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By abandoning Arabian refugees, out of depth Cameron blew chance to kill-off ISIS

The UK's freely-elected, out of depth, pro-war, pro-oppression 'leader' who STILL wants to bomb Syria was so busy pandering to anti-immigration voters [and to others who conveniently re-frame refugees as immigrants] and to those who prioritise the economy above human lives, that him and ALL UK, US and European politicians and their media missed that if the UK, US and other EU states had immediately offered sanctuary [instead of abandonment] to refugees fleeing Syria and Libya, the West would have had its very own organic, home-grown, anti-extremist programme.

The approx. 'cost' to the UK in using this opportunity to help Muslims, to nullify fundamental chunks of ISIS anti-Western propaganda and, to seriously impair ISIS' recruitment? Just 10 families per town!

While David Cameron blames the entire refugee crisis on Syria's President Assad and ISIS, he has nothing to say about Libya because firstly; Gadaffi was murdered [a war crime] by so-called 'rebel' groups that the UK supported and secondly, it was the UK that took it upon itself to bomb Libya into becoming a failed state and now, ISIS territory. With Cameron and ISIS persecuting the same people, the alliance between both is never more obvious and the ONLY choice that the combination of Cameron's foreign policy and ISIS' domestic policy leaves people is to be ruled by terror, to become terror, or to become a refugee.

Regarding strategy, if David Cameron and other Western politicians continue with their policy of supporting terrorist groups that target Syria's President Assad and his civilians, ISIS will control the entire Middle East [including Israel] within two years.

It is our absolute belief that at this stage, the best way to militarily contain ISIS while weakening its recruitment campaigns would be for a non-NATO consortium of Western and Arabic [Christian and Islamic] nations working with co-ordinated US and Russian air strikes so as to secure the borders of Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, Turkey, Iran and Jordan.

The West's policy has already enabled ISIS to breach the Syrian border and so within Syria, such a consortium must now act to reverse this so as to defend the Syrian people and its regime [as it now does in Iraq] from the very same groups it has previously supported in attacking the Syrian regime [any action that leave President Assad open to forced removal by any party will lead to yet another failed state].

Due to the complexities contributed by the number of current 3-way wars in the region, we simply don't see any way that it could be possible for ANY party to remove President Assad and neutralise ISIS simultaneously. As such, we urge all parties not to gamble with this aspect, and to prioritise neutralising ISIS. It makes no logical sense to risk a potential third world war or to let ISIS succeed, simply to back-up personal ego-related rhetoric that relates to just one man [and not even to his government].

If the West wants to contain ISIS and to prevent the eventual formation of ISIS' empire, it has no other choice because since 2012, it destroyed any other options through its [non-UN backed] policy of violence, war, and foreign regime change [an international crime]. As it happens, Russian-Israeli ties have recently further strengthened and this is of great benefit to such a strategy [as is the ISIS threat to both Hamas and Israel].

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When Jews across Europe were being persecuted by the Nazis during the last century, the UK took it upon itself to unilaterally rip land from Palestine to create Israel as a sanctuary for the Jews. The fact that Israel has since expanded into what remains of Palestine and, that Israel remains in violation of over 350 UN resolutions is a separate issue [in our experience, the Palestinian 'representatives' are equally to blame]. The contrast between the action taken by the UK so as to help persecuted Jews then, and its lack of will to help Muslims who are in the same predicament now couldn't be more blatant.

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If the UK had welcomed with open arms and warm hearts the thousands of refugees that it co-created via its foreign policies of violence throughout both Libya and Syria [along with the US and France], ISIS and ALL other extremist Islamic groups would have been dealt the biggest blow since their inception. Not only would such an act of compassion have been a great anti-ISIS propaganda tool but, by literally importing moderate Muslims en masse, the UK would have had its own organic anti-extremist movement in the form of grateful refugees [despite UK foreign policy being part-responsible for their present circumstances].

Unknown to many Brits, Arabian Muslims are far more moderate than British Muslims because although their states may be ruled by Islamic dictators, these dictators outlawed theocracy, faith schools and Sharia law. Unfortunately and due to David Cameron's military interventions, these dictatorships are now being replaced by ISIS and, this brings a transformation from moderate Islam to ultra-conservative right wing Islam, to Islamic-only faith schools and, to 7th century Sharia law.

Pre-Western intervention in Arabia, women could enter mosques on any day of the week where in the UK and now in parts of Arabia, they are ONLY allowed into mosques on Sundays. In Arabia, Sharia law was outlawed but now, David Cameron encourages the establishment of Sharia courts and assists their implementation across Arabia AND the UK. In Arabia, faith schools were banned because they are recognised as being the single biggest cause of social disunity [something David Cameron was told in 2010 and, just before he launched his programme of faith school expansion across the UK].

While the UK electorate insists that solutions to problems can only come from within Downing Street [even though it is now known that MPs ignore advice from experts so as to suit personal agendas], they continue to betray themselves and fellow humans across the planet and at the moment, particularly within Arabia. Our unwillingness to take responsibility for the results of our own decisions is ultimately what will sink us and ALL Western nations because, while the people continue to reject true and direct democracy and, while the UK remains the Western world's last remaining theocracy/religious state, no social progress will be made and social injustice will reign throughout the world.

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Voting for direct democracy outside a general election

Direct Democracy - Audio

It is up to us, the people [not the politicians] to use the power that we have always had, to choose to implement direct democracy as soon as possible.

This is not a protest campaign.

In accordance with Magna Carta Article 61 and with UN UDHR Article 21 and with all of the democratic principals up-held by the UN [which the UK has signed-up to], the people already have the lawful right to reform to direct democracy - even outside a general election.