Arctic Methane Release and Associated 2030 Mass Extinction

2030 Mass Extinction due to already-underway, mass Arctic methane, anthrax, and smallpox release and how reform to true democracy and to quantum perpetual motion is the only fix.

Contrary to simplistic media imagery and to poor teaching standards, the dinosaurs did NOT go extinct due to the impact of a comet. They went extinct due to mass Arctic methane release that was prompted by mass CO2 release that was prompted by the comet's impact and it's happening again right now but this time, human activity [not a comet] is the cause of the warming.

The combined result of the previous two centuries of democratic hypocrisy, religious hypocrisy, and environmental neglect by the world's people is already-underway mass Arctic methane, anthrax, and smallpox release via newly-emerging methane craters that combined with the previous 40 years of emissions that have yet to kick-in, confirms near-term mass extinction [possibly by as early as 2030].

PA Video PA direct democracy video: Methane Release and Mass Extinction [learn everything in 10 mins]
PA Video The exponential arithmetic that presents 2030 mass extinction

Measures for 2030 mass extinction:

1. Current, average global temperate = +1.5° + the impact from the previous 40 years of emissions that are locked-in and that have yet to take effect = +2.7°

History shows that +2° leads to +6° [mass extinction] within just 10 years and the UN now forecasts +2.7° by 2030, not by 2100 [as Cop politicians still state] and, this is WITHOUT factoring-in the impact from mass Arctic methane release. At just +2°, 1BN people will die.

2. The current species extinction rate of 500 p/day
8 million remaining species / 500 p/day + annual exponential % increase rate = nothing alive by 2030

Both measures individually present 2030 mass extinction and when combined, it is confirmed.


1. Reform to true democracy/self rule so as to enable points 2 through 9;
2. Abolish wind turbines [a direct health risk that also emits the world's most dangerous greenhouse gas].
3. Deploy QPM [quantum perpetual motion] tech that the is rejected by the self-serving politicians so as to protect the vote-winning jobs, lobbyists, and donors of the wind, oil, coal, gas, nuke, lithium, and shale industries [workers will be needed by QPM manufacturers].
4. Deploy methane vacuums alongside CO2 vacuums.
5. End destruction of the global bio diversity matrix.
6. Start mass hemp cultivation so as to end deforestation [protects trees while reducing the potential for new viruses], to increase personal resistance to all viruses via medical benefits, and to replace non-biodegradable, crude oil plastics with bio hemp oil.
7. Reform to eco capitalism so as to eventually transit to giving and sharing [the only sustainable currency].
8. Hunt-down and mitigate the spin-off feedback loops that are created by mass Arctic methane release.
9. Swap conventional, CO2-emitting concrete for organic concrete.

In 2013 and when the estimated cost to fix the global environment was just £200BN, the US spent $560BN on defence, China spent $111BN, Russia spent $68BN, and the UK spent $57BN [$796BN in total], confirming that the undiagnosed psychopaths of fake democracy and Communism spend more money on death than on life.

So as to be able to submit false domestic carbon plans and forecasts, the world's top polluters are simply outsourcing their carbon-heavy production to other nations. For eg; To produce hydrogen that requires burning coal, the Japanese Government is outsourcing its hydrogen production to the Australian Government and, this in-turn enables Japanese politicians to lie to themselves, to their people, and to the rest of the world about the carbon emissions that they are responsible for emitting.

Thinking of begging [empowering] your servants in a futile cycle of failure [protest] so as to try to avert 2030 mass extinction instead of voting lawfully [and therefore peacefully] for immediate reform to true democracy/self rule?

In accordance with Magna Carta Article 61 and with UN UDHR Article 21 and with all of the democratic principals up-held by the UN [which the UK has signed-up to], the people already have the lawful right to reform to direct democracy - even outside a general election.

Even at just +1.5°, the world is consumed by mass flooding [caused by increased ocean surface temperatures] and wildfires, Saudi Arabia can no longer grow wheat, and the entire Middle East experiences mass water shortages. Even going by the estimates of scientists who don't acknowledge mass flooding and rising sea levels that will be caused by mass Arctic methane release, London still drowns by 2030.

London 2030

Professor Paul Ehrlich; "If people understood the magnitude of the crises, changes in politics and policies could match the gravity of the threat. Dealing with the enormity of the problem requires far-reaching changes to global capitalism, education and equality. These include abolishing the idea of perpetual economic growth, properly pricing environmental externalities, stopping the use of fossil fuels, reining in corporate lobbying, and empowering women."

Met Office, Cambridge Econometrics, UKCEH, Edinburgh Uni, and Exeter Uni report; "The most sustainable scenario for surviving global warming wld be the establishment of a federal UK with citizens' assemblies [true democracy] becoming the primary decision-making mode."

Top scientists warn of "ghastly future of mass extinction"

Immediate, lawful, global reform to true/direct democracy [so as to reverse anti-environmental legislation] and to quantum perpetual motion [for free, clean, safe, infinite energy] are the only potential solutions for mitigating 2030 mass extinction.

The self-serving, denialist, pro-left/right division, oil and war-loving politicians have rejected both.

Methane release and mass extinction is the combined collective result of human free will on this planet and, this article explains how and why changing our systems of decision-making to true democracy/self rule/shared intelligence is quite possibly the only solution.

10 events that occurred by 2020 that weren't supposed to happen until after 2100
Sudden increase in Arctic lightening strikes indicates danger for the whole world
Earth's tipping points are closer than we think - current plans won’t work
Concept of Net Zero is a dangerous trap
Amazon Forest [the world's lungs] now releases more carbon and methane than it captures

Without reform to true democracy, the world's politicians and their pro-pollution, anti-environmental policies that have caused 2030 mass extinction will remain in place. It was them who banned Henry Ford's bio hemp plastic in the late 1930s so as to take kickbacks from Rockefeller's crude oil sales and this is why our oceans, food, and children are now full of killer plastics.

For how much longer will you use your existing freedom [your ability to make choices] to reject true democracy/self rule [love/empowerment of each other] so as to instead empower the undiagnosed psychopaths of oil, war, division, death, and destruction?

Scientists who believe in 2030 tipping point ignore 40 year CO2 feedback delay and methane contribution

If you believe that your 'Smart' meter is helping the environment, then you should know that the two main reasons as for why they are not mandatory in the UK is because they release 6 times the safe limit of radiation [100 times that of a mobile phone], and because of the security risks involved in the sharing of information about what devices you use and when you use them with up to 850,000 US-based sub-contractors.

In 2009, Alex Romane [music producer and PA founder] encouraged other musicians to join his pro-liquid formats campaign so as to reduce the impact on the environment of compact disk manufacture and waste and to this day, he is still the only participant.

Just one compact disk emits 1 Kg of CO2 during manufacture.

In 2017, Alex invented and patented Quantum perpetual motion Geocircuitry [the world's first infinite battery technology that renders oil, nuke, shale, lithium, and renewables obsolete] but ever since, his planet-saving technology has been rejected by the British establishment, by foreign governments, and by some of the world's biggest technology manufactures.

While rejecting our perpetual motion proposal, Google pumped money into global warming denier groups

In 2018, anthrax was also found to be spewing out of Arctic methane craters and, it is eventually expected to reach all Northern hemisphere nations [including the UK] that the jet stream passes over. We guarantee that if anthrax was being delivered to the UK by terrorists, that the politicians, GCHQ, and all other security organisations would be all over it but when anthrax is delivered as a consequence of global warming, it is not regarded as a threat. In addition to mass methane and anthrax release, there is also an estimated 1500 Billion tonnes of carbon waiting to be released from these craters too.

In 2019, the then Business Secretary Greg Clark became the final politician to reject Alex's quantum perpetual motion tech for use in the UK and, we also offered to waive the patent licence fee so as to save tax payers even more money. His decision means that every home, business, and hospital will continue to pay for energy and, that this energy will continue to come from current sources [oil, nuclear, and shale].

He has also prevented the UK from becoming the world's only manufacturer and exporter of electric vehicles that would never need recharging and in doing so, he and his colleagues have completely killed-off what would have been an amazing post-Brexit economic recovery plan.

Also in 2019, it was confirmed that through moving water and through the mass use of CO2-emitting concrete processes, that the Indian and Chinese governments have actually shifted the Earth's axis and that global warming is also a contributing factor towards this shift.

On 9th August 2021, Alex Romane engaged openly with Dr Tamsin Edwards [the lead author of the IPCC's 2021 climate report], where they discussed various aspects. As well as shrugging-off the impact from mass Arctic methane release and associated feedback loops by stating that it has not yet even started and, that most if it would be converted into CO2 in the oceans [apparently, increasing the levels of oceanic acidity is a solution], she and her IPCC colleagues also believe that Earth's current average temperature of +1.5° will not rise to +2° until 2050 - despite the contribution from the previous 40 year's of emissions and from ever-increasing carbon emissions due to forest fires [including the Amazon that is now in reverse].

2030 Mass Extinction; IPPC Report 2021

NASA's Arctic methane release map from 2011 that the IPCC denies:

2030 Mass Extinction; NASA's methane map from 2011

While calling for an immediate reduction in global emissions, she refused to state why she and her colleagues encourage the development of wind farms while knowing that their manufacture and maintenance is causing a sharp increase in the release of the world's most powerful greenhouse gas and, she also declined [without reason] Alex's offer to explore quantum perpetual motion [he even offered to send her a demo unit].

There is also no mention in the report about how the forced transition from working in offices to working at home due to Corona could be exploited for its benefits towards reducing CO2 emissions, if maintained.

IPCC panders to denialist politicians by omitting feedback loops and methane release in previous report.

"If at first you don't succeed, then change your approach. I learned this while studying 'dirty' rats over a 5 year period and, I saw that this is how they fix their problems - plus their use of true democracy/shared intelligence for decision-making that 'superior' humans still reject. It took Coronavirus in 2020 to push so-called 'forward thinking, forward moving' employers into letting employees work from home. The current 500 species extinctions per day, mass methane and anthrax release, and the threat to bees [all caused by global warming] were never considered a threat - and still aren't. With humans choosing to react to their threats only after they kick-in, it is unlikely that they will awaken in time to mitigate the worst effects of already-underway, voluntary 2030 mass extinction. Their freely-elected representatives have rejected perpetual motion on their behalf while the pro-left/right division media black it out."
- Alex Romane

Seal level rise simulator

Children who complain about having no political influence prosecute the people who their parents empower
• Judge finds it was "legally necessary for protesters to commit civil disobedience."
Canada's tar sands deal with US and others that denies natives of their land and rights will finish-off Earth
Destructive government policy is mostly responsible for already-underway mass extinction of UK species
Selfish, deluded, infinite-breeding policy leads Islam to be drinking Antarctica - literally!
Bob Geldof; "The human race may be extinct within 15 years."
Prince Charles; "2015 is a vital year for the future of humanity."
WWF that blacked-out this page forever now reports 60% wildlife population fall

"The British Parliament was first warned about the causes and consequences of global warming in 1846 and the British people have allowed politicians to pass the buck ever since. As such and for the first time in human history, humans now have a predator - the environment, and the sooner they respect it, the safer they will be. Humans must stop treating animals and plants as tools only and must learn to respect and to co-exist with them and while every era has its doomsday scenarios, all are religious and NONE have been reported by scientists who were prompted by hard evidence present at the time - such as the current 500 species extinctions per day, never before-seen methane craters, and methane bubbles and while global warming deniers, university academics, and the brainwashed laugh at me and at NASA Earth's scientists, the biggest joke has to be that to make money to buy food and medicine, humans are simultaneously extinguishing the food and medicine they need to buy!

With 50% of sea life made extinct during the last 40 years, expect more seagull attacks on cats and dogs
Chimpanzees observed killing and eating gorillas for first time due to climate change
Vegetarian tortoise filmed eating chicks

Animals litter-picking so as to survive man's destructive lifestyle choices
Cat saves human baby from freezing to death, while humans resist co-existence
The psychopaths at Cadbury's continue wiping-out the world's orangutan populations
While criticising Cadbury's, the hypocrites at Iceland lied about not using palm oil

Children across the world must rise-up and take direct action against the people who their parents empower because their parents don't care for true democracy/self rule/unity and in their continued hypocrisy, their parents are prioritising the careers of politicians over their own children's lives. This is mass child neglect on a global scale and it is perpetrated by the previous two generations who were responsible for causing the most amount of damage and, they do nothing at scale to rectify the results of their freely-chosen lifestyle choices - even if to save their own children.

Parliament gives £1.3M p/day in subsidy from taxpayers to burn trees
Parliament increases Drax's subsidy to £2.3M p/day
UK consumes unsafe air AND plastic, and freely-elected politicians legislated for BOTH!

If MPs knew about CO2 and global warming in 1846 [as stated within Parliamentary archives] but never addressed it and, if voters continued empowering these self-serving, denialist fools instead of ever reforming to true democracy, then of course the game would at some point be up."
- Alex Romane

BEGINNING OF THE END: Natural disasters to spike because of global warming
Canada's glaciers are shrinking for the first time in human history
World Economic Forum; We have three years to fix everything
2017 report that gives Earth until 2020 to mitigate, omits NASA's methane release
• Danish Government betrays the world through massive, oceanic pollution cover-up
CNBC 'informs' about methane craters - in 2017!
With 50% of all wildlife made extinct over the last 40 years alone, 70% of the remainder will be gone by 2020
Whales ganging-up on fishermen to 'steal' our fish stocks
Marine species fleeing towards Earth’s poles to escape rising ocean temperatures
Only TWO CHICKS survive from 40,000 starving Antarctic penguins in 2017!
Pollutants cause massive sudden drop in male fertility in industrialised countries
Caribbean Sea choked to death by human waste
Namibia selling 1,000 wild animals to gamers due to drought

Our freely-elected politicians and the mainstream media are using our current fears [immigration, the economy, Russia, terrorism, AI, comets etc] to distract us from acknowledging an even greater threat that is already under-way and, a threat that amounts to an extinction level event that will see ALL humans extinct and, maybe within just a few years. Monitored since 2007 and confirmed by NASA in 2012, CO2-induced methane release from under the melting ice caps confirms that mass extinction is now already under-way.

Even if the world stopped emitting CO2 tomorrow so as to try to keep Earth at the present +2°, the previous 40 years of emissions that have yet to kick-in will take Earth to +6° [mass extinction] by 2030. In addition, the politicians are arguing against scientists for a rise to +2° because these vote hungry bastards are STILL prioritising their economies.

PA Video PA direct democracy video: Professor re; methane release and human extinction; "Politicians live in denial"
PA Video PA direct democracy video: Politicians in denial - Brian Cox explains global warming to Senator Roberts
PA Video PA direct democracy video: Non-government scientist; "We are looking at the first human-made extinction"
PA Video PA direct democracy video: 2030 extinction so obvious but irresponsible humans STILL reject true democracy
PA Video PA direct democracy video: Visible methane bubbles fail to awaken people

Alex Romane - Glastonbury

The only aspect that deniers are correct about is that this planet has always experienced climate change [Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter] but, what deniers fail to see that it is global warming that is now occurring and that global warming hasn't occurred since the previous mass extinction.

Thanks to mainstream media propaganda combined with a lack of human will to learn and to care about the state of their own support system, approx. 85% of UK people still deny the scientific evidence that now firmly demonstrates how human industrialisation has caused global warming.

With the majority of humans denying this while believing a doctrine [religion] that tells them that an entity that created everything [God] then somehow has needs and dependencies of its own creations [such as to breed infinitely and to treat animals and plants as inferior tools], with the younger generations consumed by fears that revolve around self-image, and with 'adults' leaving all responsibility to a minority of elected but unqualified undiagnosed psychopaths who serve themselves above even their own voters, humans are VOLUNTARILY racing flat-out towards 2030 mass extinction.

Politicians diluting global warming to 'climate change' is simply more mind control
'Conscientious' Obama allowed sea blasting 100,000 times louder than a jet - EVERY TEN SECONDS!
Mainstream media silent as 8000 Km-wide methane pool appears in Pacific
Mainstream media gives you the news - five years after the PA and NASA does!
Mainstream media and academics fail to join the dots as methane crater is studied for history, NOT the future
Mainstream media reports sudden pink blob in Pacific that leaks ozone - but STIL fails to join the dots
Mainstream media's 2065 mass extinction reports omit NASA's methane release data
Massive iceberg "hanging by a thread" could lead to 10 CM sea level rise
Huge Antarctic crack has grown by ANOTHER 6 miles
PA was correct; break-away shelf WAS holding-back the rest of the South Pole
Dead zones in oceans created by meat industry
'Climate change', sewage and fertilisers could trigger mass extinction of ocean life
91 additional volcanoes found below Antarctic ice sheet

To summarise; Humans are going extinct due to a lack of will to take social and political responsibility [complacency], and ignorance. Only 15% of the UK believes in the science of global warming, with 85% instead believing in religion that tells them that a creator God will bring Armageddon - not realising that it is actually them who are bringing this through how they spend, vote, and breed without moderation on a finite landmass.

When given the chance to sew the seeds of Heaven on Earth via reform to true democracy/self rule and quantum perpetual motion, the 'superior' species sticks with fake democracy and associated oil, wars, and environmental collapse [Hell on Earth].

If humans use their free will to choose NOT to evolve to the next stage [true democracy, perpetual motion, peace, and prosperity] and to instead regress further into fake democracy and its oil, wars, and Hell on Earth, a God of free will shall NOT interfere.

Consumers continue to freely-reward Apple, Samsung, and Sony while maintaining child slave labour in Africa

"If you bought a BMW or a Volkswagen - which includes Mini, Rolls Royce, Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porsche, SEAT, Skoda, Ducati, MAN, Scania and Neoplan vehicles after the 2015 emissions scandal broke, you have freely condoned and re-empowered corporate decision-makers who intentionally broke laws so as to abuse your support system. CO2 emissions from vehicles also run through the inside of the car itself, directly affecting the health of customers and their friends and family. Volvo - a Swedish company that has made safety its USP for decades, is now losing sales to Volkswagen for the first time - in Sweden! The Swedes are literally paying Volkswagen to kill them and so, they will get what they want. Volkswagen and BMW customers are clearly traitors to all of God’s creations, and NOT just to their own friends and family.

In addition, Volkswagen soon-after ran diesel fume tests on monkeys and humans in a primitive, deluded, and denialist attempt to prove that their 'magic' cars don't harm the environment - confirming that Volkswagen is just another company ran by psychopathic people who are empowered and enriched by zombie customers.”
- Alex Romane

By the time this sleeping 85% learn about methane release and 2030 mass extinction on the BBC and the rest of the lamestream media, it will be too late to reverse because as more methane is released, self-reinforcing feedback loops are created that result in even more methane emissions and, this methane will in-turn increase global temperatures to levels never experienced by humans, who have never lived outside a -1.5 to +1.5 degree variance. Since 2007 and for the first time in human history, methane craters are appearing in various parts of the world and at an ever-increasing rate. Without immediate and massive intervention, all life forms except for microbes will go extinct and, NASA, National Geographic, and many other professors and scientists believe by as 2030.

In 2016, it was acknowledged that there were sixty five global warming feedback loops in effect and, these are dangerous environmental events that have never occurred within human history. Methane craters are just one of them and they alone create up to five of their own feedback loops per month and, fishermen who report 150 Km-wide bubbling methane plumes in the Pacific Ocean are ignored the world-over.

Too little too late - Tech Insider slowly starts to join the dots
BBC changes its mind - US methane leak is now just a 'natural gas' leak
BBC journalist confirms complete pro-Cameron political bias; "Trust nothing you read or watch."
BBC journalist; "I am ashamed to call myself a Journalist."
BBC's John Simpson; "MSM is grotesquely selective."

NOTE: Unit for unit, methane is approx. 30 times more powerful than CO2 as a promoter of global warming.

Methane Release and Mass Extinction

PA Video Paris agreement is being openly betrayed by the same politicians who signed it

Due to methane release, geoengineering, and the previous 40 years of CO2 emissions that have yet to kick-in, new forecasts are predicting a global average temperature rise of +6° [mass extinction] and even if we avert mass extinction in 2030, life on Earth will still be in for a really rough ride.

Feb. 2018; Arctic temperatures soar by 45°
Scientists declare Global Climate Emergency over terrifying jet stream shift
NASA; Sea levels rising faster than forecast pre-methane release
NASA data predicts potential sea level rise of 2.5 metres by 2040
World's lakes are "heating up and risking life on Earth."
Scientists; "We could be underestimating Arctic methane emissions."
Collapsing Greenland glacier could raise sea levels by an additional half a metre
For the first time in human history, East Antarctica's biggest glacier is melting from below
Naive! UN's target of max 2 degree increase will result in sea level rise of 6 metres
Enormous mounds of thawing methane recently found under Arctic sea
Arctic has now lost half of its ice
Guardian's "new permanent CO2 reality" is just the beginning
Global temperatures to break through 1C increase in 2016 - not as forecast in 2100!
UK receives its first global warming refugees as new insect arrivals flood the South
Methane release and human extinction: Evidenced Stats and Maths
World Bank's "Global warming to push 100M into extreme poverty within 15 years" is an underestimate
Food shortages, floods, disease and droughts to put millions at risk
New banana extinction is caused by synthetic commercial farming practices ONLY!
KFI - insects [now 90% poisoned by geoengineering] will soon be your food!

To date and unlike NASA, global warming forecasts published via the mainstream media and even by the UN's IPCC do not factor-in the following fundamental contributing aspects and so, they fail to real-ise and to present the links between methane release and 2030 mass extinction:

1. Current methane release and its associated self-reinforcing feedback loops.
2. Geoengineering.
3. The yet-to-occur effects from the previous 40 years of CO2 [more than the previous 200 years combined].

PA Video Methane release and human extinction: Evidenced Stats and Maths [Guy McPherson]
PA Video Geoengineering explained [Dane Wiginton]

NASA admits to secretly spraying toxic chemicals at politician bosses' request
Chemtrail Watch Magazine

80% of the world's bees and 90% of the world's other insects now contain metallic substances as a direct result of US and Chinese geoengineering [the Russian government ceased its geoengineering programmes upon acknowledging NASA's methane release data]. At a current extinction rate of 500 species per day and with bees under such immediate threat, mass extinction may even occur well before 2030. While the UK's freely-elected 'problem solvers' ignore natural solutions and instead, actually sanction outlawed corporate chemical pesticides that kill bees, individuals and ants [that incidentally, use true democracy] prove that chemical pesticides have no purpose. However, the world's people still refuse to vote to empower each other via reform to true democracy and instead, they freely-continue to vote for self-serving, pro-child abuse psychopaths instead.

Freely-elected MPs allow honey bees to be killed-off by 57 different pesticides
One dose of pesticide takes generations for bees to recover from
Cameron ignores own scientists - allows Bayer and Syngenta to drive UK bees to extinction
Government bypassing Parliament by forcing through key law changes without debate
Cameron bypassed Parliament so as to let Bayer and Syngenta extinguish UK bees
Insecticide firms [inc. Bayer and Syngenta] in secret bid to stop ban that could save bees
Species Recovery Trust: 421 beasts, birds, bugs and plants have already become extinct in the UK
Human desire for Cashmere scarves alone will wipe-out moths
Thames Water fined just two weeks pay by freely-elected, self-serving, lobby-prone MPs

"Personal desires are now prioritised above needs and it is this that is the root driver behind all human actions that cause them harm. The needless consumption of endangered monkeys enabled for the transmission of aids to humans. The non-essential feeding of dead cow body parts [offal] to vegetarian cows enabled for the creation and transmission of CJD to humans. The needles consumption of endangered koalas may have enabled for the transmission to humans of the [normally harmless] Corona virus, and no one needs a Volkswagen!"
- Alex Romane

In addition to the threat to bees that was introduced directly by David Cameron, UK bees now also face a threat from a new predator because MPs who ignore their own scientific advisors so as to satisfy hidden agendas and paying lobbyists are not motivated to care. By empowering people who will willingly extinguish UK bees, voters are making themselves vulnerable to having to import ALL of their food and being that food is energy, the UK could become beholden to the rest of the world.

Government quango Natural England AGAIN omits bees from Endangered Species list

To summarise; the people who once had one of the most diverse natural and agricultural environments on this planet are turning it into a dust bowl and, it is happening as a result of a will to reject true democracy. If UK voters continue to disempower themselves and to neglect and/or to abuse their natural environment, foreign countries will not need to militarily invade the UK so as to conquer it and while politicians refuse to acknowledge that bees are vital for human survival, laws will offer no protection or deterrents to those who seek to wipe them out and as such, bees remain excluded from legal protection.

"Despite the public slap in the face that came from the Fukushima incident, we still believe that we're more intellectually advanced than we actually are. Our pro-technology/anti-nature attitude demonstrates that we think that we can do better than nature [and therefore God] but, I don't see governments rushing to build micro bee drones to replace the ones that we're on the verge of needlessly wiping-out and, I don't see any evidence of what it was that God - apparently, got wrong in nature."
- Alex Romane

It's just logic; Species extinction triggers knock-on extinction
50% of marine life wiped-out during the last 40 years
Cruise ships massively-increase emissions

Natural extinction [known as background extinction] costs 1 species per year out of every 1 million species but, freely-willed human activity [spurred-on by self-serving politicians who lie about the nature of democracy and the leaders of religion who lie about the nature of a creator God so as to divide and control us] has increased this rate to 500 species extinctions per day! On this basis, it is absolutely absurd, deluded, and illogical to think that the 'superior' species that is dependent upon all of the species it now extinguishes isn't itself also marked on the extinction calendar.

In 2015, Barack Obama signed NASA over to a climate denier who wanted to shut-down NASA's Earth Sciences division and, deluded parents who vote for economy-mad politicians who believe that continuing to compromise the environment so as to potentially leave Earth's children a stronger economy with which to mitigate global warming are simply excusing themselves of their parental, social, and political responsibilities. Geoengineering and technology will NOT repair the damage OR end the multiple feedback loops that are being created in every month that passes and along with CO2 and mass methane emissions, the effects of geoengineering are contributing towards global warming and the destruction of the bio diversity matrix. There are no future fixes because any potential solutions for methane release and 2030 mass extinction need to be implemented before the threat materialises but faced with the biggest threat to the existence of all life on this planet, complacent humans are choosing to gamble instead of to play it safe. Obviously, it is against all survival logic to be taking ANY risks with such a threat as methane release and mass extinction at any point, never mind in 2030.

We reiterate; The humans species is the only species on this planet that depends upon all of the other species to sustain it [confirming that it is actually the most inferior species on Earth] but, it is also the only species that consciously engages in the mass destruction of its food and medicine stocks and out of all of the social groups species that inhabit this planet, the human species is also the only social group species to reject the use of true democracy/unity/shared intelligence for its survival.

It is NOT possible to strengthen economies by neglecting the environment [for example; taxes will now subsidise flood homes] but with creative thinking and shared intelligence via true and direct democracy, it IS possible to strengthen the economy by investing in protecting the environment. For example; the PA's concept for reducing rising sea levels would created hundreds of thousands of jobs, while protecting land and harvesting water stocks and, it could be funded primarily by tax from the highest earners combined with private sponsorships, and from additional taxes placed on the oil men [such as the Rothchild's and the Rockefellers] who generated a revenue for themselves and their families through destroying the environment during the previous two hundred years.

As demonstrated by their actions [their true beliefs] and regardless of their useless words, the world's economy-mad, vote-hungry, freely-elected dictators are not interested in mitigating the impact of global warming, methane release, or associated 2030 mass extinction and with the world's people rejecting true democracy, they are not motivated to mitigate mass extinction [they all believe that they will be dead by the time it hits].

"The Global Goals programme established by politicians and celebrities in late 2015 amounts to no more than hypocritical back-slapping and mass delusion. It was founded by those who are most responsible for 2030 mass extinction and its aims are 10 years too late. To prevent methane release and mass extinction, this programme needs to be much broader and, it must also be completed by 2020 - which isn't going to happen. I know from working with David Cameron and his office that he isn't in position to protect the environment and in his own words, its all just "green crap" anyway and, I'm also aware that his priorities were the remits of the NSA, Fracking companies, Bill Gates, Monsanto, and other industrialists who he and Barack Obama sold policies to. Incidentally, many openly demand forced population control and this actually started in 2012 when career-defining David Cameron broke international law so as to implement a programme of forced sterilisation across India. When the UN demanded that he terminate it, he basically told them to f**k off.

In response to the December floods of 2015, the Environment Agency said that if it has to choose between people and wildlife, that people will always come first and this is exactly the attitude that is leading to the extinction of people in the first place so if you vote for denialist politicians instead of for true democracy and you are affected by floods, then you are NOT a victim. I promise you that if these psychopaths can't control you, they would rather you die. This is demonstrated by the sum-expression of their actions, which represent their true beliefs.

By repeating with hemp exactly everything that his family did with oil, David Rockefeller alone could have helped to prevent methane release and 2030 mass extinction but, no one can off-set the effects of the previous 40 years of CO2 emissions that have yet to kick-in and that NASA and others state will cause a minimum global temperature rise of 2.5° so, even if he did ever care to try to repair some of the damage that he and his family had financially benefited from creating, the most that David Rockefeller could have bought us would have been only a potential chance to save some species. I agreed with him in my communications to him [via his lawyers] that global breeding is out of control and that a finite resource can only support a finite population but, I also proposed to him that a coordinated voluntary global campaign to abstain from breeding for just one to two years would be far more effective than any of his forced population control measures. Him and the others were naive about being able to use methane release and 2030 mass extinction as an opportunity to reduce global population because without some serious and sudden physiological evolution of the human species pre-2030, survival underground on limited resources for a minimum of 10,000 years will not be possible.

The truly horrific reasons for how and why the US keeps hemp banned around the world
UK hemp would raise £1BN a year in taxes alone!
Melting permafrost renders 'doomsday' seed vault useless
2118; Seed vault flooded by thawing ice that used to protect it!

I don't believe in the geoengineering 'solutions' that many government-funded engineers advocate and I believe that their deployment will have terrible consequences. For example; Trying to re-grow plankton from iron filings while millions of tons of methane pour into the oceans is futile. It is plankton [not trees] that provide most of the world's oxygen and it also feeds the world's fish but, humans have already killed-off half of the plankton and wiped-out half of all sea life in the last 40 years alone. Academics and non-scientists who disregard the effects of industrial civilisation still disagree that man-made, run-away global warming is occurring but, the appearance of methane craters proves that although they have lost the argument, their distraction has the potential to cost us everything.

I believe that geoengineering attempts - repeated over and over so as to try to undo or to mask the damage that elected governments initially caused and that are done under the secrecy of national security are just as damaging to the environment as CO2 and methane emissions are. Barack Obama manipulated US service personnel by running propaganda campaigns that misguided them into believing that geoengineering is saving the planet and, his statements about the US reducing its CO2 emissions by 30% by 2030 come two years after his own military showed him how methane release is the biggest threat to US national security.

He also read about methane release and mass extinction in scientific documents passed to him by several departments and so, the potential for methane release and mass extinction in the near term is being amplified by the freely-elected politicians and their voters who refuse reform to true and direct democracy. This is why the scientific community regard this event as voluntary mass extinction - it is caused by human activity and although now evident, humans refuse to change from the path of methane release and 2030 mass extinction.

In my opinion, the species that now claims to be living through an 'age of enlightenment' is fast asleep because those who at this late stage simply intellectualise about global warming, methane release, and 2030 mass extinction are disengaged from their emotional minds and bodies. I don't expect these people to feel any connection with this planet's dilemma but, unquestioning populations continue to vote for divisive, so-called 'representatives' and their parties, instead of for true democracy and for specific policies.

Before 1832, true democracy never involved representatives and in Greece, people voted upon policies directly and, the lack of this knowledge demonstrates just how brain-washed the world's populations have let themselves become. Without true and direct democracy, humans will continue in blind hypocrisy along their voluntary path of methane release and 2030 mass extinction. They have freely chosen to create this future by how they spend their votes and their money and, by prioritising monetary gain and material status [personal ego] above food, medicine, water, oxygen, and children. Obviously, human 'adults' believe that they can adapt to be able to eat gold, drink oil, and breathe methane, and by 2030.

A note to those who believe in the man-made 'God' of religion and of needs, instead of in a God who created everything and who therefore has no needs; Praying to your respective God's to save you from voluntary 2030 mass extinction will come to nothing because, Earth is a planet of free will. There is nothing for any God to fix or to help with because all that happens on this planet happens in accordance with human free will and on a planet of free will and from a creator God's perspective, humans have got what that they acted for.

My belief about environmental and social collapse was formed as a child and, this was years before I ever read any articles about global warming, methane release, and mass extinction and now that most scientists are confirming my own long-term feelings for both 2015 being a final tipping point and 2035 being around the point of mass extinction, it is clear to me that true and direct democracy is needed immediately so that the people, the professors, the scientists, the intelligence agencies, and the military can work together to create, question, and vote on potential solutions WITHOUT political and corporate obstructions.

In 1987 and as part of my GCSE Art course, I illustrated these beliefs in drawings that depicted gigantic holes ripped through the planet's surface letting out negative entities and energies that attack us and while I do believe in a non-religious God, I don't believe in prophecy and, I also don't believe in coincidence because everything happens for a reason - cause and effect. What I drew at that time serves as a reminder to me now to act upon what I have always believed - that true democracy is the only solution for environmental and social collapse.

Ultimately, all life on this planet will be endangered for as long as humans insist upon using currency instead of sharing and giving and, while they refuse to unite via true democracy. When all we need to do is to create the transitional architecture - maybe through a form of UBI for example so as to eventually live without currency forms, every human should ask themselves why they wouldn't want to live in a world without money. The world's people freely-chose to leave their decisions and social responsibilities to men of war and oppression and to men of religious hypocrisy who gambled instead of playing it safe so as to satisfy their own agendas. Through methane release and 2030 mass extinction, the signs that we've lost the gamble are now present for anyone to see - only a fool picks a fight with nature/God.

By opting to use currency forms, humans have privatised their needs - food, water, oxygen, and this is why the poor starve when God doesn't charge. Humans have forgotten that they existed before currency and therefore, that currency was NEVER a need and, even the deluded religions that lie about the nature of a creator God state how God provided all of man's needs before 'he' created man.

Jack Fresco's Venus Project - living without money

While people refuse to use their existing freedom to vote for true democracy [full social unity], they are refusing to respect and to love each other and, if people don't choose to love/empower each other before 2020, it is not likely that they will make it through 2030. It is down to their free choice and has nothing to do with a creator God of free will and, this is just one reason as for why Jesus will NOT be returning to save anyone from the results of the freely-chosen actions.

PA Video Global Resource Bank and Copionics [Theory of Global Sufficiency]

This planet will get its Armageddon but, it will have nothing to do with God and everything to do with human free will only - how people choose to spend and vote and, it is because all humans have a free choice over these two aspects that no one is neutral."
- Alex Romane

Alex Romane - World without currency, giving and shraing

Alex Romane's 3 principals that could enable for living without currency:

1. Ask of another for only what you need or desire in any given moment - not for the most you can get from them [optimise, don't maximise].

2. Don't judge if another needs or desires what they ask of you [let them or help them to assess this]. Instead, just assess whether you yourself still need or desire this item/service.

3. Do NOT do to others as you would like done to you [as the religious state]. Instead, simply don't do to others what you yourself know you would not want done to you [play it safe].

Our inefficient, money-oriented lifestyle of working longer, harder hours and/or having to go further afield just to survive and that can lead to illness and divorce is now being passed on to the monogamous animal kingdom via global warming pressures.

Alex's political activism has so far involved authoring documents [published by the world-renowned British Library] regarding Political Architecture and Religious Theory, working on the Mid-East Peace Process directly with the Palestinian Authority, creating a potential £2BN aid package for Somalia, forecasting and trying to prevent the UK riots, creating government-adopted policies, creating a potential solution for rising sea levels and diminishing water stocks [with TV presenter and inventor Trevor Baylis], publishing about Prism [and more] pre-Edward Snowden, working with various governments [confidentially] on the Syrian conflict and, creating sustainable solutions for the UK economy and for democracy itself.

Alex Romane [personal philosophies]

PA Video Nick Margerrison interviews PA founder/DnB Producer Alex Romane [2015]
PA Video Direct Democracy UK interviews Alex Romane [2021]

'Philanthropist' Branson's efforts are too little too late - as are all token gestures

While the Green Party does have policies to reduce methane release and, while it does have policies that explain the links between the state of the environment and mass extinction, there is no mention of methane release and mass extinction in 2030 - or at any time.

Green Party Councillor takes flight to Cop26

The PA is still the only political movement disclosing information about methane release and 2030 mass extinction and while many scientists and professors speak about apathy being the reason for why they don't believe in the possibility for any solutions, many are not yet aware of the potential for true and direct democracy and for how this could enable a global solution for methane release and 2030 mass extinction. Keep voting for divisive parties instead of for individual policies via reform to true and direct democracy, and we'll be dead within years.

The ultimate hypocrisy of the Green Party isn't that of the missing issue of methane release since 2007 and associated 2030 mass extinction but, that while its members use on-line digital direct democracy internally so as to create their manifesto, they refuse to offer direct democracy to the people.

MPs want digital democracy - for themselves only!
As California runs dry, the elite use more and simply pay the fines

A sudden, unpredicted sea level rise will impact the world's 400+ coastal nuclear power plants so without changing course away from methane release and 2030 mass extinction, prepare for over 400, near-simultaneous Fukushima incidents or at best, global shutdown and life in the dark.

PA Video Fukushima 2015: Extra seawater defences blocked in 2008 - US cancer rates now soaring

Also not reported by the mainstream media was a joint communication sent to Barack Obama from multiple professors and scientists [July 2014] urging the US Government to take immediate and direct action to try to prevent mass methane release and 2030 mass extinction.

Professor claims Arctic ice melt scientists may have been assassinated

With the politicians and the mainstream media working together to deceive the people about global warming, geoengineering, methane release and 2030 mass extinction, it is obvious that any potential solution will have to be created and forced into law directly by the people themselves. By using their existing freedom and power, the people of the world can create the chance to [potentially] mitigate some of the worst effects of 2030 mass extinction by voting for true and direct democracy so ultimately, whether the people survive or not will be decided by them, and not by the politicians.

The only question you have to ask yourself is if you agree with voluntary mass extinction or not because, a refusal to vote for true and direct democracy will be a conscious choice and therefore, methane release-oriented 2030 mass extinction will actually be voluntary.

Direct democracy is the only potential solution for methane release and 2030 mass extinction

Latin; Governo [control] + Mentis [mind] = mind control.

World leaders see opportunity in melting ice caps, not destruction
IPCC climate 'scientists' water-down report so as to keep polluters on board

No will to mitigate global warming confirmed as MPs decide to sacrifice Eastern towns
Policy to fine static drivers for running car engines is 130 years too late!
Cameron BYPASSED PARLIAMENT to allow Bayer to extinguish UK bees
UK consumes unsafe air and plastic - and freely-elected politicians legislated for BOTH!

"Western politicians have maintained the vote to ban Henry Ford's bio hemp plastic so as to take kickbacks from Rockefeller's crude oil plastic revenues, and this is why the world's oceans, food, and children are now full of killer plastics."
- Alex Romane

After Barack Obama visited Alaska in 2015, his primary concern was that; "We need bigger ice cutters than the Russians." - making it clear that even at this late stage, the US government continues to prioritise Arctic oil above alternative energy sources and therefore, that methane release and 2030 mass extinction will actually be promoted by the US. In addition, the efforts that groups and individuals take to restore and to protect their local environments are being countered by the actions and policies of those who they themselves empower.

PA Video PA direct democracy video: Representative's response to melting Arctic - send armies to fight for oil
PA Video PA direct democracy video: New wars and environmental catastrophe as governments access North Pole oil

If one of the Arctic ice shelves collapses due to thawing, it would be sudden and without notice and could trigger a tsunami that could swamp the UK within hours, as demonstrated approx. 8000 years ago.

British politicians were first warned about the consequences of CO2 emissions in 1846 and have continually betrayed the people ever since but, you can vote to end this betrayal so as to try to mitigate the worst effects of methane release and 2030 mass extinction before it's too late. However, it is important to note that even if the people of his planet do succeed in reducing CO2 and methane emissions AND within ending all geoengineering projects by 2020, the previous 40 years worth of emissions that are locked into the atmosphere have yet to take effect and when they do, humans will experience a global temperature increase of +2.5° for the first time in their history and, this in-turn will lead to a +6°.

We reiterate; Earth is now already at +1.5° above baseline.

Half of the world's concrete was produced in the last 20 years alone!
Brazilian Government fights to destroy own tribes and environment
Destructive government policy is mostly responsible for already-underway mass extinction of UK species

PA Video PA direct democracy video: Direct Democracy [5 minute overview]
Direct Democracy Flow Chart

Representative democracy [representative rule of the people] is not related in any way to the Greek model and wasn't implemented in the UK until 1832 but, it was implemented ONLY to prevent revolution [as was seen in France] and NOT to represent [confirmed by Parliament's inconsistent actions ever since]. Furthermore, representative democracy is an illusion and doesn't even exist because while we do have the rule of representatives, we do not have any rule of the people [it is a dichotomy].

Democracy has been stolen by the so-called 'representatives' and under them it has regressed so by continuing to empower them, the people are voting by proxy for methane release and 2030 mass extinction. Even without the web and phone, the Greeks voted upon ALL policies and never voted to elect 'representatives' and whether it's through war, terrorism, financial oppression or environmental destruction, undemocratic, centralised partisan political systems kill.

Guy McPherson [Professor Emeritus - University of Arizona]
"Our time on Earth is short. Let's make the most of it for ourselves and others by pursuing direct democracy instead of inverted totalitarianism."

Senator Mike Gravel [US 2008 Presidential Candidate]
"There are only two venues for meaningful change to our governance structure; representative government - the government where the problem exists or the people, the sovereigns. Governments can’t and won’t change. The people want change but lack the tools - a national initiative process to bring about change."

Robert P.George [McKormick Professor - Princetown University]
"Consider direct democracy - you can't rely on politicians."

AMEG [Arctic Methane Emergency Group]
"Governments must get a grip on a situation which the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has ignored. The Arctic must be cooled, ASAP. This is an unprecedented opportunity for international collaboration for common purpose."

Tim Berners-Lee [inventor of the web]
"The web is not as powerful as it could be. We need to learn to use it to solve our problems."

Kevin Brennan [Labour MP]
"Technologically it is now possible. We could function as a direct democracy. The cost of obtaining people's views on a range of different subjects is miniscule compared to any other time in history."

Anthony D. Barnosky [Professor at many US universities]
"Vote for and support leaders who recognize the importance of switching from a fossil-fuel energy system to a carbon-neutral one, who see the necessity of growing crops more efficiently, whose economic agenda includes valuing nature, and who promote women's rights to education and healthcare."

Met Office, Cambridge Econometrics, UKCEH, Edinburgh Uni, and Exeter Uni;
"The most sustainable scenario for surviving global warming wld be the establishment of a federal UK with citizens' assemblies [true democracy] becoming the primary decision-making mode."

While politicians remain in denial, highly-motiovated individuals create solutions:

Politicians are not problem solvers [the remit of Parliament is to create laws, not solutions]. They generally come from a media or legal background and neither professions involve any training in problem solving. It is engineers, technicians, scientists, philosophers, therapists, authors, artists, teachers, analysts and others [the people] who are natural problem solvers and, only direct democracy can allow for the people's ideas to become reality.

"In a society, shared intelligence is the ONLY intelligence and, true democracy is the only way to enable it. It is an illusion that the people don't already have power. Whilst we don't believe that we have power, we abuse it. When politicians tell us that they want to give us more power, they reinforce the notion that we don't already have all of the power and the illusion is maintained but, only because we do not real-ise that we already have all of the power. This power is in having the ability to choose to vote to maintain a theocracy, or to choose to vote for direct democracy."

It is only because the people do not real-ise that they have all the power, that the people who do know this can rule them so, the day the people who don't know this choose to stand together via true democracy, is the day that they will real-ise their freedom through their existing power. The only legal architecture that has the mechanics to support a nation that has a multitude of conflicting ethics and cultures is true democracy, where all have an equal share in the power regardless of their race, culture or religion. There is no further point of devolution than that of devolving power to the individual and, there is no smaller minority than that of the individual. This is why it is only possible to achieve true social unity through true democracy."
- Alex Romane

While the politicians and their IPCC deny already-underway mass Arctic methane release and its horrific implications, S. Jones Containers in England have invented machinery that sucks methane out of the air and breaks it down into its constituent parts [carbon and hydrogen] for sale in the electronics and energy markets.

8 year-old Camilla Lisant's suggestion for a cure for cancer has put 'qualified' MPs and their 'experts' to shame but, it is just one example of one idea from one person [and at that - a child] and opening-up democracy to all [especially to children] so as to find solutions is both logical and democratic. In our opinion, adults naturally over-complicate their exploratory and examinational thinking, where children naturally have a more simplified and less-restricted style of thinking and so, ideas from children must be included.

The issue of homelessness across the US has been solved by an outsider and not by a politician - in 2015, UK politicians voted to implement measures that would actually increase homelessness across the UK.

Alex Romane and Homelessness

Councils are now criminalising the homeless

The problem regarding Japanese Knotweed was solved by the PA in 2013 but was blocked by David Cameron and in 2015, politicians publicly faked defeat and rolled-out a fine system for home owners instead.

Boyan Slat, the 20-year old founder and CEO of The Ocean Cleanup, announced [20th May 2015] that the world’s first system to passively clean up plastic pollution from the oceans was deployed in 2016.

Poundland selling empty plastic packaging as Valentine's gimmick

Without true/direct democracy, solutions from the people remain oppressed and, we don't believe that a problem exists that humans don't already have a sustainable solution for. It is now possible to scientifically-measure that true/direct democracy is nature's way of doing politics and that eco capitalism is nature's way of doing business. After voting for true/direct democracy, people can then debate, consider, then vote into law any potential solutions for immediately reducing CO2 emissions and for re-balancing the climate. For example, the PA's proposal for mass hemp cultivation and solution for reducing sea levels will be needed and, scientists have already created a potential solutions package specifically for dealing with methane release and 2030 mass extinction but, while voters insist that the decision to consider it can only come from self-serving, oil-addicted politicians and not from them via true and direct democracy, it remains blocked and the Earth's permafrost and methane cells continue to thaw at an ever-increasing rate.

Government refused a free loan of high-tech flood barriers
10 ways that you can help to prevent methane release and mass extinction

PA direct democracy proposals: Environmental
PA direct democracy media: Environmental Politics

Alex Romane - Hemp and the NHS

So-called 'qualified' politicians routinely ignore or sack scientific advisers when the advice conflicts with partisan policy [such as with regards to drugs laws and social issues] and, they consistently block ideas from those who are actually qualified [usually for political reasons] and when it comes to trust, then realise that MPs voted years ago to ban secret service and intelligence officers from reporting crimes committed by MPs and unelected peers [the core of the establishment]. As such, any officer who breaches this law will be tried for treason [in secret]. It is criminal politicians who break laws by ordering officers to commit to unlawful acts and obviously, no officer can disclose when politicians do this and, with intelligence officers already banned from reporting the crimes of MPs, David Cameron succeeded in acquiring the lawful right to hide the identities of MPs who get arrested for anything!

Trusting politicians was always a risk but because of true and direct democracy, it is now an unnecessary risk and if we consciously take unnecessary risks, it is inevitable that we will suffer. Incidentally, if our intelligence agencies weren't being misused by our governments and if their efficiency was increased by using targeted surveillance instead of blanket surveillance, they would have been able to focus on protecting us from more immediate threats to national security [such as methane release and 2030 mass extinction]. When you consider that for decades, the biggest threat to our existence has been environmental catastrophe and not immigration, the economy, Russia, terrorism, AI, comets etc, you see just how far our intelligence agencies have been pulled from their remits because while they're so busy with indiscriminate spying, the job of protecting us from genuine threats is done by scientists, professors, and activists.

In 2010, the US Department of Defence disclosed to politicians that global warming is among the most dire threats to US national security but, the generals who made these claims have since been replaced by climate deniers who instead state that Russia and China are the biggest current threats to US national security.

PA Video PA direct democracy video: Princeton University; "Consider direct democracy - you can't rely on politicians"

With only approx. 100 Earth harvests left and when we've wiped-out 40% of the world's wildlife over the last 50 years alone and, when most state-controlled mainstream 'news' organisations stay silent about methane releases and 2030 mass extinction, how is it that humans think they'll exist without changing the systems of decision-making that have enabled for all of this?

Approx. 60,000 species of animal and plant life become extinct every year [which threatens the food chain and substantially reduces the potential for finding medical cures] because we choose to empower those who refuse to prioritise protecting our life support system instead of choosing to take responsibility ourselves through true and direct democracy. When we kill-off this many life forms in every year, it is inevitable that at some point, we will be one of them and in our view, to assume anything else is sheer delusion.

"People are settling for gestures, gimmicks, and sticky-tape 'solutions' via so-called 'representatives' instead of for long-term fixes via true democracy. For example; the UK's feel-good fad in bee keeping fails to address the use of highly-destructive pesticides and the lack of flora - the cause of the decline in UK bee numbers, and this in-turn is creating at least one horrific effect already. During 2011 to 2016, I took approximately 12,000 macro photographs of bees and normally, a bee that inadvertently lands on an occupied flower head will simply move-on but since 2015, I saw them fight each other for flower heads instead. This is heart-breaking but, it is indicative of the desperate and survivalist behaviour that we've pushed bees into - just as we've done through our neglect of cats and which leads to increases in the stray and feral cat population that we then persecute as 'vermin'.

In my view and contrary to religious and social doctrine, humans are currently the ugliest, greediest, least-intelligent, and least-responsible life form on Earth and unlike bees, ants, and ALL other social groups species on this planet, humans are the only social group species to refuse the use of true democracy/shared intelligence for decision-making, the only group that uses currency forms, the only group that maximises instead of optimises, and the only group that has made an enemy of nature."
- Alex Romane

Dying for a selfie! First a dolphin, then a shark, then a peacock, then a swan
Again? Baby dolphin killed by sunbathers who pull it from water for selfies
Turtle beaten and left for dead on beach by people taking selfies
Lion was killed to satisfy male sexual ego
Hunter quotes the Bible in defence of killing rare animals
Hunter openly boasts about killing rare animals for 'sport'
South Herefordshire Hunt use fox cubs to train hounds
Although close to extinction, ego-oriented elephant hunts continue
Man spears bear in challenge of 'manliness'

Nature gets one back! Armadillo hunter shoots himself in the face
Beautiful! Hunter who "hunted everything in Europe" is killed as he stalks a lion in Africa
Penguin returns to human friend every year

While every US president since Richard Nixon talked of ending US dependency on oil, the US senate has continually voted to encourage it. The issue of supplying clean, safe, free and sustainable energy was first resolved in the 1930's by Nikola Tesla but thanks to US and UK politicians, neither you nor your children would have learned about this at school because the men who run the US presidency also run the UK government and guess what? They're all up to their necks in oil!

During 2001-2010, out of 111 energy proposals put before the US Senate, 5 became law and while none of the abandoned proposals involved oil consumption, all 5 of the accepted proposals did. The attitude and voting behaviour of the US Senate confirms the US Government's continued commitment to oil and, fracking is no alternative because apart from being highly environmentally dangerous, fracking costs more energy than it actually yields and so, it is unviable. In addition, fracking also releases methane.

Australian MP sets frack-affected river on fire

Common to all humans is that regardless of the words we use, it is only our actions that demonstrate our true beliefs and on this basis, the following should say all you need to know about the true intentions of politicians towards the environment:

In 2013 and when this page went live:

• Estimated cost of the current 'War on Terror' =
Approx. $7.4TN

• Estimated cost of fixing the global environment =
Approx. $200BN

In 2014, the US Government placed an order worth $400BN for jet fighters, while pledging only $3BN towards repairing the global environment and, the US military alone uses more oil than any other global entity or country.

On 27th Jan. 2015, freely-elected MPs from all of the main UK parties voted 308 to 52 against suspending fracking operations and to allow Shell to start fracking under people's homes without permission. This amounts to a clear violation of the ethical agreement that exists between the government and the people where the government pledges to uphold the interests of the people above those of companies [the Social Contract] but, while people merely protest instead of taking lawful direct action by voting for true/direct democracy, these companies and the MPs who serve them remain completely unaffected and able to continue.

Years after refusing our request to inform its members and donors about the PA and direct democracy, Greenpeace complained through the BBC [13th Aug. 2015] about the government's decision to fast-track fracking applications by removing the process from councils. Swapping integrity for gross hypocrisy, Greenpeace spokesperson Daisy Sands' argument was based entirely upon the principals of democracy being under attack and as of mid-2015, Greenpeace [as with the Green Party] have refused to mention anything about methane release and 2030 mass extinction, or the PA's potential fix for it.

MPs voted to renew the UK's annual NATO membership at a cost of £33BN - after pledging only £1BN for the environment the year before.

During 2014 alone, the CEOs of the banks and insurance companies that support the oil, mining, and timber companies spent over $500,000,000 paying US senators [via lawful lobbying] to oppress or implement various laws, while their companies also paid to lobby politicians in the US and across the EU and, this can only happen because of the current system of representative rule.

To date, only $100BN has been pledged for the environment by the world's governments and the figures above demonstrate that regardless of the words and pledges, the human species chooses to spend endless amounts of money on violent destruction while arguing about spending next to nothing to save themselves and every child, animal, and plant [whose choices are never considered] on this planet. After a certain point [which we believe to be 2015-2020], no amount of money will fix anything and the human species will then begin on its path to a rapid, voluntary, methane-oriented extinction.

The maximisation components within capitalism are directly responsible for contributing towards environmental collapse and in 2013, a report commissioned by the UN into the activities of the world's 3,000 largest companies estimated that approx. 33% of profits would be lost if firms were forced to pay for their use, loss, and/or damage to the natural environment and, the cost of damage caused by the world's top companies during 2008 alone is estimated at approx. $2.2TN.

If these companies between them paid just $100BN, we would be able to counter some of the damage that they themselves have caused but, not one government in the word is prepared to force these companies [their donors] to do so and, the reductions in corporate and social responsibility taxes levied against such companies are being continually lowered - meaning that the people who own these companies are now themselves the biggest burden on Western economies and the global environment.

Along with our governments, the consumers of such companies are also responsible because while Apple [for example] uses oil instead of a hemp polymer [for plastic production] in every single one of its products and had cash assets worth up to $150BN in 2013 [$18BN made in the last quarter of 2014 alone], its consumers continue to empower and endorse it with their money, while continuing to empower and endorse politicians with their vote and so, everyone is getting what they freely-choose to pay and to vote for and this combined behaviour has resulted in methane release and voluntary 2030 mass extinction.

The world produces approx. 300 million metric tonnes of crude oil-based plastic every year but with shared intelligence via true and direct democracy, the world could have prevented politicians from banning Henry Ford's hemp-based plastic.

PA Video PA direct democracy video: Natural solution - fungus eats plastic!
PA Video PA direct democracy video: Monsanto paid senator just $64,000 to fix law
PA Video PA direct democracy video: Lying Monsanto runs US Food, Drug and Agricultural policy
PA Video PA direct democracy video: Obama rejects $77BN natural solution for US economy
PA Video PA direct democracy video: Cannabis cars save the economy and environment

If governments truly cared about the negative implications of CO2 emissions, they've had since the early 1940's to reverse the laws that banned Henry Ford's range of cars that ran on hemp oil and that used a hemp polymer [instead of oil] for plastic but, the fact that elected politicians have continually gone out of their way to make sure that we burn oil demonstrates that they themselves [along with an electorate that consciously refuses true and direct democracy] are both to blame for all of this.

Cameron to end incentive scheme to buy electric vehicles
Eco firms going bust due to Cameron's new energy policy

During the same week that 'progressive' UK MPs and car manufacturers bragged with pride about out-putting one petrol-driven engine per minute, India rolled-out its 80 Km/H 200 Km range air-powered car.

UK survey [end of 2013]:
Biggest concern = immigration and the economy
Smallest concern = the environment

The reality according to environmental and economic scientists:
Biggest threat = the environment
Biggest aid to economy = immigration

While hemp alone could have provided fuel and ended global deforestation in the 1940's, Western politicians will see us all dead before legalising it because markets for oil and synthetic fibres must be protected from nature's/God's solutions and, while the people freely-empower politicians to make an enemy out of nature when nature is our life support system, we will always be on-course for voluntary mass extinction.

During the previous 30 years of global warming summits, the world's politicians have have failed even to agree on CO2 reduction targets for 2100 so it is obvious that they would fail to respond to methane release and 2030 mass extinction.

Bill Gates and other 'philanthropists' who ignored eco-investments for oil lose £Billions

For the first time in human history and in order to survive, the world's people must now unite through taking direct, lawful [peaceful] action so as to reform their respective systems of governance to true and direct democracies so that meaningful solutions can be implemented. The global voting history of politicians alone demonstrates that so-called 'representative' democracy will absolutely fail to deal with methane release and 2030 mass extinction and if the people [as the legal authority of our governments] refuse to take direct action and continue to leave our responsibilities to the irresponsible, we will surely get what we ask for.

The PA was the first mainstream true and direct democracy party in the world to be registered with any country's electoral commission and we have since encouraged many groups in various countries to adopt our template [supported by our consultation] and so, the mechanism needed for human survival does now exist. In order to benefit from it, the people must vote for it [they must express through their actions, that they want it]. Only by calling and voting for true and direct democracy as soon as possible will humans have a chance to save themselves from the worst effects of methane release and 2030 mass extinction and if humans do survive past 2030, it will only be because they chose not to leave their responsibilities and their fate to psychopathic politicians.

If you are a follower of any politician, religion, psychic or guide [of any orientation] and they haven't yet informed you of methane release and 2030 mass extinction occurring within any of your potential futures, you may want to consider not empowering them any further with your vote, your money, your life, and your destiny. There is no specific mention in any religious book about methane release and 2030 mass extinction and as already stated, Jesus isn't likely to interfere in the results of our free will [which includes willful environmental abuse] even if he did return. Your religion or 'psychic' never saw this coming and incidentally, this event has been brought about mostly by the Muslims and the Jews forming an unholy alliance where the Muslims extract the oil and the Jews then buy it to resell to all confirming that for both, money comes before faith and profits come before prophets. Add-in the infinite breeding policies of the both of these religions, and you'll then see how unquestioned religious doctrine has been driving mass extinction even without the aid of CO2 and methane emissions.

"The Atheist who drives an eco-friendly vehicle, works for the community, harms no one and doesn't eat other animals will be condemned by those who drive to their churches in CO2-emitting vehicles and who work for a weapons manufacturer [for eg], and who also eat animals. Motivated by fear and in their rush to score their way into Heaven, the self-righteous hypocrisy of the unquestioning religious is killing what God gave to all.

Islamic and Judaic so-called 'science' fails to explain how a finite amount of land and recycled water will sustain their infinitely-breeding people and neither recognise methane release and 2030 mass extinction so with humans unwilling to moderate their breeding habits so as to save their own planet, infertility-promoting diseases actually offer a degree of salvation. Both still largely believe in the Old Testament and therefore that God flooded the world, that 10 million animals went into Noah's ark - including the penguins that trekked across the Sahara to get into this ark and, the Jews still believe that the world is only six thousand years-old and the Muslims still believe that Allah manually separates sea water from freshwater rivers. While both state that humans are superior to animals and plants, the fact that no animal or plant depends upon humans while we depend upon all of them proves that religious science is delusion. When my own cats have the empathy to care for vulnerable members of a different species - including rats and birds and completely of their own volition, they alone put the religious to shame."
- Alex Romane

PA Video Alex Romane's cats protecting a lost pigeon

Alex Romane - 2030 Mass Extinction

Alex Romane sent his 8-line message about the nature of a creator God to the Dalai Lama and Deepak Shopra [who read Alex's eBook about true democracy and God in 2010] and, Alex asked the Dalai why he encourages the world to pray to God to fix human-created problems and, to also ask him how many more reincarnations he will need before he sees that there is no such thing as 'evil'. Within days, the Dalai started publishing articles and giving interviews about why praying to God to fix human-created problems is futile and, he also offered to close down his ministries and his religion. However [and as with all celebrity plagiarists], the Dalai never mentioned anything about Alex, his true democracy party, or his eBook and, he was also aware that Alex and the PA have endured a mainstream media blackout since 2010.

The Catholic Pope who prayed for peace and then got war has already revealed himself by confirming that he believes in the use of violence and by confirming that he believes that wife beaters are justified in using violence and in doing so, he demonstrates that he doesn't actually believe in Jesus at all. It was the Catholic Church that took money from brutal Italian dictator Mussolini in return for supporting and blessing his fascist government and this capital has enabled it to invest in corruption to this day. It is one of the richest organisations on the planet and the Catholic Church has so far invested with the Rothchild's banks, Hambros Bank, Credit Suisse, Zurich Bank, Morgan Bank, Chase-Manhattan Bank, First National Bank of New York, Bankers Trust Company to name a few. It has shares currently worth more than $500M in corporations such as Gulf Oil, Shell, General Motors, Bethlehem Steel, General Electric, International Business Machines, TWA and others while its assets include a massive global property folio and the world's largest collection of art. It is the biggest wealth accumulator and owner of property in existence and owns more material wealth than any other institution, corporation, bank, trust or government. It also has a fund set-aside specifically for compensation pay-outs to victims of past abuse - which for decades it denied was happening while it quietly relocated guilty priests to other diocese and, its previous leader was affiliated to Nazi groups in Germany. All of this confirms that the Catholic Church is anti-Islamic, anti-Palestinian, and anti-democratic and in the 1960's, the Vatican quietly admitted that the church had created the propaganda about Mary Magdalene being a prostitute purely to diminish her importance in Jesus' life.

In accordance with the personal desires of the West's freely-elected 'leaders', the Vatican Bank is the only bank in the world to be exempt from all national and global banking legislation and by working with other banks [such as the Rothchild's banks], other banks are able to benefit from the legal protection offered by the Vatican Bank. It was only in April 2015 that the Pope offered to open the bank to Italian banking legislation - while still protecting it from international banking legislation.

Pope proves paedophile abuse cover-up by refusing to deny or confirm what he knew
Sexual abuse of deaf orphans in Pope's own backyard continued for decades
Pope's claim to 'clean-up' church bank was completely empty
Holy s**t! Auditors close 5,000 dodgy bank accounts at God's bank!
To maintain the numbers, Pope changes God's mind about contraception
NO ROOM AT THE INN! The people of God call to block refugees in the most desperate need

PA Video PA direct democracy video: Catholic Church now well and truly lost its authority
PA Video PA direct democracy video: Sex abuse within Catholic Church silenced

Also up to his neck in oil money is the Eton and Cambridge-groomed head of the Church of England [Justin Welby] who made hundreds of thousands of pounds working as an oil company executive for FTSE 100 group Enterprise Oil Plc. Both churches have profited from the causes of methane release and 2030 mass extinction and now that this is becoming apparent, they have nothing to say. However, being that it is possible to see that methane release and 2030 mass extinction is caused directly and only by human choices and related activity, methane release and 2030 mass extinction can not be passed-off as yet another so-called 'act of God'.

Church care home drug scandal: Abused girls to sue new Archbishop

While stating that God created everything [and therefore can't also have any needs, vulnerabilities, or requirements], all of the world's religions have produced whole books listing God's needs, requirements, and punishments if we disobey. Centralised partisan political systems and religious belief systems that deny the true nature of a creator God are at the root of all wars and are the core reason for why the global environment is collapsing. As programmes that form a two-tier strategy of control, centralised partisan political systems seek to oppress true expression of the mind while religious systems seek to oppress true expression of the soul. Between them, they keep us separate from each other and separate from the truth of the nature of a God who created everything.

Being that the majority of the world's people follow a religious doctrine that teaches them that God has needs and vulnerabilities, that they are superior to plants and animals, that plants and animals were created purely for their use and, that they must adhere to an infinite breeding policy on a finite land mass, it is clear that those who refuse to question their doctrine are mostly responsible for the potential death of every living thing on this planet [God's gift to all]. If left unchallenged, the self-righteous who judge and condemn the Atheists and non-religious believers of God will turn this planet into what they themselves would call Hell and without this thinking and its related behaviour, it is no coincidence that this planet would be very much like what they would call Heaven.

In sheer hypocrisy, the Jewish Rothchild and Rockefeller families continue to call for forced population control, while the Jewish-led Israeli government they sponsor runs a programme designed to repopulate the south of Israel and in 2015, it disclosed its intentions to double the population of the entire country as fast as possible. Due to over-breeding in Brazil, the virgin rain forests of the Amazon face a renewed attack from loggers and, with blatant neglect from the Brazilian government. It is governments and their voters who are responsible for methane release and 2030 mass extinction and, both now seem unstoppable in their voluntary quest to go extinct and, to take all of God's creations with them.

If left unchallenged, religious hypocrisy and non-representative, centralised politics will kill all life on this planet.

Next time a celebrity 'activist' tells you that you have no alternative, that you must revolt, that you must abstain from voting, that you have no available legal recourse, no freedom, or no power, re-member that it is through your already-existing freedom [your existing ability to choose] and power [your existing ability to influence others] that you either empower the corrupt or empower yourself and others via reform to true and direct democracy and so, the world and its future has always been in the hands of the people, and not its leaders.

While the UK parliament still has influence in over 90% of the world's countries [either politically, militarily, or culturally], a failure to vote for true/direct democracy in the UK and to deal with CO2-induced methane release will result in the extinction of all humans and most other life forms by around 2035. If you are too young to vote, we strongly encourage you to share this page with your parents so that they can prioritise you and your future above false 'democracy', income tax, hating the poor, and hating foreigners.

Voting for direct democracy outside a general election

Direct Democracy - Audio

It is up to us, the people [not the politicians] to use the power that we have always had, to choose to implement direct democracy as soon as possible.

This is not a protest campaign.

In accordance with Magna Carta Article 61 and with UN UDHR Article 21 and with all of the democratic principals up-held by the UN [which the UK has signed-up to], the people already have the lawful right to reform to direct democracy - even outside a general election.