [music producer, activist, and PA founder] formal attendance at a meeting with West Midlands Police in early 2001, when they blocked his on-line child protection strategy [for "political reasons"] until it was later ran by the FBI as Operation Ore.

We have since submitted all information about this and about Dave Thompson's actions to the Independent Inquiry into Child Sex Abuse [along with other related testimonies] and, Dave Thompson is fully-aware of this and, he is also aware that Alex Romane intends to testify against him and many others in the inquiry, as all seven of our testimonies have been accepted.

Since 2015 is also the issue of multiple premeditated criminal attacks against PA personnel that have so-far included death threats, bomb threats, criminal trespass, criminal damage, the killing of PA-protected wildlife, active police encouragement of attacks against PA personnel and, acts of slander by police against PA personnel that Dave Thompson has encouraged and allowed for [full info with audio and visual evidence published on this page soon]. Some of these attacks have resulted in the death of wildlife that was protected by PA personnel on PA private property and, that was also supposed to be protected by the law.

Dave Thompson - Police Chief   PA Video Dave Thompson [Chief Constable of West Midlands Police] admits his force can't do the job

While all of the above was occurring, one of our members also tried to report an incident where he directly-witnessed an Islamic extremist threatening a lone, female police officer [on the outskirts of Birmingham] with rape and, he was repeatedly shouting this threat at her during the daytime and, in front of a group of minors that he himself had assembled. Our request to submit information about this incident of blatant, Islamist, extremist grooming to West Midlands Police was obstructed by Dave Thompson's staff [who instead appease local Islamic extremism for fear of being labelled as racists, despite Islam being a philosophy and not race] and, we absolutely believe that if this police officer had been threatened similarly by a non-Muslim, that the person making the threat would have been arrested and charged for doing so immediately.

In response to all of the above, Alex Romane informed Dave Thompson in 2018 that if he or any of his crew are ever arrested by any of his officers for anything, that they will refuse a caution [if offered] and will instead insist upon being charged [with any related offence] so as to have any issues dealt with by the courts, and away from corrupt establishment and police interference and manipulation. If in these circumstances the police fail to bring charges, we will then prosecute them for false arrest and, Dave Thompson has been informed of this too.

Officer who abused boys for decades was protected by Dave Thompson - not even disciplined!
Dave Thompson manipulated anti-terror legislation so as to protect inspector convicted of paedophilia
Dave Thompson is protecting fraudster friends at Sandwell Council [attacks activist instead]
Dave Thompson [Chief Constable of West Midlands Police] drops challenging cases

Incidentally, we also believe that underhand Dave Thompson requested that Google did NOT index the original URL for this article in their search database and, we believe that he requested this because he has no other lawful options [he had motive and, he was also aware about this article]. Dave Thompson knows that he would lose any court action against us regarding libel and/or slander and, he also knows that GCHQ can not issue a take-down against lawful content [such as the content in this and ALL other PA pages].

To summarise; Dave Thompson [the Chief Constable of West Midlands Police] has no other options other than to attack PA personnel by exploiting, inciting, and protecting criminally-oriented 3rd parties who attack us, our animals, and our property [for their own reasons], and by begging search engines to black-out all that we publish about him and, we believe that this is demonstrative of his generally-corrupt orientation.

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