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Turkey commits war crime against Russia while trying to pull NATO into conflict

After Turkey's President Erdogan ordered the unnecessary, aggressive and highly-provocative shooting down of a passive Russian jet that straddled its border so as to bomb insurgent groups in Syria, Turkey's false flag addict also committed a war crime and, a war crime that is cited specifically within the Geneva Convention that Turkey has signed-up to.

Russia's President Putin has said that he did not rule out that Turkey was acting with tacit approval from Washington, possibly so that the United States would look the other way to let Turkey "go onto Iraqi territory and occupy part of it." and, he believes that Washington's pressure on Moscow over human rights, the sanctions imposed over Crimea and the conflict in eastern Ukraine are a cover for triggering unrest aimed at driving him out of office [as the West had previously done in Ukraine].

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After the Russian jet was shot-down by the Turkish air force, the Russian helicopter that was sent to rescue one of the pilots and that was destroyed after it landed [in Syria] was NOT attacked by a Western-backed proxy [such as the FSA, Al'Qaeda and Al'Nusra groups] as we and others initially believed but, was instead attacked by a group of Turks that is led by a pro-Erdogan Turk militant who wants to get rid of Syria's president Assad at any cost - even if it means handing Syria to ISIS or, starting a war between NATO and Russia. It was also this same group of Syrian-based Turks who also shot at the jet's pilots after they ejected - killing one of them in doing so and, it is this aspect that was criminal.

Being that the US government publicly supported Turkey regarding this incident, surely the US now needs to answer to the following;

1. Why does it support an Anti-Assad Turkish militia operating in Syria when the stated enemy is now only ISIS?
2. Why does Turkey attack those who target ISIS?
3. How did this Turkish militia acquire US weaponry that was intended for the FSA, Al'Qaeda and Al'Nusra proxies?
4. Why did the Turkish leader of this group order the shooting of ejecting Russian pilots [a war crime]?
5. How was it possible for Turkey to take-down the Russian jet within just 17 seconds?
6. Why did Turkey try to expand the conflict?
7. Why did Turkey want to set NATO against Syria and Russia - potentially starting WW3 and therefore giving ISIS exactly what it wants?

After the revelations in 2013 that confirmed that Western-backed proxies in Syria were using a Saudi-issued child rape fatwa and, that they were recruiting and training children, this is the third known incidence of the US, UK and France supporting groups and governments that commit war crimes and to this day, the US, UK and French governments continue to support these groups - despite the over-whelming evidence of their crimes which broke through the MSM blackouts in the West.

Fundamentally, Turkey's President Erdogan either doesn't understand NATO mandates and articles or, he is being dangerously manipulative because, NATO articles ONLY have rulings for if a member state is directly attacked by a non-member state and, an allied jet straddling its border with Syria so as to bomb targets in Syria for just 17 seconds does NOT constitute a direct attack on Turkey. This incident also highlights that Turkey is withholding permission for Russian over-flights while granting it to ALL nations involved in what remains of the anti-Assad Western coalition that should now be focused [according to Western governments] ONLY upon fighting ISIS.

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A few days after the incident, President Erdogan then said that if he knew that the jet was Russian, he wouldn't have attacked it [strangely, followed by a threat to President Putin] but, being that ALL aircrafts are fitted with tags that constantly transmit a code that informs tracking radars as to whether it is civil or military and, which country it is registered to [an equivalent to the car number plate system], President Erdogan was blatantly lying to President Putin, the world, and his own voters. Furthermore, the US' John Kerry had previously confirmed that although not coordinating joint actions together, that Moscow and Washington were informing each other of the details of ALL activities [including flight paths] so, when you join the dots, it becomes clear that on Tuesday 24th November 2015, the US tried to start WW3 by setting Turkey and Russia against each other so that NATO could enter Syria.

Amazingly, all of this was missed by the UK's freely-elected fools who are now so far out of their depth, that they're actually contributing to the US' hidden agenda without even realising!

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Ultimately, WW3 at this time would benefit ISIS, and Western politicians who unlike President Putin, don't have the courage to be honest with you about NASA's 2030 methane release and human extinction. They and some of their industrialist lobbyists have openly expressed their desire to reduce the global population by force and, they all have shelters awaiting them and their families in the event of a third world war. UK voters TWICE rejected PA true democracy and PA warnings [since 2010] about a potential WW3, so as to empower cowards, liars and traitors because, UK voters exclusively prioritise economic and immigration policy, while neglecting both foreign and environmental policy areas.

To summarise, while Russia is open about the real threats to humanity, the West remains in denial. President Putin is now aware that the US wants to use Syria as an excuse to start WW3 and, it is ONLY because of his calm, rational and non-emotional response [through finance instead of war with Turkey and the rest of NATO] that the world escaped WW3 [on this occasion].

So much to the "monster" and "aggressor" who since leaving Afghanistan in 1986, has NEVER militarily intervened in ANY country without an invite [as with Syria] or, without a direct threat being made by a US-backed neighbour [as with Georgia and more recently, Ukraine]. Contrary to the statements from the West's politicians and media, our natural continental partner who we have allowed the paranoid US to divide us from is NOT "propping-up Assad" and is in Syria so as to protect and uphold UN-accepted election law, Syrian sovereign law, and Syrian oil contracts with Russia, India and China - who the West will be at war with if s**t hits the nuclear fan because like France, China has also declared war on ISIS.

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When you ignore the bulls**t that Turkey's President Erdogan regularly spews and instead focus on his actions in creating false flag scenarios and in unlawfully sending Turks into Syria to fight presidents Assad and Putin, he is clearly ISIS' true leader. It is no 'coincidence' that both President Erdogan and ISIS attack Kurdish [a Western ally], Syrian and Russia forces and, that both are desperate to get NATO into Syria for self-gain only and as such, President Erdogan and others in the region who are backed by the US will be looking to exploiting any opportunity to ruin a stable coalition that intends to fight ISIS and, will always be looking to start a third potential world war.

Attempting to shatter global co-op in Syria, West's MSM portrays that only Russia uses terror proxies

Western governments [whose satellites and drones can read car number plates and so, have always seen ISIS pumping and shipping oil in massive land and sea tankers] are allowing Turkey [and possibly Saudi Arabia] to buy and re-sell ISIS' oil to the West and when we're getting it for half price, how could near-bankrupt Western governments resist? The notion relayed through the Western mainstream media that President Assad is buying oil from terrorists who've infiltrated his country, who are murdering his civilian support base, who have hijacked his own oil refineries and who target his voters with violence [as the West does through it's proxy's use of the child rape fatwa] is pure anti-Assad propaganda.

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NATO's belief that doing nothing is more dangerous than doing anything is illogical because, doing nothing may at some stage, be part of a wider strategy that involves doing much and, its belief that the ONLY options are either going to war or doing nothing is blatant pro-war propaganda - what's wrong with attempting diplomacy [for example]?

The hypocrisy of MPs in the West's last-remaining Christian theocracy voting for violence over diplomacy is so overt, that it is missed by voters who have been deluded into believing that the UK is a representative democracy. The fact that the Jesus [who they say they follow] would never use violence in any circumstances is somehow irrelevant to them because, their actions show their true beliefs and, that they therefore do NOT follow Jesus.

If they did. why ever have a war vote at any point in time?

UK bombs being dropped on Syrian-based targets such as Raqqa [ISIS' former HQ] will create either refugees or terrorist because, the Russian's have already cleared Raqqa of ISIS so, the ONLY certainty is that the UK will endure MORE terrorism as a result and, it will come from UK-born and based Muslims who have been alienated by successive governments, and taken advantage of by groups such as ISIS.

Incidentally, David Cameron blocked the PA's UNICEF-backed Inet Protect on-line strategy to protect children against grooming from both sex abusers and terrorists in 2013 - without reason!

"If the world wants to end religious terrorism, it must choose to end the lies about a creator God having needs and the existence of 'evil' because, the lies of religious 'leaders' combined with Western foreign policy is the ONLY cause of religious terrorism." - Alex Romane

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If multiple three-way battles in a multi-nation war that is on the verge of starting WW3 that was forecast by the PA since 2010 doesn't now confirm to UK voters that they were wrong to reject true democracy, nothing will - not even NASA's methane release and human extinction!

Voting for direct democracy outside a general election

Direct Democracy - Audio

It is up to us, the people [not the politicians] to use the power that we have always had, to choose to implement direct democracy as soon as possible.

This is not a protest campaign.

In accordance with Magna Carta Article 61 and with UN UDHR Article 21 and with all of the democratic principals up-held by the UN [which the UK has signed-up to], the people already have the lawful right to reform to direct democracy - even outside a general election.