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Cameron now Parliament's fixer - openly protects corrupt MPs, lords and bishops

The so-called 'Investigation' into historic establishment-led child abuse cover-ups is being fixed from the start because, David Cameron is openly attempting to remove the possibility of an independent result. Even before the investigation was announced, David Cameron's long-term close friend and unelected Conservative Deputy Head of Government Policy Patrick Rock was investigated regarding sexual misconduct towards female colleagues and then later arrested [Feb. 2014] on charges relating to paedophilia and, while blocking the Metropolitan Police from arresting his friend, David Cameron asked the NCA to step in so that it wouldn't be publicly disclosed and, so that it could all be covered-up.

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David Cameron's first choice for a chair person [former judge 'Lady' Elizabeth Butler-Sloss] quit when news of her links with key suspects were revealed and amazingly, she was NOT removed when news of her own historic child abuse cover-up was published and in a show of contempt for victims and voters alike, both David Cameron and Teresa May continued to argue to keep her AFTER this information was published, stating that she was "above reproach" and in our opinion, this says much about David Cameron and his Home Office side-kick Theresa May. For one thing, it confirms that they wanted a chair person who had herself ran a child abuse cover-up, to be running the investigation into establishment-led child abuse cover-ups.

Home Office defends Butler-Sloss amid claims of abuse cover-up

By selecting a member of the establishment to investigate establishment-led child abuse cover-ups instead of selecting someone who is independent of the establishment, David Cameron also directly ignored and disrespected victim's groups who stated that they wanted an independent judge and when initially appointed and before news of her past child abuse cover-up was disclosed, Elizabeth Butler-Sloss herself also ignored public requests from victim's groups to resign and even after news of her past abuse cover-up was disclosed, she still refused to resign - demonstrating utter contempt for both the victims and for the wider public.

David Cameron clearly demonstrates that the establishment's reputation must be prioritised over the search for the truth, that he has no respect for child victims of establishment abuse and, that he himself knows a lot more about establishment-led abuse than we currently do. Why do you think you won't be able to see the results of any investigation until after the next general election?

During 1999, Elizabeth Butler-Sloss was President of the UK Family Courts and during her stint, she refused to answer to calls from child psychologist from across the UK who wanted to know why she deemed Parental Alienation and Parental Kidnap to be of no detriment to children. It has been pointed-out to her how both Parental Alienation and Parental Kidnap are extremely abusive to children and that other countries recognise both acts as crimes against children but, unelected members of the UK establishment are accountable to no one and so, Parental Kidnap in the UK has increased by over 80% during the last ten years alone.

To summarise, this is a woman who while in her job as President of the UK Family Courts, implemented a cover-up to protect a child-abusing bishop while refusing to prioritise the rights, needs and well-being of children above the desires [not the needs] of custodial parents and the state. To this day, she [along with the entire judiciary] refuse to reason their stance on this particular issue and as this is never an issue for the electorate, children have and will continue to be abused by the state and custodial parents. She believes that a man is only entitled to be recognised within UK common law as a father if he was married [a religious ceremony] at the time of conception and, she refuses to make it a legal obligation for the mother to be honest when completing a birth certificate and so, her priority has always been to protect the church [lawfully or not] at any cost to children.

In an attempt to protect Ian Duncan Smith and the DWP, David Cameron disappeared the 4000 ill people who died within 6 weeks of being forced to work - only to have them reappear later when David Cameron's cover-up fell apart and since working directly with Tony Blair in 2013, David Cameron has been supporting Tony Blair's child abuse cover-up which started in 1998.

Cameron's family, fellow Tories and the church conspired to kill-off abuse investigation
Cameron at it again; covered-up 4,000 ill people who died within weeks of being forced to work
Cameron at it again: covered-up activist's death at hands of Tory bully who he then promoted

The UK and US are the only remaining countries in the world where parental and state kidnap are legal because even in countries where this does happen, it is not written into those country's laws that it is acceptable to do so.

Keep voting and our children will reap!

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