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As Blair's secret prodigy, Cameron lied to UK re; Syria 'extension'

Considering that UK voters exclusively prioritise economic policy while neglecting foreign and all other policy areas when they vote [it is a 'Great' British tradition], it would have been possible for any post-Blair PM to again lie to the country regarding a war vote but, David Cameron did it with ease. He did it with such ease that Blue Labour [who lied about the 2003 Iraq war] have again openly backed an illegal UK war contribution.

Cameron is Blair's secret prodigy
Blair shares templates with Cameron
Void Cameron's template addiction gaining traction

After the revelations in 2013 that confirmed that Western-backed proxies in Syria were using a Saudi-issued child rape fatwa and, that they were recruiting and training children, David Cameron's decision to fund, train, equip and to now support these groups with our air force is the third known incidence of the UK supporting groups and governments that commit war crimes and to this day, the US, UK and French governments continue to support these groups - despite the over-whelming evidence of their crimes which broke through the MSM blackouts in the West.

Since 2013, the Muslim Council of Britain [MCB] has consistently refused our request for them to condemn Qur'anic child rape fatwas and, one of its most revered imams [Abdullah Patel] says; “Generally, men are the predators, but women need to realise this and be smarter. It takes two to tango, and if you put yourself in that position, don’t expect every man to pass up the opportunity to take advantage of you." and, the Electoral Commission is happy to see pro-democracy member parties de-registering specifically in response to its decision to officially-partner with the MCB, while the MCB refuses to condemn fatwa child rape.

Appeasing British police looked to fix date between Iraqi immigrant paedophile and twelve year-old girl

In an open snub that dismisses the victims of 9/11, the UK and other Western nations are now the air force for the FSA, Al'Qaeda and Al'Nusra - while they rape children from pro-Assad families by fatwa and, while they recruit children to do their's and our dirty work. We believe that the West is working with these 'moderate' groups because they target ONLY pro-Assad families [instead of ISIS] and, because in October 2015 President Assad gave the green light for fresh elections [silenced by Cameron's BBC] - which the West does not want to happen before it gets a chance to remove Assad [due to their childish ego-based rhetoric of "Assad must go!"] by force. Again, such action would be against international law because whether we like him or not, President Assad was elected via a UN-accepted general election.

BBC - political history exposed [Corbet Report]
Mainstream media blocking the People's Administration direct democracy party
BBC journalist confirms complete pro-Cameron political bias; "Trust nothing you read or watch."
BBC journalist; "I am ashamed to call myself a Journalist."
BBC's John Simpson; "MSM is grotesquely selective."

If you've swallowed the joint parliamentary and media propaganda that is oriented in David Cameron's argument that "Assad must go because he kills his own civilians." then note that along with his unelected Saudi friends, David Cameron also kills his own civilians and, that he was backed by a mandate from UK voters who wanted him to punish the poor and the vulnerable just to help the government to repay debts that it alone built-up through pandering to voters with unsustainable policy 'solutions'. Due to this, the UK government is currently being investigated by the UN for DOMESTIC human rights abuses and as such, the UK is the first Western nation in history to be investigated by the UN for such crimes [again, silenced by the BBC]. Therefore, this argument serves only to highlight current UK hypocrisy to the rest of the world that again, is witnessing the UK meddle in unlawful forced regime change [the UN mandate that the UK and others secured permits ONLY the targeting of ISIS].

Contrary to Western anti-Assad propaganda that is designed to protect David Cameron's ego re; "Assad must go!", representatives of the Syrian regime ARE to be involved in negotiations - as motioned by the US' John Kerry himself!

PA direct democracy comment: Cameron's Welfare cuts - a social cleansing programme?
PA direct democracy comment: UK's Assad [Cameron] has killed over 90,000 ill civilians
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PA direct democracy comment: US will see world burn before facing its fears of empire collapse and of Russia

Iraq urges UN Security Council to demand unlawful Turkish troops leave Iraq
Turkish MP to be tried for treason after leaking that Turkey gave sarin to ISIS
Erdogan to change definition of ‘terrorist' to include journalists and politicians

Even the US government openly disputes David Cameron's claim of a 'moderate' ground force of 70,000 fighters [putting it closer to 35,000] and on the night he won his vote to bomb Syria, the RAF's targets were on the other side of the country and were NOT in Raqqa [as per the vote].

Concrete proof that Tony Blair and George Bush inspired ISIS pre-2003
West has tradition of trying to use proxy terrorist armies - and of always getting played by them!

David Cameron has been played by ISIS [along with most other Western 'leaders'] and he has lost [in our opinion, due to a combination of being religiously deluded, being out of his depth, and being driven mostly by his personal ego, than by a will to do well by his people and others] and by duplicating Tony Blair's templates, he and the entire UK parliament have lied to the UK about the following:

The RAF's initial targets
The number of 'moderate' ground force fighters
The priority of this so-called 'moderate' ground force [they target Assad's forces - not ISIS]
The ground force's Saudi government-issued child rape fatwa [a war crime]
The ground force's recruiting of children [a war crime]
ISIS' decentralisation means it plans attacks in target countries [it is NOT a snake with a Syrian-based head]
RAF jets fitted with air-to-air missiles - for a bombing mission in skies where the UK has no 'enemy'?

UPDATE [20th Feb. 2016]:
PA vindicated - Cameron's argument for going to war in Syria confirmed as false

David Cameron has been made aware of ISIS decentralising by both MI5 and MI6 but he has lied to the UK about this aspect [MI5 and MI6 will again be scapegoated], instead pretending that it is of a linear structure with a head and, his lie about this aspect confirms that he is out of his depth and, that he has a hidden agenda regarding UK military intervention in Syria [confirmed by the RAF carrying air-to-air missiles]. As architects of decentralised political systems, we understand more than most how and why ISIS decentralising enables it to be far more effective and, we understand how and why a decentralised terrorist group can never be stopped by force [even in self-defence] and, can only be stopped by theology.

With decentralised terrorism, 'lone wolf' attacks are an unintended bonus for ISIS because, they now work in packs and are self-managed - meaning that their attacks are now planned in target countries and are NOT planned in Syria. David Cameron and Barack Obama don't have the courage to be honest with you about this because governments can only see, think and fight in 2D [military and political], where ISS see, think and fight in 3D [military, political and theological] and when it comes to theology, Western politicians are again, out of their depth. At the same time, they refuse to work with those who see [and who live] in 3D because, openly working with the PA so as to defeat ISIS would also entail crushing Judaism and ALL the world's religions, while promoting true democracy [a bigger threat to politicians than ISIS].

It is therefore preferable to them that their own civilians die and so, this is what both David Cameron and Barrack Obama have consciously chosen and being that the people of the world refuse to have any say [via true democracy] in the rules that govern their lives, their social neglect is also part-responsible for the results.

Since 2010, the PA has repeatedly asked UK voters if they were willing to let an out of depth, ego-mad David Cameron potentially start WW3. We highlighted that due to its former empire, the UK parliament still has influence in over 90% of the world's countries and, we explained how by reforming to true democracy, the UK alone could use this influence to avert WW3. Even though our 2010, 2012 and 2013 forecasts for 2015/16 are now this planet's current reality, the UK people remain asleep and STILL refuse to follow our Twitter blog so as to give us the required legal influence to prevent it - preferring instead to beg and protest against the decisions of their freely-elected oppressors.

While Barack Obama states that "Divisiveness plays into hands of ISIL." he refuses to co-op with the PA [so as to use our theology,] and with Russia [what ISIS would hate] so, his and David Cameron's hypocrisy is now a direct aid to ISIS - as is the people's refusal to reform to true democracy.

"If the world wants to end decentralised religious terrorism, it must choose to end the lie about a creator God having needs and, the lie about the existence of 'evil' because, the lies of religious 'leaders' combined with Western foreign policy is the ONLY cause of religious terrorism."
- Alex Romane [PA founder]

PA direct democracy proposal: Global Terrorism

The RAF carrying air-to-air missiles indicates that David Cameron is expecting a confrontation between RAF jets and jets from at least one other force. Being that he refuses to militarily co-op with Russia as France now does [because it would hurt his personal ego] and, that the West's illegal armed coup in Ukraine that unlawfully removed the elected leader [sound familiar?] and that prompted the East Crimean referendum for self-determination caused a major East/West rift, it seems that David Cameron is either expecting a confrontation with Russia or, is getting in-place to create one [as with the US and Turkey working together to shoot down a Russian jet]. Russian jets have only carried air-to-air missiles since this incident and the fact that they were not fitted with them at the time of Turkey shooting-down one of its jets proves that Russia believed that every government operating in the region was an ally - hence President Putin's statement about being "stabbed in the back by Turkey."

On the 19th December 2015 and AFTER the unnecessary Turkish shoot-down of the Russian jet for which he chose NOT to react to militarily, Russia's President Putin said; "Today, we, again, are faced with a destructive, barbaric ideology, and have no right to allow the new-sprung bigots to reach their goals. We must throw away all quarrels and differences, form a firm first, a unified anti-terrorist front, which will act based on international law and be sponsored by the U.N."

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PA direct democracy media: [NOT reported by the BBC] Ukraine

PA Video David Cameron; I love democracy - just not in Egypt, Syria, Saudi, Bahrain, Kuwait, Ukraine and UK
PA Video Cameron's BBC caught-out; Evidence from actual BBC footage proves BBC faked Syria WMD attack
PA Video BBC's pro-Cameron Syrian propaganda campaign [hardcore example at 7.09]
PA Video EVERYTHING about how and why the US Dollar collapse is part of WW3 - in 13 minutes!

PA direct democracy media: [NOT reported by the BBC] Syria

In addition, being that only France has announced military co-operation with Russia and that the US and UK still refuse to follow suit and to join the Russian-led coalition [due to personal ego re; Ukraine], if just one Russian missile accidentally hits just one RAF jet and, if David Cameron primarily reacts with his ego and emotions [unlike President Putin re; the shooting-down of a Russian jet by Turkey], NATO will respond and we'll then be experiencing the third world war that the PA has warned about since March 2010. Ultimately, this would benefit both ISIS and Western politicians who unlike President Putin, don't have the courage to be honest with you about NASA's 2030 methane release and human extinction. They and some of their industrialist lobbyists have openly expressed their desire to reduce the global population by force and, they all have shelters awaiting them and their families in the event of a third world war.

US and Russia argue about who 'accidentally' bombed Syrian army base - tensions rise

PA anti-terror strategy ignored by freely-elected MPs who cripple intelligence agencies
Army and MI6 confirm Cameron co-created ISIS, is out of depth, and is lacking ideals, integrity and respect
Obama says Cameron allowed Libya to become a 's*** show'
Anything that ISIS got from Libya was due to Cameron's 2011 ego trip!
Tory Lord confirms Cameron's hypocrisy; not 'hard-working' and has no beliefs!
Budgets were determined by Cameron's personal ego!

After the vote to bomb Syria's President Assad in 2013, we wrote about the dangers of again rejecting true democracy in 2015 and of letting MPs exclusively decide UK involvement in wars. In their infinite 'wisdom', UK voters ignored the PA and again rejected true democracy and as such, David Cameron has now been able to lie to the UK to get us involved in a war by siding with war criminals and, this in-turn makes the UK complicit in war crimes. The UK electorate rejected true democracy and therefore, the opportunity to vote for or against bombing Syria and so, it will now start the cycle of protesting [begging] their servants - which history shows is futile.

Published by the PA in September 2013:

When voting on the issue of UK military intervention in Syria [Aug. 2013], only 44% of MPs voted against it while acknowledging that public opinion was approx. 80% against and, 14% of MPs who couldn't be bothered to represent their voters abstained. Generally, 40% of MPs say that they have no power because they have to vote in alignment with their party 'leader' but if this group of MPs had voted to represent the public, it is no coincidence that the parliamentary vote would have been approx. 80% against - in alignment with public opinion.

If you think that 'representative' democracy works and that it just needs trustworthy people to run it, then realise that MPs voted years ago to ban secret service and intelligence officers from reporting crimes committed by MPs and unelected Lords and Ladies [the core of the establishment]. Any officer who breaches this law will be tried for treason [in secret] and, this should be all that anyone needs to know about the people we've trusted so far. Trusting politicians was always a risk but because of direct democracy, it is now an unnecessary risk and if we consciously take unnecessary risks, it is inevitable that we will suffer.

As with the vote to bomb Syria in 2013, MPs again openly expressed their will to ignore their own voters and to instead vote in accordance with their own fears, agendas and conscience and, the fact that they cheered upon winning a war vote says even more about their inherent psychopathic tendencies [for people of a balanced mind, acknowledging a diplomatic failure that results in violence and in more civilian deaths would have been a sad moment].

NATO's belief that doing nothing is more dangerous than doing anything is illogical because, doing nothing may at some stage, be part of a wider strategy that involves doing much and, its belief that the ONLY options are either going to war or doing nothing is blatant pro-war propaganda - what's wrong with attempting diplomacy [for example]?

While dishonest and out of depth 'qualified' UK MPs state that it is not possible to negotiate with certain organisations, their belief is born from their own inabilities and weaknesses because since 2001, Alex Romane has had much success in de-radicalising extremists in both the UK and Arabia. The last organisation that UK MPs told us that it wasn't possible to negotiate with was the Iranian government and, the world now knows that this was completely incorrect.

The hypocrisy of MPs in the West's last-remaining Christian theocracy voting for violence over diplomacy is so overt, that it is missed by voters who have been deluded into believing that the UK is a representative democracy. The fact that the Jesus [who they say they follow] would never use violence in any circumstances is somehow irrelevant to them because, their actions show their true beliefs and, that they therefore do NOT follow Jesus.

If they did. why ever have a war vote at any point in time?

The only certainty of UK bombs being dropped on Syria is that the UK will create more refugees and will endure more of the terrorism it says it doesn't want. ISIS has now decentralised so, attacks on the UK will be planned in the UK - not in Syria. Incidentally, David Cameron blocked the PA's UNICEF-backed Inet Protect on-line strategy to protect children against grooming from both sex abusers and terrorists in 2013 - without reason!

If multiple three-way battles in a multi-nation war that is on the verge of starting WW3 that was forecast by the PA since 2010 doesn't now confirm to UK voters that they were wrong to reject true democracy, nothing will - not even NASA's methane release and human extinction!

MPs who voted to bomb Syria in support of the FSA:


Adam Afriyie
Alan Mak
Alberto Costa
Alec Shelbrooke
Alex Chalk
Alistair Burt
Alok Sharma
Alun Cairns
Amanda Milling
Amanda Solloway
Amber Rudd
Andrea Jenkyns
Andrea Leadsom
Andrew Bingham
Andrew Bridgen
Andrew Griffiths
Andrew Jones
Andrew Mitchell
Andrew Murrison
Andrew Percy
Andrew Rosindell
Andrew Selous
Andrew Stephenson
Anna Soubry
Anne Main
Anne Marie Morris
Anne Milton
Anne-Marie Trevelyan
Antoinette Sandbach
Ben Gummer
Ben Howlett
Ben Wallace
Bernard Jenkin
Bill Wiggin
Bob Blackman
Bob Stewart
Boris Johnson
Brandon Lewis
Byron Davies
Caroline Ansell
Caroline Dinenage
Caroline Nokes
Caroline Spelman
Charles Walker
Charlie Elphicke
Charlotte Leslie
Cheryl Gillan
Chloe Smith
Chris Davies
Chris Grayling
Chris Green
Chris Heaton-Harris
Chris Philp
Chris Skidmore
Chris White
Christopher Pincher
Claire Perry
Conor Burns
Craig Mackinlay
Craig Tracey
Craig Whittaker
Craig Williams
Crispin Blunt
Dame Angela Watkinson
Damian Collins
Damian Green
Damian Hinds
Daniel Kawczynski
Daniel Poulter
David Amess
David Burrowes
David Cameron
David Evennett
David Gauke
David Jones
David Lidington
David Mackintosh
David Morris
David Mowat
David Mundell
David Nuttall
David Rutley
David T. C. Davies
David Tredinnick
David Warburton
Derek Thomas
Desmond Swayne
Dominic Grieve
Dominic Raab
Edward Argar
Edward Timpson
Edward Vaizey
Elizabeth Truss
Eric Pickles
Fiona Bruce
Flick Drummond
Gareth Johnson
Gary Streeter
Gavin Barwell
Gavin Williamson
Geoffrey Clifton-Brown
Geoffrey Cox
George Eustice
George Freeman
George Hollingbery
George Osborne
Glyn Davies
Graham Brady
Graham Evans
Graham Stuart
Grant Shapps
Greg Clark
Greg Hands
Guto Bebb
Guy Opperman
Harriett Baldwin
Heather Wheeler
Heidi Allen
Helen Grant
Helen Whately
Henry Bellingham
Henry Smith
Hugo Swire
Huw Merriman
Iain Duncan Smith
Iain Stewart
Ian Liddell-Grainger
Jack Lopresti
Jackie Doyle-Price
Jacob Rees-Mogg
Jake Berry
James Berry
James Brokenshire
James Cartlidge
James Cleverly
James Davies
James Duddridge
James Gray
James Heappey
James Morris
James Wharton
Jane Ellison
Jason McCartney
Jeremy Hunt
Jeremy Lefroy
Jeremy Quin
Jeremy Wright
Jesse Norman
Jo Churchill
John Glen
John Hayes
John Howell
John Penrose
John Stevenson
John Whittingdale
Johnny Mercer
Jonathan Djanogly
Jonathan Lord
Joseph Johnson
Julian Brazier
Julian Knight
Julian Smith
Julian Sturdy
Justin Tomlinson
Justine Greening
Karen Bradley
Karen Lumley
Karl McCartney
Keith Simpson
Kelly Tolhurst
Kevin Foster
Kevin Hollinrake
Kit Malthouse
Kris Hopkins
Kwasi Kwarteng
Laurence Robertson
Liam Fox
Lucy Allan
Lucy Frazer
Luke Hall
Maggie Throup
Marcus Fysh
Marcus Jones
Margot James
Maria Caulfield
Maria Miller
Mark Field
Mark Francois
Mark Garnier
Mark Harper
Mark Lancaster
Mark Menzies
Mark Pawsey
Mark Prisk
Mark Pritchard
Mark Spencer
Mary Robinson
Matt Warman
Matthew Hancock
Matthew Offord
Mel Stride
Michael Ellis
Michael Fabricant
Michael Fallon
Michael Gove
Michael Tomlinson
Michelle Donelan
Mike Freer
Mike Penning
Mike Wood
Mims Davies
Nadhim Zahawi
Nadine Dorries
Neil Carmichael
Neil Parish
Nick Boles
Nick Gibb
Nick Herbert
Nick Hurd
Nicky Morgan
Nicola Blackwood
Nigel Adams
Nigel Evans
Nigel Huddleston
Nigel Mills
Nusrat Ghani
Oliver Colvile
Oliver Dowden
Oliver Letwin
Owen Paterson
Patrick McLoughlin
Paul Maynard
Paul Scully
Pauline Latham
Penny Mordaunt
Peter Aldous
Peter Bone
Peter Heaton-Jones
Peter Lilley
Philip Davies
Philip Dunne
Philip Hammond
Phillip Lee
Priti Patel
Ranil Jayawardena
Rebecca Harris
Rebecca Pow
Rehman Chishti
Richard Bacon
Richard Benyon
Richard Drax
Richard Fuller
Richard Graham
Richard Harrington
Rishi Sunak
Rob Wilson
Robert Buckland
Robert Goodwill
Robert Halfon
Robert Jenrick
Robert Neill
Robert Syms
Robin Walker
Rory Stewart
Royston Smith
Sajid Javid
Sam Gyimah
Sarah Newton
Sarah Wollaston
Scott Mann
Seema Kennedy
Shailesh Vara
Sheryll Murray
Simon Burns
Simon Hart
Simon Hoare
Simon Kirby
Sir Alan Duncan
Sir Alan Haselhurst
Sir Edward Garnier
Sir Gerald Howarth
Sir Greg Knight
Sir Nicholas Soames
Sir Oliver Heald
Sir Paul Beresford
Sir Peter Bottomley
Sir Roger Gale
Stephen Barclay
Stephen Crabb
Stephen Hammond
Stephen Metcalfe
Stephen Phillips
Steve Baker
Steve Brine
Steve Double
Stewart Jackson
Stuart Andrew
Suella Fernandes
Tania Mathias
Theresa May
Theresa Villiers
Therese Coffey
Tim Loughton
Tobias Ellwood
Tom Pursglove
Tom Tugendhat
Tracey Crouch
Victoria Atkins
Victoria Borwick
Victoria Prentis
Wendy Morton
Will Quince
William Cash
William Wragg
Zac Goldsmith


Adrian Bailey
Alan Campbell
Alan Johnson
Alison McGovern
Angela Eagle
Angela Smith
Ann Coffey
Anna Turley
Ben Bradshaw
Bridget Phillipson
Caroline Flint
Chris Bryant
Chris Leslie
Chuka Umunna
Colleen Fletcher
Conor McGinn
Dan Jarvis
Emma Reynolds
Frank Field
Gareth Thomas
Geoffrey Robinson
George Howarth
Gisela Stuart
Gloria De Piero
Graham Jones
Harriet Harman
Heidi Alexander
Helen Jones
Hilary Benn
Holly Lynch
Ian Austin
Jamie Reed
Jenny Chapman
Jim Dowd
Jim Fitzpatrick
Joan Ryan
John Spellar
John Woodcock
Keith Vaz
Kevan Jones
Kevin Barron
Liz Kendall
Louise Ellman
Luciana Berger
Lucy Powell
Margaret Beckett
Margaret Hodge
Maria Eagle
Mary Creagh
Michael Dugher
Neil Coyle
Pat McFadden
Peter Kyle
Phil Wilson
Ruth Smeeth
Simon Danczuk
Siobhain McDonagh
Stella Creasy
Stephen Doughty
Susan Elan Jones
Tom Blenkinsop
Tom Watson
Tristram Hunt
Vernon Coaker
Wayne David
Yvette Cooper


David Simpson
Gavin Robinson
Gregory Campbell
Ian Paisley
Jeffrey M. Donaldson
Jim Shannon
Nigel Dodds
Sammy Wilson

Lib Dems:

Alistair Carmichael
Greg Mulholland
John Pugh
Nick Clegg
Tim Farron
Tom Brake


Danny Kinahan
Tom Elliott


Douglas Carswell


Lady Sylvia Hermon

Voting for direct democracy outside a general election

Direct Democracy - Audio

It is up to us, the people [not the politicians] to use the power that we have always had, to choose to implement direct democracy as soon as possible.

This is not a protest campaign.

In accordance with Magna Carta Article 61 and with UN UDHR Article 21 and with all of the democratic principals up-held by the UN [which the UK has signed-up to], the people already have the lawful right to reform to direct democracy - even outside a general election.