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US is victim of basic psychology - lets greed and paranoia [fear] create 'enemies' in its head!

It's called mental projection and whether we're conscious of it or not, it happens to most of us to some extent throughout every day. It is influenced by internal factors such as thoughts, feelings and beliefs and it reshapes how we perceive things and situations externally and therefore, it also effects how we react to external events and triggers.

It is the reason as for why the USS Vincennes shot an Iranian civilian airbus out of the sky [July 1988] killing all 290 civilians on-board - while mistakenly perceiving it to be an Iranian fighter jet on an attack path towards it. Investigations have since shown that all of the ships instruments were working properly and did record and present all of the relevant events as they actually occurred and, that the defence radar system's operator's voice recording of what happened in that moment does not concur with what was being monitored, recorded and displayed by the system's instruments.

The instruments track two aircraft that take-off from two separate locations from within Iran at approximately the same time and both head-out across the Mediterranean Sea - one emitting a military transmission identifier code and the other [the airbus] emitting a civil code. For several days leading-up to the incident, the USS Vincennes had been provoking Iran by sailing in and out of its territorial waters which resulted in a skirmish with a small fleet of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. These two factors would have been heavily on the mind of all on board and at this level of intensity, it was highly likely that radar operators could project their fears onto the screens in front of them and inadvertently create a false reality [which the US military has accepted as being key to what went wrong that day].

The investigation concludes by stating that one of the radar operators mis-identified both aircraft, while believing that the fighter was reducing altitude as part of its attack run as it travelled towards the ship. On this basis, the wrong aircraft was targeted and hit and, the investigation also concludes that since take-off, neither aircraft reduced altitude at all and no instruments recorded or presented such information to any operator.

Incidentally, Iran's government publicly vowed to avenge the act but, the soon-after Lockerbie plane bombing in December 1988 was instead used as a political tool by the UK government in its oppression of Libya's regime and Gadaffi and, the issue of the US war ship provoking the Iranian government by sailing in and out of Iranian waters for several days leading up to the incident has also been dismissed as irrelevant.

A far less-serious and much more common example of projection is when it comes to judging a glass of water as being either half-empty or half-full - with the latter said to be representing a positive outlook.

This process of projection is also exactly what happens when the religious believe that they are seeing the face of Jesus [for example] in a loaf of bread. The reason for why no Muslim has ever seen Mohammed in a potato is because Muslims believe in their minds that any depiction of their prophet is blasphemy - and so their minds will never perceive their prophet in any object because it is not possible for a potato to commit blasphemy and so instead, they see his name and, none of this is coincidental. Even children know that the objects that they 'see' in clouds are nothing more than projected imagination.

Culturally-inherent UK hypocrisy sees us teaching our children that violence solves nothing while sending our adults to fight in wars [that the 'peaceful' religions support by standing by our governments] simply because our so-called 'representatives' continually fail to address the fears of both themselves and of others and so fail to see that the true motives of our 'enemies' are only ever fear-based and instead, they see 'evil'. Self-righteous UK politicians then project this purely religious notion of 'evil' upon others making it their reality and based upon this false reality, they then start wars with our permission which we give them through our vote.

The illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq by Western forces in 2003 was based purely on personal projection and, it was also launched without any evidence confirming if the projection was real to any degree or not. Blair and Bush decided that Iraq had acquired weapons of mass destruction [as we ourselves also have] and so, evidence supplied to politicians by the West's own intelligence agencies which contradicted this notion was oppressed, re-worded and 'sexed-up' simply because it didn't conform to Blair and Bush's personal beliefs which pathetically - were all fear-based.

Two religiously-deluded, twisted and scared men launched an illegal war based ONLY upon their own negative religious-influenced projections, while ignoring the contradictory evidence supplied to them by their own agencies. Millions were killed or displaced and still, Tony Blair has never faced a single hearing at the International Criminal Court and still, voters refuse to punish the Labour party itself for such a disgusting and terrible act of irresponsibility. To this day and after knowing the truth [that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction], the austerity-hit UK tax payer still funds all of Blair's private security expenses while he makes millions - yet voters continue to vote for his party.

In our opinion, the West's and NATO's most dangerous projection issue is that of perceiving Russia and China as a threat. In response to its fears, it has for decades tried to gain influence and control in countries that surround and China, so as to deploy and maintain a containment strategies [hence our intervention and removal of the former pro-Russian but majority-elected Ukrainian government]. Should the People's Administration install direct democracy, we propose that the UK should withdraw from NATO on the basis that nothing can be more dangerous, undemocratic and retarded as promising anyone that the UK will without condition and without question, go to war on its behalf and, regardless of the causes and nature of any war.

PA direct democracy media: [Political Strategy] Ukraine - news NOT reported by the BBC

Another potentially war-starting fear of the West is with regards to Iran's nuclear ambitions, where US fears become so real that they almost give Iran a reason to diversify its current programme of peaceful nuclear energy production to include weapons to defend itself from potential US fear-based aggression and, the perceived 'need' for the West to have a gateway into Iran is the only reason for why Western governments have launched a proxy war [using Al'Qaeda & Co.] against President Assad.

PA direct democracy media: [Political Strategy] Iran
PA direct democracy media: [Political Strategy] Syria - news NOT reported by the BBC

Through Iraq, we experienced one of the most dangerous flaws in so-called 'representative' democracy [no war referendum ever being given to the people] along with the terrible consequences of acting upon a single man's negative fear-based projections and, as demonstrated by the refusal of voters to vote for direct democracy, we've not learned from this experience and so have changed nothing and so of course, if you continue to choose to vote for paranoid psychopaths, continue to expect more wars!

Voting for direct democracy outside a general election

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It is up to us, the people [not the politicians] to use the power that we have always had, to choose to implement direct democracy as soon as possible.

This is not a protest campaign.

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